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The 5 Best Synthetic Blend Oils for your Car – Increase Engine Life

best synthetic blend oil

The life of your car depends on a lot of things. At the heart of any vehicle, both past and present and even the future ones, is the engine. Take good care of it and your car can drive you to the ends of the earth.

And when it comes to taking care of your car’s engine, you’ll need the best synthetic blend oil to keep all those moving parts inside your engine well-lubricated and functioning to their optimum levels of performance.

This way, you can literally unleash the beast that’s lurking under your hood.​

Why You Need Engine Oil

Today’s automotive engineering has grown leaps and bounds from the days of the steam engine. However, the fundamentals remain essentially the same.

All engines are composed of many moving parts that help to produce the power needed to drive your vehicle. Unfortunately, these moving parts are not made of plastic, wood, or any other material except high grade steel.

Newer engines are built with aircraft engine-grade alloys. And when these metallic parts move, they rub against each other creating friction.

And where there is friction, there is heat. That is why the engine is built as one massive block of metallic parts and components so that it can withstand the heat generated by these movements.

Just imagine if you’re going to create continuous friction in a block of wood. It catches fire. Metal doesn’t. But this doesn’t mean that it’s not going to get extremely hot.

This is why an engine needs oil to keep these moving parts well lubricated and reduce the friction. Less friction means less heat, and better performance for your engine.​

Should You Go Synthetic, Conventional, or Synthetic Blend?​

When it comes to engine oil, you have three fundamental choices: conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic or synthetic blend oils.

Conventional motor oil is largely based on crude oil that has been subjected to extensive refining processes to make the oil suitable for engine use.

Since the technology employed in its production is not really that high-tech, these types of motor oils are inexpensive. The only drawback is that they may contain some impurities that have not been removed by the refining process.

Moreover, they usually have a shorter life span and are not suitable for high performance engines because of their inefficiency in extremely high engine temperatures.

On the other hand, fully synthetic motor oils are synthesized or produced in high technology laboratories utilizing a variety of chemical reactions to produce an oil that can withstand extremely high engine temperatures without breaking down.

These are often used in jet engines as well as other high performance machinery.

Synthetic motor oils are refined, distilled, and added with other substances to create a blend that allows for optimum levels of engine protection and performance.

It is the mixture of additives that give the synthetic oil a much longer shelf life, superior engine protection, and cleaner engine. Sadly, with all these technologies involved, you can expect it to be quite expensive.

If you require the practicality of a conventional oil but with the superb protection of the synthetic oil, then you may need a synthetic blend oil.

These are synthetic oils that have been combined with organic oils to provide superb protection at high temperatures and heavier loads but at a price that’s not as expensive as a fully synthetic oil.

These types of oils are very popular among SUV and truck owners because of their high-load protection.

Benefits of Using Synthetic Oil Blends​

Obviously, if you want to have a better performing engine, you’d have to go for the synthetic motor oil. However, its price may put you off.

As such, a synthetic blend oil gives you the benefit of both worlds. The benefits are simply remarkable and can include the following:

  • ​It keeps your car’s engine a lot cleaner.
  • It affords excellent protection against engine wear.
  • It helps ensure faster engine starts in low temperature environments.
  • It helps protect your engine in extremely hot environments.
  • It helps protect the different critical parts of a turbocharger if your engine has one.

​When choosing the best synthetic blend oil for your car, or any other type of oil for that matter, you’ll need two numbers that pertain to the viscosity or thickness of the oil in both cold and hot temperatures.

The first number denoted by a W is the lowest possible temperature which the engine oil is able to retain its normal viscosity.

The second number, immediately after the W, is the highest possible temperature where the engine oil’s viscosity remain unchanged.

So, if you see a 10W-30, this means that the viscosity of the oil is unchanged within the temperature range of 10°F and 30°F.​

If it’s too cold, the oil thickens. If it’s too hot, it thins. To know what motor oil works best for your car, you’d have to check your owner’s manual.

Here are GarageChief’s top picks for the best synthetic blend oil which are excellent in delivery and friendly to your pockets.

​The 5 Best Synthetic Blend Oils

Rotella T5 550019908 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil by Shell

Shell Rotella | Best Synthetic Blend Oil-5be9f8ce2b4bb

What We Like

  • Low-ash technology ensures compliance with vehicle emissions standards
  • Heavy duty formulation for maximum efficiency across different engine operating conditions
  • Overall blend allowing for superb performance and fuel efficiency

With a highly advanced superior low-ash technology that helps ensure fuel efficiency and cleaner engines, the Shell Rotella T5 550019908 10W-30 Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oil works like a charm on your vehicle’s heart and soul.

Its formulation gives it improved cold starting capabilities as well as superior fuel efficiency while maintaining the supreme protection for your engine.

The different additives put into the formulation gives the Rotella T5 excellent engine cleanliness especially against engine deposits. This ensures engine component reliability and extended intervals of oil changes giving you superb savings.​

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Honda Genuine 08798-9036 0W-20 Blended Synthetic Motor Oil by Honda

Genuine Honda Fluid | Best Synthetic Blend Oil-5be9f8cfc7548

What We Like

  • Superior cold starting capabilities
  • Superb formulation for excellent engine protection
  • Specifically formulated for Honda vehicles

For owners of Honda vehicles, the Honda Genuine 08798-9036 0W-20 Blended Synthetic Motor Oil is the best synthetic blend that you can ever get.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be used in other vehicle makes. What is really superb about this particular synthetic blend is its viscosity allowing it to provide excellent cold starting capabilities.

Even in a heavy snowstorm, you can be sure your engine won’t fail on you. Its unique formulation also helps ensure adequate protection against corrosion as well as the dreaded engine wear so you’ll get the best performance from your engine every time.

Additives in the Honda Genuine 9036 also provide excellent protection against the formation of sludge and other performance-draining engine deposits.​

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VV291 DuraBlend SAE 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil by Valvoline

Valvoline VV291 | Best Synthetic Blend Oil-5be9f8d1d225e

What We Like

  • Excellent SAE rating allowing for greater versatility across a wider range of conditions
  • Special blend for optimum engine protection
  • Superior mix for improved fuel efficiency

The VV291 DuraBlend SAE 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil is one of the most preferred semi-synthetic engine oils. The VV291 DuraBlend SAE 5W-30 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil continues this tradition of superior performance.

It is especially formulated for vehicles in colder climates with a maximum operating viscosity of 5 to 30 allowing for greater versatility across different operating conditions. Its formulation blends the unique qualities of conventional motor oils with the superb protection afforded by synthetic oils.

This gives you the kind of performance you can expect from your vehicle without sacrificing engine protection and fuel efficiency. At the very least, you’ll have the kind of power delivered right to your drivetrain in any type of driving and environmental conditions.​

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GT-1 High Performance Synthetic Blend SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil with Liquid Titanium by Kendall​

Kendall GT-1 | Best Synthetic Blend Oil-5be9f8d374e9d

What We Like

  • Liquid Titanium technology equals added protection
  • Great protection throughout the temperature range
  • Reduced oil consumption

Proudly American-made, Kendall offers a premium semi-synthetic oil in the GT-1 High Performance Synthetic Blend SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil. The Pennsylvania-based oil company has formulated a high quality oil that can provide the optimum engine protection for cars, light trucks and SUVs, no matter what the road may bring.

To keep your motor safe from friction and wear, Kendall has added their very own Liquid Titanium technology.

This gives you a level of performance that is higher than ordinary engine oils. With the GT-1, your engine is protected in the extreme temperatures both high and low, that is thermal and viscosity breakdown in high temps while you get low temp pump ability protection for cold starts.

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​VV301 DuraBlend SAE 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil by Valvoline

Valvoline VV301 | Best Synthetic Blend Oil-5be9f8d4ef83c

What We Like

  • Superior SAE rating for superb versatility
  • Formulation designed specifically for fuel efficiency
  • Special blend for excellent engine protection

The VV301 DuraBlend SAE 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil is similar to the VV291 except that it is particularly designed for vehicle owners in warmer environments. Its wide SAE rating also allows for excellent versatility especially when driving conditions get ridiculously tough.

Its special blend helps ensure optimum operating performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency. This makes it excellent for towing, hauling, and other tasks that require every ounce of power from your engine.​

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The Bottom Line​

Synthetic motor oils offer superb engine protection and fuel efficiency. However, they are ludicrously expensive.

A much better alternative, combining the benefits of both conventional oils and fully synthetic engine oils is a synthetic blend or semi-synthetic engine oil. You can be assured of optimum engine protection and superb fuel efficiency without hurting your budget.​