The Best Car Snow Brush – Our Top 5 Reviews and Guide for 2019

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With the best car snow brush, you’ll have an easier time removing snow from the windows and windshield of your vehicle. But figuring out which is the best one can be trickier, so I did the research to find the very best snow brushes you can buy.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

How to choose a snow brush

  • The brush material must be designed for cars. Don’t use any ordinary brush because it might damage the paint or scratch the windows. This same is true for nylon brushes because it has the same effect. A foam brush is ideal as it won’t leave any marks on the surface. If you can’t find a foam snow brush, make sure the bristles are non-abrasive and freeze resistant.
  • Find a length handle you’re comfortable with. This is a matter of personal preference, but generally speaking, you’ll get an appropriately-sized handle for your vehicle. Small snow brushes are suitable for compact cars. A snow brush with a long handle is suitable for medium sized cars. Large cars, vans, and trucks require larger brushes. They might even need extensions to reach the back window, roof, and windshield.
  • Look for an ergonomic design and durability. An ergonomic handle is nice, especially if there’s a lot of snow to remove. A high-quality snow brush that will last and not fall apart is necessary if it snows heavily in your area.
  • Do you need an ice scraper? Snow brushes are ideal for removing snow, but you may need an ice scraper if ice has formed on the windows and windshield. You could purchase a snow brush and ice scraper separately, or you could buy a snow brush that has an ice scraper on the end.

Not everyone needs an ice scraper and a snow brush, but if you do, it’s best to get one as soon as possible and not wait for the snow or ice to fall. Whether you get both a snow brush and ice scraper or not depends on your needs, just make sure they’re of good quality.

How to snow brush your car

This video shows how to properly snow brush your car. The time it takes to clean your car depends on how much snow there is.

How to prevent paint scratches when removing snow

One of the reasons why some people hesitate to use a snow brush is that it might damage the paint. As long as the brush is made for cars and it is properly used, there should be no issues.

To remove snow from the hood, extend your arm as far as you can and take the snow off in a straight line. Use a straight movement when brushing, so that if you do scratch the surface, it will look more “natural”.

Brush from top to bottom and proceed to the sides. Next, proceed to the hood and the trunk, removing snow the same way as described earlier.

Keep contact between the snow brush and your car to a minimum; you don’t have to remove the last bits of snow.

Use the brush to remove most of the snow and let the sun melt the rest away. Or, you could start the engine and let your car’s warmth do some of the work.

Sometimes it helps to use your hands as well. Make sure you’re wearing gloves so it’s easier to remove the snow. Your brush will be the main cleaning tool, but feel free to use your hands, when necessary.

If scratches do appear, they may be deep or light, depending on what brush you use. A nylon brush could end up leaving a light scratch on the surface.

Light scratches may not be visible at night, but you’ll see them in the daytime. The best way to avoid this is to pull snow off your car, not push it.

Tips for protecting your car from snow

  • Put a cover on your car, as heavy snow can be difficult and time-consuming to remove. Of course, this is only practical if your car is parked.
  • If you’re always getting caught up in snow as you drive, apply car wax to give it extra protection. With proper waxing and sealing, it’ll be easier to remove the snow.
  • Clean your car on a regular basis. Take advantage of sunny weather to wash and polish your car. Cleaning the windows and the windshield eliminates fogging and prevents snow from building up and leaving traces.

Top 5 Best Car Snow Brushes

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26″ Snow Brush

Hopkins 532 Mallory 26-5beabbd5ad155
The Hopkins 532 is a brush and scraper in one, so you can simultaneously remove snow and ice. The brush is available in two sizes, 26” and 50”, so if the regular length isn’t sufficient, you can go for the longer one. The brush comes with four rows of soft, but durable bristles for easy removal of snow.

Available in different colors, the brush is made from quality materials, so you can use it for several winters. The handle is ergonomically designed so you’ll feel comfortable using it, even for long periods. The handle is also durable and won’t slip from your hand while using it.

The scraper and brush are both well-designed, and they remove snow and ice with ease. With the brush, you can go around and remove snow around the wipers and other tight areas. You can then use the scraper to remove the ice. The foam brush spins freely, and this helps remove a lot of the snow. The Hopkins does double performance very well as a snow brush and ice scraper.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Removes snow well
  • Doesn’t leave scratches


  • Scraper is a bit sharp, so extra care is needed


Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Deluxe

Hopkins 533 Mallory SnoWisp Deluxe-5beabbd6cccb0

The Hopkins 533 SnoWisp is a snow and ice removal tool, designed for cars and other vehicles. The SnoWisp comes with flagged bristles, so it’s easier to remove snow from the windows, windshield, and other parts of your car.

The SnoWisp comes with a durable ice breaker so you can quickly remove debris and ice. The ice scraper is made of plastic, but it is hard plastic and should be able to handle stubborn snow and ice.

The snow brush is light, so it won’t tire your hands even when used on a regular basis. The brush’s light weight keeps you comfortable and makes it easy to flip the brush and use the scraper.

Even if your car is covered with heavy snow or ice, the unique foam grip keeps your hand comfortable. The SnoWisp also has a 26” handle, so you’ll be able to wipe hard-to-reach areas, which could otherwise be difficult. The brush is sold in blue or red, but the features are the same.


  • Removes snow quickly
  • Scraper works very well
  • Comfortable handle


  • Scraper is plastic


Hopkins 999CT Mallory 35″ Ultra Maxx Snow Brush

Hopkins 999CT Mallory 35-5beabbd6e1afc

The 999CT Ultra Maxx combines a snow brush and ice scraper to simplify snow removal. The brush has an ergonomic handle, so whether you use the brush or the scraper, it’s comfortable to hold.

The Ultra Maxx is also one of the lightest in the Hopkins collection, so it’s not going to induce fatigue.

The brush has five bristle rows, and it combines softness with durability, so even the smallest bits of snow are removed. The anodized aluminum grip adds to the comfort, and you can use the ice scraper to get rid of ice. With this, you don’t have to buy a separate ice scraper as this one works just fine.

The Ultra Maxx is ideal if you encounter a lot of snow in your area, as the brush does not leave any scratches or nicks. The ribs on the handle are a nice touch as it makes handling comfortable when you’re wearing gloves.

It isn’t the longest snow brush, but quality wise, the Ultra Maxx performs very well.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable handle
  • Effective ice scraper


  • A bit small for SUVs and other large vehicles


Hopkins 886-PKUS Mallory Pink Snow Tools

Hopkins 886-PKUS Mallory Pink Snow Tools-5beabbd704f38

The Hopkins 886-PKUS scraper brush is built for heavy snow and ice removal. Its brush is lightweight, so you can use it continuously without tiring. The bristles have also been specially chosen so it doesn’t do any damage on the paint or glass.

With a few strokes, you’ll quickly get rid of the snow and ice. The foam grip is easy on your hands, and at 31”, the brush is long enough to wipe snow in narrow areas. The same quality can be found on the ice scraper as it simplifies ice removal.

This is an all-round brush and scraper, and it is suitable for anyone who owns a car. However it is particularly handy for the elderly as it is very light. It is also easy to use, so you don’t need to exert a lot of physical effort.

The brush is soft enough to prevent scratches, so you don’t have to be concerned about anything happening to your car paint. The ice scraper does an excellent job of getting ice without damaging anything, so for cars and other vehicles, this will do fine.


  • Made from quality materials
  • Long handle
  • Low maintenance


  • Not extendable


Snow Removal Brush: BlizeTec Telescopic Tool

Snow Removal Brush: BlizeTec Telescopic Tool-5beabbd71efb7

The BlizeTec snow brush has an auto-locking telescopic design, so you can extend it if necessary. This is a handy feature in case you’ve got a large vehicle and need to clear large amounts of snow.

The 33” brush weights less than 10 oz., which is at par with other snow brushes. The brush is also wider than average, and this allows you to clean larger parts of the body, windows, and windshield. The ice scraper is also high quality, which allows it to go through ice and snow.

The unique design also means you can use the BlizeTec on various vehicles, including trucks, vans, and SUVs. A microfiber towel is included so you can wipe your car without damaging the paint.

The towel has excellent absorption, so your car dries quickly. You can also use the towel for your car’s interior and exterior.

The lifetime warranty is another indicator of the brush’s overall quality. Because it has an ice scraper built in, you don’t have to purchase a separate brush and ice scraper.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wide brush makes cleaning easy
  • Heavy duty ice scraper


  • Extending is a little difficult


The Verdict

If you drive in an area that gets snow often, you will need a high-quality snow brush. It might not seem like a big deal, but if it’s not any good, it might be more trouble than helpful. I’ve tried a lot of these and know how frustrating it can be to have a faulty snow brush.

Among the five snow brushes here, I have to give the Hopkins 532 snow brush the edge.

What sets it apart from the rest is the way it cleans up snow; it does so without causing any damage to your car. The brush is also lightweight, so you’ll feel comfortable using it.

I have tried a good number of snow brushes, and none of them come close to the Hopkins 532. It is reliable, consistent, and does what you’d expect without leaving any scratches.

If your car gets snowed on, don’t settle for anything less than a proven snow brush like the Hopkins 532. It looks like an ordinary snow brush, but the performance is exemplary.


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