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The Best Bluetooth OBDs To Diagnose Problems With Your Car

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As a vehicle owner who probably spent thousands to purchase your ride, you’d want to prevent all the possible malfunctions that your car might face. Without prevention, you are in danger of facing a longer list of expenses to get the problem fixed.

Thanks to technology, car owners and drivers now have an edge in knowing a car engine’s drawbacks that are inconveniences to you and to your fellow drivers on the road. This new system is the On-Board Diagnostic System, simply put, the OBD. You will need the best Bluetooth OBD to find out what the problem is with your ride.

What is an OBD?​

An On-Board Diagnostic system is a computer program designed to send signals regarding the performance of your engine. Currently, they’ve become in demand accessories to passenger vehicles, light duty trucks, and heavy duty vehicles that have combustion-run engines.

Initially, an OBD’s primary function is to detect whether or not your car is facing an emission malfunction. Hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and soot buildup in the atmosphere is a looming health and environmental problem that even you and I cannot escape.

With this approach, many are hoping to lessen toxic vehicle emissions. Since then, more roles such as fuel economy checking and circuit wiring observation have been added to OBD systems because let’s face it, there’s more than just emissions that you need to address.

Benefits of Using an OBD​

Instantaneous warnings are just one of the many responsibilities of an OBD system. You’ll be surprised that this small gadget can help you in so many ways when it comes to on-the-road driving and car maintenance.

Comprehensive scanning capability​

With just a single gadget in your hand, you can already name your engine’s problem one by one. Thanks to the free-flowing link of the sensors and actuators, and a major engine component, you can easily identify what the issue is, the source of the complication, the current condition of all parts connected, and other valuable information that you need to know.

The OBD application can allow you to view multiple engine gauges, keep data logs of your car, and monitor MPG and fuel efficiency. By using an OBD, you can guarantee that your car is running at tip-top shape, allowing it to maximize its power free from emissions.

Convenient usage​

Using an OBD is a no-brainer. Its design is mainly composed of a digital screen, ports for plugs, an attached short cable, and control buttons. Placing it on top of your palm, you simply have to connect the cable to a specific component’s port, which is usually near or under the dashboard, then use the notches or the buttons to select the function you need to perform.

Just input your car’s model and make, vehicle identification number, and engine type, then wait for the instructions to be displayed at the screen, and you’re good to go. Engine scanning has never been this easy.

Standardized diagnostic method

OBD systems were first introduced in 1996, and shortly after, all car manufacturers were instructed to follow the computer programs installed in an OBD system so that each vehicle would have the latest scanning system under its hood. Since then, all cars’ programs were compatible to the OBD systems, making it easier for manufacturers, mechanics, and drivers to understand and use.

So if ever your colleague asks for help, you can simply lend him your gadget and he can perform the tasks on his car, despite the model and make differences.

Established codes for malfunctions​

Before, the language used by mechanics and manufacturers may have sounded gibberish to many drivers and passengers. But thanks to the standardization of these systems, trouble codes are now made comprehensible and explicit to others not exposed in the automobile industry.

Without help and delay, you can now understand what a blinking light means or a series of numbers that are seen in your dashboards, engines, or manuals. And for your benefits OBD producers provide a manual and sometimes a software CD to list down and explain all the engine and system codes.

More savings​

It’s a fact that car check-ups and maintenance prices can make you run for the hills. Using this new diagnostic tool can help you save hundreds of dollars by removing the need to consult to mechanics and other professionals to get to the bottom of problem. If you’re a DIY mechanic or an auto enthusiast, you no longer have to run to the repair shop or the dealer when a new problem arises.

What type of OBD system should I purchase?​

OBD systems are enabled either by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. These wireless technologies both have its pros and cons, but the most sought after models are powered by Bluetooth. WiFi OBDs are known to be power hungry, both for your phone and the model.

Plus, the efficiency of the product depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi signal, which is highly contingent on source range and location. On the other hand, Bluetooth OBDs are generally supported by most smartphones, gadgets, and components; you simply need to connect it, and voila, the system is working. Additionally, it does not drain your batteries easily, even with long durations of usage.

While there are dozens of products in the category, there are only a few products which guarantee quality service and durable parts. Listed here are our top 5 choices for the best bluetooth OBDs in the market.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Bluetooth OBD​

1. Veepeak Mini Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII EOBD Scanner Adapter Automotive Check Engine Light Diagnostic Code Reader for Android Windows​

Veepeak | Best Bluetooth OBD-5be9f96d06d49

What We Like

  • Compatible with cars and light trucks from 1996 onward
  • Real-time engine sensor information
  • 12 months replacement warranty

For only $13, you can get your hands on Veepeak’s bestseller Bluetooth OBD which allows you to view your engine’s condition and scanning results in real time. In an instant, you’ll get to know fuel system status, vehicle speed and others with no hardship.

It supports five OBD protocols and it is also compliant with most cars and light trucks. Likewise, it is compatible with Android and Windows phones and devices and apps such as Torque Lite/Pro, OBD Fusion, OBD Car Doctor, and DashCommand, making it more accessible to drivers and users.

What’s more is that when you purchase this product, you’ll be receiving a 12-month warranty with services and replacement free of charge.​


2. BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

BAFX | Best Bluetooth OBD-5be9f96e9aab8

What We Like

  • Easy setup
  • Real-time info through phone or tablet
  • Guaranteed to work on ALL cars 1996+

Another product that promises durability, convenience, and customers’ peace of mind is BAFX’s scanning tool for Android devices. It’s another market favorite because it can understand and process all engine protocols without hiccups.

Though it requires a special app installation to maximize its features, the app’s special functions will overshadow the price you have to pay. It has an endless list of sensor readings ranging from boost, fuel trim, balance rates, and many more.

Aside from the emission tests, you can also diagnose pre-test requirements using this gadget alone. And compared to other brands, BAFX offers a 2-year warranty of quality service and replacements.​


3. Panlong Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Check Engine Light for Android – Compatible with Torque Pro

Panlong | Best Bluetooth OBD-5be9f9706f2a2

What We Like

  • Great value
  • User friendly
  • Works on most cars

Low cost but not short in standards and functionality is Panlong’s diagnostic scanner. Thanks to its built-in generic and manufacturer codes, you can easily determine your engine’s problem without rushing to the nearest repair shop. It only weighs 3 ounces, making it light to carry and easy to bring wherever you go.

Though this product works best with Android gadgets and applications, it is still compatible with iPhone and iOS devices. Not only does it boast its compatibility with iOS and Android gadgets, but also with various makes and models. It can support cars manufactured from 1996 and up, from the famous Japanese brands to the German automobiles.

You will enjoy using this product because of its straightforward functions and controls.​


4. Bluetooth OBD2, Foseal OBD OBDII Car Diagnostic Scanner Automotive Check Engine Light OBDii Bluetooth Code Reader Adapter for Android Windows – Compatible with Torque Pro

Foseal | Best Bluetooth OBD-5be9f971d4b59

What We Like

  • Good quality product
  • Works with PC, iOS and Android
  • Excellent compatibility

If you are searching for premium grade Bluetooth diagnostic scanners, Foseal has this product perfect for you and your engine needs. It supports iOS, Android, and Windows systems and gadgets, making it almost a universal automobile scanner. It can display all the needed sensor data and read all codes, whether they are manufacturer-specific, generic, or trouble ones.

You won’t have any issues in using this product because the Bluetooth connection is quick, the plugs are easily seen, and it’s light to carry.


5. BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone, iPad & Android

Bluedriver | Best Bluetooth OBD-5be9f97385b03

What We Like

  • Trusted by mechanics
  • Free repair reports
  • Certified Apple and Android compatibility

Compared to all the previously mentioned products, BlueDriver’s scanner is the most expensive model. For a price of $100, it promises clear CEL code readings for all makes and clear enhanced codes for American makes and the esteemed German cars of BMW and Mini.

A distinct feature of this brand is that it can take a snapshot of your vehicle’s engine or the specific part where it ran a diagnosis. To warrant precise readings and quality scanning, it has the special BlueDriver App and BlueDriver Sensor.

Other than these, this scanning device from BlueDriver has free app updates and interactive graphing of live data in real time. This one in particular will really stand out compared to most of the merchandise in this category.​



If you want to drive safely and efficiently using your car, having a Bluetooth OBD scanning process is a necessity. This affordable gadget monitors your car’s overall engine performance and even your driving habits without causing you troubles and costing your hard-earned money.

To be able to truly say that you saved money, you have to purchase the standard and recommended OBD scanners for best service and efficient results delivery.​


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