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Best Multimeter To Use In Your Car – Comparisons & Reviews

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Whether you are a professional auto technician or a do-it-yourself hobbyist, your toolkit will not be complete without a multimeter. There is no doubt that this is one of the most useful diagnostic instruments to have in your garage.

​After all, there are many electrical components found in all new cars. Without checking and making sure that they are all working perfectly, you might suddenly experience your ride breaking down or malfunctioning.

It’s important to have the best multimeter for automotive use so that you can avoid such situations.​

​A multimeter, based on its name, is a combination of different meters so that it can measure different things. This is why this tool is not just useful for automobile maintenance and repair, it is also normally used at home.

​While it can be tempting to buy one with the most features possible, if you are purchasing one to use with your car, you should focus on the functions that you really need.

​Parts of a Best Multimeter

​The multimeter, because of its many uses, will have quite a few parts that have their own purpose:

  1. ​The Dial is found in a display window and is a scale that has the shape of a half circle. The results of readings will be displayed here.
  2. ​The Selector switch makes it possible to move between measuring amps, volts, and ohms.
  3. ​The Lead openings contain 2 sockets, the first one being COM or Common. The second is the V or O, which means volts and ohms.
  4. ​The Test Leads make it possible for your to connect your multimeter to the part of the car you are measuring.
  5. ​The Battery and fuse compartment provides the tool with power as you are using it.
  6. ​The Zero adjustment knob is specifically for adjusting the rate of ohms, or the resistance.

Main Multimeter Measuring Functions

The Ammeter Feature

​This type of meter measures the current flowing through a conductor. In order to do this, you have to detach or switch off the circuit that you want to test.

​Afterward, you connect the two ends into the meter so that the current passes through the machine. It will then state how many amps are flowing through.

​The Voltmeter Feature

​With this meter, the electrical pressure, measured in voltage drops, of a resistance can be tested. In comparison to measuring amps, you will not need the circuits to pass through the meter.

​Instead, it should be connected parallel to the circuit in order to make a reading. What sets a multimeter above a normal multimeter is the fact that a variety of voltages can be checked.

​The Ohmmeter Feature

​A multimeter is also capable of measuring how much resistance components have and at the same time, the integrity of the car’s electrical circuits. All of these readings are shown in ohms.

​The meter’s leads are linked and it will show the maximum resistance. Should the result say OL, or out of limits, it means that resistance is very high and no current is able to flow through.

​It may also be used to check the resistance in coils. Still, you should always check the plastic coil just in case some cracks appear. This may indicate defects, even if no issues come out during self-testing.

​What To Look For In A Multimeter

​Finding the right multimeter for you can be tricky, so you should keep some of these things in mind when scrolling through the options:

​Type of Multimeter

​First of all, it is best to identify what kind of multimeter you need. There are two kinds, analogue and digital. The former is traditionally popular but the latter is well loved due to its innovation.

​If you are also looking for a more general multimeter you can also use around the house, then check the features to make sure that it incorporates the functionality that you need. However, it might still be better to invest in one that is optimized for car use if you will be mostly using it this way.


​The purpose of the multimeter is to take measurements. Therefore, accuracy is very important to correctly diagnose the electrical components of your car.If you are buying your multimeter online, it is not possible to test it beforehand, so look for one that has great reviews on its accurate readings.

​Ease of Use

​If you are not a professional auto mechanic or electrician, you might find it tricky to get a very advanced but user-unfriendly device. The display should, first and foremost, be clear and easy to read.


​Considering that you are dealing with electrical parts, it is very important to get a unit that is safe and will not injure you in case of malfunction. Some multimeters might be cheap, but maybe it is because of its substandard materials.

Of course, there are more factors, like the price for example (if looking budget option, go here), but those four above are essential to focus on.

​The Best Multimeters For Automative Use

ennoLogic TRMS Digital Multimeter eM860T​

Ennologic | Best Multimeter for Automotive Use-5be9f78623a46

What We Like

  • 10-year warranty available
  • Large display
  • Non-contact voltage detector

From the first use, the large display and the backlight will already capture your attention as being a very user-friendly device. However, the ennoLogic TRMS Digital Multimeter eM860T features go beyond the physical.

​This multimeter offers more than the usual model which measures voltage, current, capacitance, resistance, among others. Its extra functions, which include a non-contact voltage detector and ability to measure larger capacitors than other units, will certainly give you much more value to your purchase.

​As accuracy is a very important requirement in choosing a multimeter, you will not be disappointed with the ennoLogic eM860T. Not only is it capable of reading quickly, it will also give you correct readings.

​Though a bit bulkier than others, you will benefit from the additional functionalities. Best of all, the 10-year warranty and the replacement guarantee are a plus for buyers.

Check Price at Amazon

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

Innova | Best Multimeter for Automotive Use-5be9f787d2d4a

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • Protective rubber guards
  • Auto-ranging scales

The INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter is the best choice for a first multimeter. From its relatively affordable price to its various home and automotive functions, you can accurately measure without having to study the manual for a long time.

Moreover, Innova is synonymous with quality electronics and automotive tools, so you will never go wrong with this product.

Using it is also uncomplicated. Although it has a large 2.5 inch LCD display, it is very handy at 180 grams. Not only will the holders make it easy for you to work hands-free, but there is also an additional drop protection in the form of rubber corner guards.

​It comes with 2 batteries that you will seldom change due to its automatic shut down. Of course, it is UL certified as safe and accurate in its measurements.

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Fluke 115 True-RMS Digital Multimeter

Fluke | Best Multimeter for Automotive Use-5be9f78972c6b

What We Like

  • Handles Hertz frequency
  • High accuracy
  • Professional grade

The Fluke 115 Multimeter is the perfect tool for those who want more than the basics. In fact, it is good enough for electricians to use, though its features may still be a bit limited.

​Despite that, you do not need training or professional experience to use it, because it is also quite user-friendly. For a product that is a bit more expensive than most, you receive a durable multimeter that is completely drop-proof.

​Because of its very accurate measurements, it is one of the best models to own. As opposed to other units, it will not just give you a zero or false reading when it is set in the wrong voltage meter or amperage.

Lastly, the Fluke 115 Multimeter only uses one 9 V battery.​

Check Price at Amazon

Extech EX330 Auto-Ranging Mini Multimeter

Extech | Best Multimeter for Automotive Use-5be9f78b1c99e

What We Like

  • Option for manual ranging
  • Max hold and data hold
  • Temperature probe

Despite being called a Mini Multimeter, the Extech EX330 is similar in size to other models out there. Much like other non-professional ones, it is able to measure to 10 Amps and 1000 Volts.

​It has, however, some extras that cannot be found in other multimeters. First of all, there is a possibility to switch the auto ranging feature into manual if necessary.

​Its temperature probe will allow you to measure both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, but it cannot handle too high temperatures because it is a K probe.

​The Extech EX330 also has an AC Voltage Regulator to alert you in areas where live wires or outlets are. Results can be saved at the device, whether it’s the highest reading or reference measurements that will make it easy to compare them.

Check Price at Amazon

Craftsman Digital Multimeter with AC Voltage Detector

Craftsman | Best Multimeter for Automotive Use-5be9f78ca6d3e

What We Like

  • 20 range seven-function abilities
  • UL verified for safety
  • AC detector

This Craftsman Digital Multimeter goes beyond for automobile use and is the best option for handymen who need a good multimeter for household use as well. It has 20 range seven-function abilities, so it is ready to tackle whatever issue you present it with.

​In fact, this tool makes it much safer and easier to handle various tasks even without professional knowledge. The AC Detector makes sure that you stay safe even when working on electronics.

​Its large, 2000-count screen will make it easy for anyone to read the results, even in darkness. The rubber holster is very useful in protecting your new multimeter.

Lastly, it has been tested and recommended by the UL as safe. So whenever you are starting that home do-it-yourself project, make sure to check electrical wiring and voltage issues by investing in this multimeter.​

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​There are many models out there that have the same basic functions, but there are also those that are a bit more professional than most. In order to make sure you buy the right multimeter with the features you need (like digital multimeter), make sure to read the details first.

​After all, not all of them have the same threshold when it comes to measuring, so you have to be careful.

​In the end, what matters is the accuracy and the user-friendliness of the product, especially if you are doing car maintenance tasks on your own. Then based on your needs, you can easily find the right tool.


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