Best Motorcycle Lift, Jacks and Stands: Getting Your Bike in the Air

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Let’s face it, a standard jack and jack stand is not the way to get a motorcycle up to work on it. What you need is a motorcycle jack. This style of lift is specially designed to work with the lighter weight and build of today’s bikes. Adding one of these can diversify your garage to let you work on a wider range of vehicles. If you have a bike or find yourself working on your friend’s bikes with any regularity, you need to add the best motorcycle lift to your arsenal.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the heavy lifting on this one. searched through the offers of motorcycle lift for sale and have come up with a list of top contenders. Any of these can be a great choice, but we’ll give you all the details that you need to pick just the right one for you. We’ve also tagged our top pick so you can easily find which we felt came out on top.

Best Motorcycle Lift – Our Top Picks, Compared

editors-choiceBest Product Best Value   
PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV...Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift...Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center...OTC 1545 Ultra Low Profile Motorcycle and ATV Lift...Venom Venom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear...Rage Powersports Black Widow BW-SK-P Professional...
item-titleMilestone Tools PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV JackPowerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift JackDragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor LiftOTC 1545 Motorcycle LiftVenom Sport Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear ComboRage Powersports Black Widow Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit (Bundle)
Wheeled Hydraulic Jack
Heavy Duty Wheeled Hydraulic Jack
Stationary Mechanical Jack
Wheeled Hydraulic Lift
Motorcycle Wheel Lift Stands
Pro Motorcycle Lift Table Bundle
• Heavy duty steel construction is built to last
• Foot activated hydraulic pump
• Safety lock with multiple locking positions
• Highly durable
• Flexible design allows the Triple Lift to adapt to multiple types of vehicle frames
• Locking safety bar
• Designed to fit most motorcycle models
• Rubber mat on the lifting platform for added stability
• For use in the garage, shop, or at the track
• Removable handle provides 360 Degree access to load
• Features include foot pedal release locking rear casters automatic safety lock
• Completely Lift Your Whole Bike - Perfect For Home Or Shop Repairs
• Professionally Designed And Full Adjustable To Fit Most Sport Bikes
• Professional series motorcycle service and maintenance table shop kit
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editors-choiceBest ProductBest Value

Motorcycle Jack Reviews – Some Key Things You Should Know

We’ll start off the article by listing out our picks for the top 6 jacks and lifts. We have highlighted some of the most important details so you can quickly compare all of your options. While any of these options could be the right one for you, we have highlighted both our pick for the Best Product and also Best Value product for those on a budget.

You’ll need to first consider how you would end up using one and then take a look at the specifics of each of our offerings. This will allow you to ensure you get the perfect option for your needs.

best motorcycle jack

Best Product

Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047 – 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle Jack (also fits ATV/UTV)

Price: Approx. $120
Type: Wheeled Hydraulic Jack
Size: 33 x 16.5 x 5.5 inches
Material: Steel
Max Weight: 1700 Lb
Height (Min/Max): 4 ½ inches to 14 ½ inches

Once you take a look at it, you’ll see why our pick for Best Product in our search for the best motorcycle lift is the PowerZone 380047 Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack from Milestone Tools. This jack is a real multi-tasker. The jack sports a foot activated the hydraulic pump, this allows you to have both hands free to ensure that your bike is stable on top while you are lifting it. The pads on the lift bars ensure that the chassis for either your bike or an ATV doesn’t slip while you have it lifted for work.

When it comes time to store this jack it can collapse down to a mere 4.5 inches high. When you add that to the wheels this makes for an easy storing jack, as you can wheel it under other options so you don’t need to have a dedicated storage area. One thing to note is that this jack lowers your bike rather quickly, so be prepared and ensure that you have the area below cleared.

Get it here at Amazon

best atv lift

Best Value

Dragway Tools 1100 LB Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift Jack Hoist Stand for Motorbikes & ATV’s

Price: Approx. $80
Type: Stationary Mechanical Jack
Size: 16 x 10 inches
Material: Steel
Max Weight: 1100 pounds
Height (Min/Max): 3.75 inches / 13.25 inches

If you are looking to save some money but still find yourself a quality jack lift for your motorcycle, spyder or ATV, then the Wide Deck Motorcycle Center Scissor Lift from Dragway Tools could be just the right option. This one can get down under 4 inches to ensure that you can get just about anything that you like on top but then can take it up well over a foot in the air for easy access. At under $80 this is a steal, it sports a nice wide deck to ensure that there is a good connection, no matter what you feel like lifting. And that deck sports a rubber mat to ensure that whatever toy that is up in the air doesn’t slide about.

There are a few things to note of this option that help to save money. First off, this is a stationary jack, with no wheels you don’t have to worry about it rolling while engaged, but it does also mean there is more effort to get it where you need it. Additionally, being a mechanical jack, you won’t be getting any helping hand from hydraulics to get your ride up in the air. It does come with a specific note that impact guns (either air or electric) should not be used to engage this jack. However, if you are looking for a solid lift for your bike and don’t want to spend too much, this is the best option for you.

Check it out at Amazon

motorcycle lift

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack (Powersport Motorcycle Lift Jack)

Price: Approx $110
Type: Heavy Duty Wheeled Hydraulic Jack
Size: 27 x 17 x 9 inches
Material: Steel
Max Weight: 4000 pound
Height (Min/Max): 5.5 inches/ 17.5 inches

If you are into Powersports then you probably know that you need to find a solid, heavy duty jack. The 620422E Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack from Powerbuilt is just the kind of jack that you are looking for. While we are looking at it currently for its capability as a motorcycle lift, at a 2-ton capability it can handle that with ease. It can also work as a jack for your ATV/UTV or even for your car if required (and here, we do have better car jack recommendations here). Depending on how you configure it, you can even use this jack as a transmission or differential jack. That is a lot of capability for a single piece of equipment.

The first thing that will strike you with this jack is that it has more than the small round saddle that most jacks sport for making contact with your car. This larger lift area means that you have a greater array of choices when it comes to lifting things. Another feature that sets this apart from other jacks on the market is the locking safety bar. This bar can be inserted when the jack is in the up position and is used to essentially turn the jack into a jack stand, letting it do double duty.

Read customer reviews at Amazon right here

motorcycle lift for sale

OTC 1545 ATV, UTV and Motorcycle Lift

Price: Approx. $275
Type: Wheeled Hydraulic Lift
Size: 20 x 6.5 x 39.2 inches
Material: Aluminum
Max Weight: 1500 pounds
Height (Min/Max): 3.5 inches / 16.75 inches

If you are looking for a good solid wheeled hydraulic lift, consider the OTC 1545 Motorcycle lift. One of the things that really draws you into this option is the nice long 17 inch long skids for lifting up a ride. This gives you a good sturdy base to lift even the biggest bikes without worry. This lift allows you to remove the handle once you have the lift engaged so that you can easily get anywhere that you need to without worrying having a handle blocking just the spot that you need to access. And while this jack is wheeled it has foot locked rear casters that allow you to ensure that when it is time to stay still it won’t go anywhere.

One thing to note in relation to this lift is the fact that there is no real control of the speed of descent when it comes time to lower the bike. You’ll want to be ready as the bike might come down a little quicker than expected. As a nice addition, this lift comes with a pair of ratcheting tie down straps that you can use to secure your bike to the lift with.

Go and check it out at Amazon

Motorcycle Wheel Lift Stands

Venom Sports Bike Motorcycle Front & Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands Fork & Swingarm Stands

Price: Approx. $70
Type: Motorcycle Wheel Lift Stands
Size: 21.3 x 18.5 x 3.9 inches
Material: Steel
Max Weight: Most Sport Bikes
Height (Min/Max): 14 inches

As a different option for lifting your bike, you can consider a pair of wheel lift stands. These give you the option of just lifting a single wheel if desired or the whole bike. If this sounds like the way that you’d like to go, take a look at the Venom Sports Bike Motorcycle Front and Rear Combo Wheel Lift Stands. These give you some versatility that isn’t found in other options but also has a few limitations. One is that there are only two height settings, either the bike is on the ground or it is 14 inches up.

Additionally, this company didn’t provide a solid maximum weight. The set up is adjustable and is said to fit most sports bikes, but without a firm number, it is a little iffy if the set up will hold. It might be safest to not try lifting anything larger than a 600cc machine.

Check it out at Amazon

best motorcycle lift table

Rage Powersports Black Widow Professional Shop Kit – Best Motorcycle Lift Table

Price: Approx. $1,400
Type: Lift Table Bundle
Size: 100 x 30 x 20 inches
Material: Various
Max Weight: 1,500 pounds
Height (Min/Max): 9.5 inches to 31 inches

If you have the money to spend and just want everything you need to do some work on a bike this is the bundle for you. The Rage Powersports Black Widow Professional Motorcycle Shop Kit has just about everything you need. First, you’ll see that instead of a jack or lift they went with a table. This isn’t something that you work on the bike and lift it up. You set the table height and then roll your bike up the ramp and strap it in place. To help you out a 20” loading ramp is included as well as a pair of tie down straps with 4 protective soft loops. To make it even more useful the table comes not only with a rear drop out the panel, but sports a center lift jack to raise a motorcycle off the wheels, so you can swap them as required.

To make it even better while working on your bike you can wheel about on the foam padded seat that sports its own tool tray so that everything you need is right within arm’s reach. To add to your shop the bundle sports all sorts of additional gear from a wheel truing stand to a rechargeable light and a trickle charger. If you go this route you should know that it will be arriving in a wrapped pallet.

Get it at Amazon right here

Getting Your Bike in the Air – A Practical Guide to Buying A Motorcycle Jack:

If you are totally new to the world of motorcycle jacks, then you have found the right place. We have broken down some of the basics to help guide you through some of the points you should consider. We’ll break down the basics as well as take a look at a few ideas on the best places to pick up your own pick for the best motorcycle lift.

Lifting Motorcycle or ATV: The Basics

motorcycle liftingSo, most people are used to the idea that jacks are used to lift vehicles. However, when working on a two wheeled vehicle you need to have a bit of a different layout. Instead of just lifting up a corner of the vehicle a quality motorcycle jack will raise the bike to an easier height to work on. Many styles of motorcycle lift combine the function of a jack and jack stand.

There are some different types that will affect the exact way that they function. You’ll have to look at the various bikes that you work on. Since most two-wheeled rides need a good bit more work than their four-wheeled counter parts, you’ll no doubt come to love having a more comfortable working set up to get that work done.

Do I Really Need a Lift

In today’s economy, most people don’t have money to spend on extras, so you might ask if this is really the best choice for you. The first thing to consider is if you have a motorcycle and plan to work on it. If you own a motorcycle it will need maintenance and you’ll have two options. The first is take it to a shop. This way will save you time, but it means that your bike will spend some amount of time waiting there and then you have to pay for someone else to do the work, plus the parts and to maintain their tools.

On the other hand, if you do it yourself you’ll still pay for parts, but you won’t have to worry about paying to keep up someone else’s tools. You’ll learn more about your ride and many people report more enjoyment in riding when they know they’ve done the work. If you are going to do this work, you’ll want the right tools, such as the best motorcycle jack.

Most Popular Motorcycle Lift Jack Types

Now that you have some ideas about why you need a jack and how you’d be putting it to use, you’ll need to start thinking about what style of lift is the best for you. There are a number of choices out there, but we’ve highlighted the major options that should take care of the vast majority of people.

  • Mechanical Lifts

    mechanical liftThe most basic type of lift is mechanical. This style of starts of with your securing your ride to the lift mechanism. This is important as you don’t want the bike to topple off once it is a couple feet off the ground. Next, with a mechanical style lift, you will do some work to get the bike up. This is generally accomplished by working a socket wrench or other kind of crank. This would be most similar to scissors lift style jack for most automotive.

  • Hydraulic Lifts

    hydraulic liftThese styles of lifts are some of the most popular for both the best ATV lift and the best motorcycle lift. The basics start off just like a mechanical, as you secure your bike to the lifting mechanism. The difference comes as you start to lift the bike. Now instead of cranking, you will use a pumping mechanism and you’ll find with the power of hydraulics means that you have to do less work while getting the bike up.

  • Lift Tables

    lift tableLift tables are a different way to solve the same issue. Now instead of securing the bike and then raising it, you’ll have a table at the height you want to work on. Instead of pumping or cranking the bike up, for this style, you’ll simply roll the bike up the ramp in order to get it on the table. Depending on your particular preferred method of work this could be easier or a lot harder.

  • Wheel Lift Stands

    lift standThe last option is the wheel lift stands. Upon first look, you might think that these stands are dollies or hand trucks. However, they are designed to roll up to the front and back wheel, lock in place and rotate down to lift your bike. These take a little bit of practice to engage properly, so the first time or so you use them it might be best to have a helper with you. One of the nice points of this style is that they tend to have a smaller storage footprint.

Features to Compare

Of course, once you come across the style you like, you’ll have to compare some features to make sure
that the option that you pick is the perfect one for you.

Design: Drive Type, Installation, Etc.

A chunk of this will be based on the style of lift that you pick, however, there are some options that should be considered while making your selection. Some lifts are mobile, meant to be taken anywhere you might find your bike, while others are fixed in place. While most lifts that you come across will be hydraulic, there are some other options available if you are dead set on a different style.

Lifting Platform Type

The next thing that you’ll want to look at is the style of the lifting platform. Some will just have a few posts that will give you a minimal amount of contact with your bike. This will mean that you don’t need to worry about your ride getting scraped up. On the other hand, you won’t have the most secure method of mounting.

Another popular style is a larger pad, this will provide more contact with the chassis of your bike, giving a more secure area. The downside is that if something slips you have a much bigger area that you could end up scratching up if things go poorly. However, you would still be able to remove the wheels if needed with this style of lift.

You’ll also want to take a look at how large of a platform your choice for lift has. There may not be many variations in length, but you should consider the width. First, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate room to store this lift, but also a wider platform may be able to lift other vehicles, such as an ATV.

Finally, is the lifting option that you will generally find is one that keeps the bike on its wheels. This has the upside that being how your bike is normally sitting you won’t have to worry about banging up any part of the chassis that might come in contact with lift.

Lifting Capacity

Perhaps one of the most important considerations of any lift is the lifting capacity. This will be one of the major limiting factors of the lift you select. Unlike a car jack, which may only lift 60% or less of your car’s total weight, a motorcycle jack needs to be able to lift the whole weight of your ride. This shouldn’t be overly hard to come across, as a bike weighs much less. But you will want to make sure that your selected lift will not have any trouble handling not only whatever bike you have but other bikes you might be working on. With a little bit work and looking online you should be able to find the empty weight of your bike.

Lifting Range

Finally, you’ll want to consider lifting range. First, you’ll want to make sure that the minimum lift is low enough to fit under your ride. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, so long as you don’t have an extreme low rider. Next, you need to look into the high end of the lift. This will let you know how high up the bike will be while you are working on it. This will be up to your preference of working height.

Use of the Best Motorcycle Lift

While the specific instructions for each lift will vary and be determined by the style of lift, there are some general pointers that can go for any of the options. The most important is to be sure that your motorcycle is secure before you start working. You’ll want to ensure that your motorcycle will not fall off the lift as it could fall onto you or merely fall to the ground and mess up your ride.

Motorcycle Lift for Sale – Where To Buy?

The truth of the matter is that even though motorcycles are more popular than ever, it is still difficult to find some of the products outside of specialty shops. Going to such a place will most likely end up providing you with a limited selection but on the upside is that you’ll be able to bring the lift home that day.

A better option is an online supplier, as they will have a better selection of options in stock. One thing that you’ll want to consider is the shipping though, as these can be a bit on the heavy side. This means that a site like Amazon, that is known for including shipping in many purchases can be the best option for someone looking to purchase the best motorcycle lift.

There are a number of safety concerns that you need to have in mind when you are looking for a motorcycle lift. However, one of the most important things that you need to do when working with these lifts is to ensure that your motorcycle is secured when it is raised. While working on your bike you need to be sure that it won’t fall. The worst cause you could end up with a bike on top of you, but even the better option is your bike crashing to the ground.

Best Motorcycle Lift – Bottom Line

You should now know everything that you need to in order to make the perfect selection for your best motorcycle jack. Remember that you will need to consider the lift range and the weight capability of any lift that you choose. We covered these points as well as some other important points in our buyer’s guide.

Also, we took a look at 6 top contenders of motorcycle lifts for sale. Any of them could earn a spot in your garage, but you will want to consider the specifics of your needs and how you would end up using such a lift. If you really just want the quick answer you could just go with our best product, the Milestone Tools PowerZone Hydraulic Lift.

Check all motorcycle lifts at Amazon

Lastly, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have any experiences with our selections or another lift that people should consider? If so, let us know what you think. Drop a comment in the comment section below.

Milestone Tools PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack Overview

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