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Best Screwdriver Set Reviews – An In-Depth Expert Advice You Should Read

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In this article, we will be going through some choices to help you chose your best screwdriver set. We’ll take a look what to consider when picking up a set and some of the various options that you have in picking your next set.

When you are working in the garage, there are some tools that are luxuries and others that are must haves. While much ink and web page space are spent discussing those luxury tools that do one specific job oh so very well (like torque wrench for example) and may cost thousands of dollars to do it, at times the workhorse tools are ignored.

Screwdrivers, for example, these are often left out of big reviews. When you mention them to someone setting up a garage at first the thought may be oh yeah, I have a few of those somewhere. But since they will be used so often for any number of tasks why not look to find the best screwdriver set out there. This will save you money in the long run and allow you to have a set of tools that will last you for years.

After all, it makes no sense to neglect something because it is used so often. In fact, you should be considering it more. A good screwdriver set should do more than just loosen screws. They should be comfortable to use with a good grip, and be able to handle everything from small screws to rarer screws. This buying guide will take you through the best choices that will make your life easier for years to come.

Best Screwdriver Set – Quick Comparison Tables

Screwdriver Sets

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Screwdriver Bit Sets

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What to Look At When Choosing Best Screwdriver Set

Before we take a look at specific screwdriver sets, let’s take a little time to go over some items to consider when selecting your performance tool set.

Usage – What You Will Use It For?

The very first thing that you will want to give some brain power to in this process is what will you be using this set for. This is going to lead you through what you need to key in on when we start looking at our best screwdriver set reviews. First, you will want to decide if these will be only for your garage or shop use or are these going to find their way into your home for basic fixing projects. We’ll take a look at some of the head types out there, but when coming up with your list of uses you should determine what kind of heads you have around.

There are a number of different types of screwdriver sets as well. In addition to the full handled and interchangeable tips, you have options to provide for precision screwdrivers when you are working on smaller items as well as ratcheting screwdrivers. These are great for tight spaces, where you don’t have the room to rotate the whole thing easily. All you have to do is twist the handle back and forth.

While you are looking at how you will use them consider the spaces that they will need to fit into. A really long handle may help you to turn things easier than a stubby screwdriver, but will it fit into the spaces that you normally work with? And don’t underestimate the storage requirements. With a set of full screwdrivers, you don’t need to worry about the tips falling off, but you will need to consider the extra space that they will take up. To save on storage space you might want to consider a set with a single handle and interchangeable bits.

As you can see, you can really benefit from knowing exactly how you are going to be using your screwdriver set. This is why it is very important at the outset to evaluate your needs and consider the type of work you typically do. It is all about finding the best screwdriver kit for you, and that starts with knowing what you are looking for.

Considerations – What To Look For Before Buying a Set of Screwdrivers?

Durability – All Looks The Same, But They Are Not!

When going into a store looking for the best set of screwdrivers you are going to face some challenges. The first of which may very well be making sure that you have a set of screwdrivers that will last. And when you first look at them it is hard to tell, they tend to have a metallic look. Stores tend to not encourage people to pull out screwdrivers and perform a stress test on them. You will need to be armed with a little bit of knowledge since no one wants to put down money to find the shaft of the screwdriver broke in the first few times they were used.

For an easy way to tell, for the most part, the cheapest options in the stores will be made out of the cheapest materials. This can help weed out some that you don’t want to pick, but spending more money doesn’t guarantee quality. You’ll need to look and find out what sorts of metals have been used. For the most part, you’ll want to pick a steel option over aluminum or most other metals. There are a bunch of different steel types, but one that can be labeled as “high-strength” and is marked as “heat treated” will give you a fairly good product.

Head Types

Head types can cause no end of trouble. First, you have to contend with the fact that there seems to be an ever-growing list of types as each company tries to develop its own special head to ensure that you buy their bits. To make it even more frustrating a number of them have all started to look like each other.

We’ll start off with the two most common ones, a Phillips head (named after Henry F. Phillips who pushed the crosshead concept forward, and not the Phillips Dutch technology company!), and a flathead.

As the name suggests, a flat head has one straight flat opening across the screw heat. To make it more confusing, the flat tip can also be called a slot tip. And with a slight variation on how the tip is shaped, you can also get a keystone and a cabinet tip. Take the second opening at ninety degrees to the first (so it looks like a plus sign) and you have a Phillips head (also called a cross point). Sometimes you will see a combination of these, with allowing you to use either bit to unscrew the screw.

Then you will at times find a hex, with has a hexagonal hole in the screw head. These are frequently used with Allen wrenches, but screwdriver tips are available options as well. When you bring the sides in a bit so the opening looks less like a hexagon and more like a star with 6 points you have what is known as a Torx or torque head. These are popular as they give a better grip than the above options. You may also come across a tri-wing, with is similar to a Phillips, except instead of a plus sign the head looks more like a peace sign. The pentalobe looks similar to a flower with petals forming the lobes.

There is no doubt more head types are available and there are variations on these (see graphic below), but that should cover the most common selections out there. You will have to contend with the fact that there are a number of sizes for each head type.

This means that you will rarely be able to select one size of a given head type to cover all the jobs that you need to complete. And while some head types are certainly more common than others, you will be happy when you do run into that rare head type and you have the tools for the job already.

Screwdriver Bit Set multi bit

Number of Pieces – Set Size, Components

You will need to give thought to how many pieces you need in your set. This can be a dangerous decision if it is made too quickly.

One thing that you’ll need to look at is what head types and sizes you need. It is never a bad idea to pick up a set that covers what you need plus some extras. You will probably not find a set that only covers your current needs, so you’ll be getting some more room to grow. There are some small sets that cover only the most common choices and huge sets that seem to have one of everything. You will need to look at the size, both in what comes with it, but also where you will store it.

While you will certainly find that you use some screwdrivers more than others, it is often good for peace of mind that you will have the tool if ever you need it. Of course, this does come along with an investment into a bigger screwdriver kit.

When considering size, also look at what components come in the set that you are picking up. Full handled screwdrivers will make a set larger to store, normally cost more while still providing fewer options. A universal handle with different head types can mean more choices and less storage space, but those heads can get lost and will sometimes fall out of the handle when maneuvering into position.

What Else Is Important?

There are a number of other features that you will need to consider when looking at your screwdriver set. One feature that is really nice to consider is magnetized tips. This can help you keep a screw in place when trying to get it to the hole it is going into. Also, if you drop one while working you merely have to touch the tip to the screw to get it back out. You will want to be careful, there may be certain job types that you don’t want to use magnets around.

best screwdriver bit with magnetized tips

The handle itself, for any set of screwdrivers, is worth some time to consider. Since this is the main part that you will interact with think about what it is made of. Now think how comfortable it will be to hold during a job. But more than that, also think how easy will it be to grip. Does it have a non-slip rubber grip so you can still hold it if your hand gets sweaty? If you wear a glove is it big enough to comfortably use?

Some companies will offer a warranty on their tools. You will want to read how they word it, as that will give you an idea of what they think of the product they put out. Generally, cheaper tools will come with no warranty.

Some warranties will give a specific number of years that the tool is covered and that tells you, on the whole, this tool should last about that long. Other companies put out a warranty that says if the tool breaks in your lifetime, we’ll make it right. These are getting harder to find, though. The warranties tend to only cover tools used for their intended purpose, so if the company finds you’ve been using a screwdriver to open paint cans they might not fix your tool.

Price vs. Cost

Price and cost is a major influencer of any tool purchase. Some people go out and buy the cheapest tool they can find and use it until it breaks. This approach may make sense if you don’t have money to get a better quality tool to start off with, but over the long run you’ll end up spending more on tools than if you had made the investment up front. Others will see a good set of tools as an investment and put down the cash to get the best screwdriver set that they can find right out of the gate.

You should never let price be your guiding factor when purchasing a set of screwdrivers. Yes, the cheapest option probably won’t last forever, but that doesn’t mean the most expensive option will. Though, with that in mind, you will need to remember that every new tool ticks the price up a little more. If you find a set that has the most comfortable handle and a smooth ratcheting action and an amazing warranty, you will no doubt pay a premium for it all.

So while you can’t count on price always being a reliable guiding factor, it is still a general rule that the more you spend, the longer you should be able to expect the tools to last. We recommendinvesting in a set of tools that will cover your needs for years to come. After all, it gets more expensive in the long run to continue having to buy new tools.

Best Screwdriver Sets For Your Garage!

So which set of screwdrivers will do the job? Here are our recommendations!

Many screwdrivers are sold as general purpose or for computer or other such work, using them in a garage will offer some different challenges to overcome. First off, if you are assembling a computer there is probably no chance that you will end up with transmission fluid on your hands. Of course, in the garage that is a real possibility. You may want to take into account the ability to grip the handle even in those conditions or when wearing a pair of gloves.

As you go through this list we think that you will find the William’s Mixed Screwdriver set, the TEKTON Everybit set and the Stanley Precision Screwdriver set natural choices to work in the garage. As we were going through all the sets reviewed here, those options clearly stood out as not only being able to handle a garage environment but have the right sizes and lengths of drivers that are needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly.

If you are on a budget or just starting out, you will find that the Craftsman Screwdriver Set and the Stanley Interchanging Bit set are a great value. These will get you a quality tool for the money you spend, but they might not cover everything that you find yourself wanting to accomplish. Without further delay let’s take a look at some best screwdriver set reviews.

Best Screwdriver Set Reviews

Now that you have considered some of the important points of purchasing a quality screwdriver set, let’s a look at our first category, the individual screwdrivers.

These will have a number of different full sized screwdrivers in a variety of head types, sizes, and lengths. This can be great if you have a project that requires a number of different head type and sizes since you won’t have to swap things back and forth between a single handle. These are also your rather basic tools, so you won’t be finding a lot of ratcheting actions in this group.

best set of screwdrivers

Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver...

Best Value

Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver Set, 17 Piece

This screwdriver set is a made in the USA classic. The Craftsman 9-31794 Slotted Phillips Screwdriver set features 9 slotted head screwdrivers and 7 Phillips head options. With 17 total pieces, it offers a great selection of screwdrivers in both slotted (or flat head) and Phillips (or cross tip). In addition to different size heads, this set gives you a range of different lengths to let you either go with the longer handle for more leverage or go with the stubby version for when you are working in a tight space. Also included is a keychain with 4 different size heads to keep with you for those really quick jobs or when you are away from your garage.

All the metal in this set has been heat treated to make for a strong and dependable tool. These heavy duty screwdrivers are not magnetic, though, so don’t try to pick up screws with them if they fall. Craftsman stands behind their small tools with a lifetime warranty, double check the wording on your particular set to see if there are any limitations, though. The quality of these pieces for the low price point makes this a no brainer for being our pick of the best value choice for the category.

So if you are looking to pick up an extensive, quality screwdriver set without breaking the banks, then this is probably the option for you.

GEARWRENCH 20 Pc. Phillips/Slotted/Torx...

GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set

The GearWrench 80066 20 Piece Master Dual Material Screwdriver Set is a great set to get you started stocking a garage as it covers most all of the common sizes.

The set gives you 9 different Phillips head drivers, 9 slotted head drivers and even sports a pair of Torx head drivers. All of this comes in a container that securely holds the screwdrivers and lets you easily see if any of them are out being used. In addition to head sizes, there is some variation in the lengths of shafts for the tools as well.

And those shafts are built to last. These are made from chrome plated vanadium steel to make for a tool that lasts you for years to come. Each of the tools has the size engraved on the shaft to help you select the size on the first try instead of having to guess. The company has also made an attempt to produce a highly comfortable handle to let you use the tools for quite a while during a session. The tips of these are slightly magnetic, while they won’t help you pick up a screw that fell, they will keep the screw on the tip of the screwdriver while it is getting started or while removing it.

Wiha 30299 Pro Tool Set with SoftFinish Grip, 20...

Wiha 30291 SoftFinish Grip ScrewDriver Set

The Wiha 30291 SoftFinish Grip ScrewDriver Set is a 20-piece set that is built to cover the basics of what you need in a garage tool kit. It comes with 2 slotted head drivers, 2 Phillips head drives, and 2 square head drivers. This gives you a starting point to cover the basics, but for a full garage set up, you will no doubt need to eventually pick up some other pieces. Of course, this does make a good basic set to take with you on trips in case you need to do a quick fix. The company also offers some other collections of screwdrivers, including a 6-piece set, if you would like to have it.

The drivers themselves are made to last and make working with them easy and comfortable. They are made of a chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel that is super hardened to last you for years to come. The handle is large to reduce hand fatigue. They claim that their handle design also means that you can get about 40% more torque than with conventional designs. These screwdrivers don’t feature magnetic heads. As an added feature they print the type of driver and the size on the end of the handle, so it is easy to know exactly which tool you need to pull out, even if you keep yours stored on a roll.

Stanley OEM 60-060 60-060-5 (5 Pack)

Stanley 60-060 Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece

Next up is the Stanley 60-060 Standard Fluted Screwdriver Set, which comes with 6 different drivers to give you a range of choices. These feature 2 standard screwdrivers, 2 cabinet drivers, and 2 Phillips head drivers. The shafts and blades of these are all made from heat treated alloy steel with a nickel plating to give it years of rust resistance. This adds up to a tool that will serve you for quite a long time. These are made in the USA. And the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their product and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

The handles have been crafted to be tri-lobular to give you something that is easy and comfortable to grip while still providing slip resistance. The tips have been hardened to ensure that they won’t slip out when loosening a screw. The company even claims that these drivers can even manage to get stripped screws. These come with a storage rack that will let you hang the screwdrivers on your wall to keep them just at arm’s reach. At times though, the rack can be a little bit difficult to get the screwdrivers out of. It may be a good idea to have a secondary storage solution in mind with this set.

While these are surely quality screwdrivers, you might need more than 6 in a set over time. This is a great starter pack, and has some of the more common types of screwdrivers, but it might not be of great help if you do a lot of different types of work.

Klein Tools 85078 Screwdriver Set, Made in USA,...

Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set, 8-Piece

The Klein Tools 85078 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set offers a great general screwdriver set that will offer you a good set for the garage as well. This setup sports one cabinet tip driver, three keystone tip drivers and four Phillips tip drivers. This gives you a good range of tips to start off with and you should be able to tackle most basic tasks with this set.

The handles are acetate with a vinyl grip. The shafts do not go all the way through the handle, though. Also, it should be noted that these drivers are labeled as not being designed to be used with energized electrical work, so take precautions when you do any electrical style work.

All of the screwdrivers in this set are made in the USA and crafted to last. The set carries a limited lifetime warranty from Klein. This set does not feature magnetic tips and also does not come with a carrying case but they do have the type and size labeled on the end of the handle for an easy way to tell which one you are pulling out. These are also great as you can still get a decent grip even if you get some oil or transmission fluid on them.

This is a very basic screwdriver set, but if you just need a simple set around the house for routine tasks, it may be just what you need. You can certainly get away with investing less if you do not find yourself doing complicated work very often.

Williams JHW100P-19MD 19 Piece Endurogrip and...

Best Product

Williams 100P-19MD Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set, 19-Piece

And leaving the best for last, we have our selection for the best power choice, the Williams 100P-19MD Premium Mixed Screwdriver set.

This set has Bahco handles that are designed to not only provide a high-level comfort but also to have an outstanding grip, even if you have oil all over your hands. These handles also feature a thumb stop so can up the turning power but not wear out your hands. You’ll find that these handles also help you get a good amount of torque while you are working.

This 19-piece set features a wide selection of flat head and Phillips head drivers of varying lengths to give you a lot of choices when it comes to selecting the right tool for the job you are doing. The set also comes with a pouch to store all of your screwdrivers.

It does only have one large pocket, so it is not the best for organization, but it will keep the whole set together in a convenient location. The tips may not be magnetic, but since these are high-quality screwdrivers you won’t even notice. Once you start working with this set you’ll see why they are the clear pick as the Best Power Choice.

This set most likely has all you need for any type of screw you run into. It is a heavy duty set of tools and if you looking for ultimate preparedness, consider looking into this.

Best Screwdriver Bit Set Review (Multi/Changeable Bits)

The next type that we will look over is the bit set. These tend to feature a single handle with some assortment of interchangeable tips. Sometimes these different tips will be stored in a case, while some will be stored right in the handle, so you have your choices available no matter where you take the handle to work. This is also the place to look for ratcheting screwdrivers. One downside is that the handle is a set length, so if you are trying to work in a tight area your tool will fit or you’ll have to go use a different tool.

A major advantage of a bit set is that, since there is only one screwdriver grip, it tends to take up way less space and be much more portable. However, constantly changing the bits could end up costing you more time if you are working with many different types of screws.

Best Screwdriver Bit Sets

Megapro Ratcheting Screwdriver Set - 13-in-1 Multi...

Megapro 211R2C36RD 13-In-1 Ratcheting Driver

The Megapro 211R2C36RD 13-In-1 Ratcheting Driver is a great tool if you find yourself in need of a tool on the go. The alloy steel shaft opens on one end to a ¼ inch hex opening and on the other end, you will find a very comfortable nylon/ABS resin handle. But that handle contains its own secret. It holds a compartment that you can access by pulling out the end cap to find your other bits. It features a dozen different bits sizes covering Phillips, flat, torx, and square. The 13th option is the hex opening itself.

But the driver hasn’t quite given up all of its secrets just yet. Instead of a standard style driver, this one sports a ratcheting action allowing you to merely twist the handle back and forth to either drive or remove the screw you are working on. That ratcheting action can deliver 225 pounds of force onto the screw that you are working with. This set does not come with magnetic bits, however, you do have the option of ordering other tips to swap out.You just need to make sure they will fit the opening and then you can customize this driver to just the tips that you use.

STANLEY Screwdriver, Ratcheting, Multi-Bit...

Best Value

Stanley 69-189 Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver Best Value Choice

If you are working on a budget you might want to check out the Stanley 69-189 Ratcheting Multi-bit Screwdriver. This is part of their Fat Max line of tools, that has been developed to provide a very comfortable grip while still having a tool that won’t let you down.

This one stores 6 tips in the handle, coming with a pair of flat head, a pair of Phillips and a pair of the square head. There are a couple extra spots to store other bits that you may want to pick up. The opening is a quarter inch hex.

The shaft features a quick release magnetic holder to both hold your head securely in place when you are working with it, but also allow you to quickly swap to a different tip when the job calls for it. The two materials in the handle blend rather nicely to make sure that you keep a firm grip while being comfortable in your hand. The set is also a ratcheting drive to provide ease of use. With all these features at its price point, it is an easy call to make this our Best Value Choice.

Craftsman 9-41796 Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver

Craftsman 9-41796 Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver

The Craftsman 9-41796 Ratcheting Ready Bit Screwdriver is another ratcheting body screwdriver to make driving and removing screws that much easier. This one, however, doesn’t make that normal ratcheting sound, so fear not if you get yours and it is quiet. The textured handle is also the home of the bit storage. The end pulls out and rotates to show off your options for tips. This one comes with 14 tips in a variety of the most popular sizes and head types. This makes the handle a little more beefy, which can be a very good thing if you are wearing a glove while using this tool.

The end of the shaft sports the standard quarter inch hex opening but also holds a strong magnet to ensure that your bits stay in place when you are working. You never want that bit you really need to fall into your engine while you are working on something. One thing to keep an eye on is that the ratcheting mechanism can wear out and since it is silent, you can easily miss it at first. But Craftsman is willing to stand behind their product as this set does come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Klein Tools 32500 11-in-1 Screwdriver / Nut Driver...

Klein Tools 11 In 1 Screwdriver

The Klein Tools 11 in 1 Screwdriver is more than it seems at first. Sure, when you first pick it up it looks an awful lot like a regular interchanging bit screwdriver. It does have interchangeable bits that are stored in its cushion grip handle. But it also comes with nut drivers to expand out its range. Three of them to be exact, which allows you to not only tackle screws but deal with some of the more common nut sizes as well. As for screw heads, it sports a pair of Phillips, a pair of slotted, a pair of Torx and even a pair of the square to give you quite a bit of selection.

The handle holds all of these heat treated bits to ensure that they are at the ready, right when you need them. While most other interchangeable screwdrivers have a removable end cap, here the shaft itself comes out. Also, for a change, all of the bits are double sided, this means they are easier to grip and handle when using them with gloves. As a point, this one is labeled that it is not for electrical work. Also, the bits are not magnetic.

So if you are looking for a screwdriver set but also find yourself in need of a nut driver, then consider this option. Overall this is an excellent addition to any garage.

Wera 051024 Kraftform Kompakt 25 Pouch Set, Flat

Wera 05051024001 Kraftform Kompakt 25 Slotted and Phillips Bitholding Screwdriver with Bayonet Blade and Pouch

If you are looking for a high class German engineered interchangeable screwdriver set, the Wera 05051024001 Kraftform Kompakt 25 Slotted and Phillips Bitholding Screwder is the one that you are looking for.

This set is sold as a 7 in 1 set up, with 3 slotted heads, 3 Phillips heads and the seventh being the quarter inch hex opening that the heads slide into. This covers your basic sizes and gives you a good level of versatility. The heads clip to the outside of the handle, letting you get them easily, even if you are in the middle of a job.

To change things up from the other choices on the market, Wera went with what they call a bayonet blade. The shaft of the screwdriver has a quick release chuck that lets you quickly swap bits in and out. The bayonet part comes from the fact that you can pop the shaft out of the handle. This allows you to use it with other items, such as a power driver or power drill. This little trick means that this device might have one more level of use than similar offerings. The set up also comes with a pouch to keep it safe and secure in your tool bin.

TEKTON Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver and Bit Set...

Best Product

TEKTON 2841 Everybit TM Ratchet Screwdriver, Electronic Repair Kit and Security Bit Set, 135-Piece

If you are looking for the best ratcheting screwdriver set then the TEKTON 2841 Everybit Ratchet Screwdriver, Electronic Repair Kit and Security Bit Set is the choice you will want to go with.

When they call it the Everybit set up they mean it. While other sets might offer you 6 or 10 or even 20 bits, this one comes with a whopping 135 bits. With a set of 105 screwdriver bits and another 22 precision bits, this case should have you covered, no matter what you are looking to accomplish. It even includes the penatlobe bits that are used for Macs and iPhones.

The handle has a non-slip rubber grip crafted from rubber that is down right comfortable. This handle houses the ratcheting mechanism that gives you the standard options of forward, reverse and locked to let you drive and retract screws. With everything that this set up comes with there is no way to fit it all in the handle. This driver set comes with a molded black case the gives you a spot for each of the driver bits that are included to help you stay organized and quickly see if one of them hasn’t been put away yet.

So if you are looking for a set that will cover all of your needs going forward, go with this one. If you do various kinds of work often you will be happy to know that this set has you covered no matter what you run into. You can keep your most common bits in the handle, and keep other bits stored away in case you need them. Certainly overkill for some people, but the perfect tool for many.

With all of that in the setup, there is no doubt in our minds that this is our Best Power Choice of the selection.

Best Precision Screwdriver Set – Our Recommendations

Lastly, we will take a look at some of the best rated precision screwdriver sets. This style of screwdriver is rather small, often with a swiveling top that will allow you to hold the screwdriver with a finger on the top, once it is seated in the screw, and use your other fingers to rotate the shaft, allowing for one-handed operation.

These tools are generally thought about in fixing eyeglasses and doing work on electronics, but with modern cars having so many electronics in them, they should have a spot in your garage as well. At these sizes, it can be easy to bend a shaft if working at an angle, so use caution not to damage your tools.

JACKLY 45 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Set Professional...

Best Value

JACKLY 45 in 1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set

This precision magnetic screwdriver set is great value for what you are paying. The JACKLY 45 in 1 screwdriver set give you an amazing array of bits with some added gear as well as a durable storage bin to keep everything in its place when you are between jobs.

First is the handle that can either accept the tips directly or can be used with the extension bar, if an opening is hidden behind something or you need a little more leverage. This set includes 42 bits to go with the handle covering an array of sizes of CRV sockets, Torx heads, Hex heads, cross heads, straight heads, Y heads, a triangle head, a star head and a circle head. Since this is designed for smaller work, they include a set of tweezers that are designed for high precision. The tips are all magnetic to help you stop losing those tiny screws. All of that function packed into such a low price tag earns this option our best value.

4 Pack Stanley 66-052 6-Piece Precision...

Best Product

Stanley 66-052 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set

The Stanley 66-052 6 Piece Precision Screwdriver Set is our pick for the best precision screwdriver set. This set might only have 6 pieces, including 2 Phillips head drivers and 4 Slotted (Flathead) drivers, but are quality made pieces.

The set features cushioned grips to make sure that you are comfortable while working with them. With precision work like this, often comfort is the most important factor.

The swivel-head handle means that you can still work on tightening or loosening these tiny screws even when you need to reach to find their spot. And to show that Stanley stands behind these, they offer a lifetime limited warranty on them. It also doesn’t hurt that the bright yellow color of the screwdrivers and case ensure that they are easy to locate.

This set is clearly our Best Power Choice from its quality and ease of use.

Best Screwdriver Set Brands – Are They Worth the Money?


In 1843 in Connecticut, Frederick Stanley had a simple idea. He would start a company called the Stanley works. Fourteen years later, they started making wooden rulers, three years after that they launched a line of levels. From there they began to add more tools such as hammers, tape measures, and woodworking tools. A Stanley tape measure even made its way to the moon as part of the Apollo 11 landing gear. The company has been going strong for over 170 years making quality tools for hardworking people.

Klein Tools

Mathias Klein starting making pliers for people working in the telecommunications industry back in 1857. The US Civil War showed everyone how important communication devices were and those that had learned how dependable Klein pliers were soon begun demanding a whole line of tools. The company grew, continuing to make dependable tools and also branched out into other ventures, such as plastics and cutlery. The company is still in the hands of the Klein family, with the fifth generation currently at the helm.


When you think Craftsman tools you think Sears. Sears picked up the trademark back in 1927 and immediately began selling tools that they believed were better than any other tools on the market. A mere 2 years later a line of power tools joined the hand tool line and they have been adding in more tools and pieces of equipment ever since.

When they started off, they promised their tools were of high quality, to such a point that if it broke the company would simply replace it. While there may be a few limits on the warranty today, it is one of the most well-known warranties today.


While Wera might not yet have a hundred years of experience to rest on, they are a quality tool company. Their mission seems to be being the tool rebels of the world. Often when a company takes this approach they even find some fantastic ways to innovate or fold quickly. But it seems that Wera won’t be folding anytime soon. These are people that refuse to work to the current standard. Instead, they seek to innovate screw driving tools so that they are simple, safe and full of joy.


Wiha Tools are part of a German company and in many parts of the world, German engineering is held as one of the highest standards that things are made to.

The company has over 70 years of experience when it comes to manufacturing tools and they don’t limit themselves to a single country. They have facilities in 11 different countries and their products are available in over 65 different nations. While they may have only gotten into the US tool market in 1985, they are clearly looking to be the world’s leading toolmaker.

Apex Tool Group

The Apex Tool Group owns quite a few other tool companies and this allows them to make tools so long as they meet the group’s high standards. One of those companies is GearWrench which began in Taiwan in 1965. With some of their brands over a hundred years old, this is a company that both understands what it takes to last in any business environment but is also willing to work with new and different approaches.


Williams tools is another that has been around for a while. Starting in 1882 Williams has been answering some of the toughest challenges out there in some of the harshest industries. They have a number of firsts under their belt, such as being the first company to offer drop forged tools. They have been purchased by Snap-on but are still allowed to make tools to the high standard of their heritage.

I would tell you that the most important thing that you can do when buying a screwdriver set is spend the time and find the actual head types and sizes that you need. Yes, it is much easier to simply purchase the set and use a driver that is close to the one that you want. In the long run that will end up with stripped screws and sadness. Using the right sized tool for the job will make everything go much smoother.

Once you have found the right sizes, buy the set with the best shafts and heads that you can afford. Handles are great when they are comfortable, but you will get a lot more work done with an uncomfortable handle than you will with a broken screwdriver shaft.

Bottom Line – Conclusion

With all of that, you should be quite the expert in picking out the best screwdriver set on the market today.

We’ve shown you what to look for in any set that you pick out as well as highlighting some of the top brands that are out there today. Some have well over a hundred years of experience in the field while others are looking to shake things up.

One of the top things that you need to determine before you can make any meaningful choices on the right set for you is what type of heads do you really need. And in addition to the head types, consider the sizes. A 20 piece collection is great, but if it only has 1 of the 6 heads that you need it won’t do you much good. Then again, perhaps you’ll find a great 6 piece set that covers exactly what you need.

This is why it is so important to first sit down and identify your needs. The work you do is unique, so we can’t tell you exactly what you need. However, we believe that if you evaluate your needs well, you will easily find a choice in our buying guide that is perfect for you.

While you need to get the types and sizes that are currently useful, adding more is a good way to do some future proofing of your collection. It is hard to tell exactly what you will need in the future, but a safe bet would be to go with any of our Best Power Choices. These selections, the William’s Mixed Screwdriver set, the TEKTON Everybit set and the Stanley Precision Screwdriver set, are ones that we feel will cover most anything that your garage could end up needing.

Finally, it is your turn. In the comments section below let us know if there is anything that we missed or which of the choices you ended up selecting to work for your garage.

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