Best Tires For Honda Pilot

Best Tires For Honda Pilot

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Trying to buy the best tires for Honda Pilot? Great, you couldn’t get better, here they are!

Honda Pilot is Honda’s largest SUV suited for anyone who wants a family car but not looking to purchase a van. It is only natural for you to want to match it with the best tires there are in the market.

I mean, why drive something looking so nice using ratchet tires? Makes no sense.

Best Tires For Honda Pilot – Introduction

Before purchasing tires, you need to know more than just the renowned companies and specifications of your car, although these are pretty important things to consider.

You need to have in mind the following factors, regardless of whether you are buying tires for the first time or replacing old ones:

  • Fitments
  • Your budget
  • Your dealer’s recommendations
  • The thread-level and pattern
  • Efficiency in different seasons
  • Fuel economy
  • The maximum weight and pressure they can handle
  • Maintenance handling
  • Stopping distance

With these in mind, you cannot make a wrong selection. We considered all these things and came up with the 5 top-rated tires for Honda Pilot.

We also considered customer reviews and the best selling from a supplier.

honda pilot tires wheels
Honda Pilot Tires (Black Edition)

Honda Pilot Tires Specification

Before buying a tire, be conversant with the tire sizes and the meaning of the figures written on the sidewall. Sounds like too much to ask, but it is really easy. Honda Pilot can fit 6 different tire sizes as outlined in the table hereunder, with the 235/65R17 being the most popular one.

  • 235/70R16
  • 235/65R17
  • 245/65R17
  • 235/60R18
  • 245/60R18
  • 245/60R20

Without further ado, have a glance and a read at the best Honda Pilot tires known so far. Note that the maximum pressure for each varies with the tire size.

TireContinental CrossContact LTX20Yokohama Geolander A/T G015Michelin Defender LTX M/SPirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season PlusGeneral Grabber HTS60
TypeTouring All-SeasonAll-TerrainAll-SeasonTouring All-SeasonAll-Season
Average Tread Wear70,000 miles60,000 miles70,000 miles65,000 miles65,000 miles
Tread Life Warranty6yrs5yrs6yrsUnlimited Time6yrs
Comparison Chart For Honda Pilot Recommended Tires

Reviews For 5 Best Tires For Honda Pilot

Continental CrossContact LTX20 – Best Wet Traction Touring All-Season Tires


This is a tire utilizing Eco Plus Tech in its eco-friendly tread compound and Tg-F polymers plus silane additives. These enhancements are responsible for enhanced traction, better tread-wear, and improved fuel mileage.

Honda Pilot drivers who have used it before claim that it has a great grip on both wet and dry roads, and an improved responsive steering feel.

This is true, and it is thanks to the design of the continuous central rib and independent tread blocks. The four circumferential grooves are also responsible for the famous wet traction of these tires.


  • The tires respond well to cornering, acceleration, and braking forces, and wear off evenly
  • The ride is smooth, comfy, and quiet
  • Evertread compound enables it to withstand all seasons
  • The tires withstand heavier loads than their predecessors


  • It is not a dedicated winter tire
  • It has no 3-peak mountain symbol

Buy it at Amazon here.

Yokohama Geolander A/T G015 – Toughest All-Terrain Tires

Continental CROSS CONTACT LX25 All- Season Radial...

Yokohama Geolander is the best one for you if you are often off-road and sometimes, on-road. It is the company’s toughest and most versatile all-terrain tire yet. It is made of tough Enduro all-season tread compound with orange oil and unique high-tech polymers to enhance durability and improve on and off-road traction.

The tires also have an internal steel belt on two polymer cord casting and nylon reinforcement to give you stability and comfort as you cruise on all terrains.

Its EdgeTec grooves have a large void area on the tread to ensure clearance of dirt, mud, and sand. With the deep circumferential grooves come water evacuation and hydroplaning resistance.

You will be pleased to know that the tires meet the industry’s severe snow service requirements as they have the 3PMSF symbol on the sidewall.


  • Excellent traction on all terrains
  • It is made of tough, durable material
  • Internal construction that offers stability and comfort
  • Meets the industry’s severe snow service requirements


  • They are not dedicated to dry roads

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Michelin Defender LTX M/S- Best All-Season Traction Tires

Continental CROSS CONTACT LX25 All- Season Radial...

Michelin almost never disappoints. Their Defender LTX M/ S is the in thing now for Honda Pilot owners who are mostly on the highways moving at high speed.

It has great wet pavement grip thanks to the sunflower oil and increased silica amounts in the tread compound. The Evertread compound holds it together through tough weather conditions.

For smooth braking, lateral water evacuation, and wet traction, the tires have four wide circumferential channels, multiple lateral grooves, and open-shoulder slots. Its Evergrip technology and symmetric tread pattern gives it great performance under heavy loads and resists wear and tear.

Michelin’s  MaxTouch construction gives it a lengthy tread-wear period. You will be elated by the ease at which the tires respond to acceleration, braking, and cornering forces.


  • The tires respond well to cornering, acceleration, and braking forces, and wear off evenly
  • The ride is smooth, comfy, and quiet
  • Evertread compound enables it to withstand all seasons
  • The tires withstand heavier loads than their predecessors


  • It is not a dedicated winter tire
  • It has no 3-peak mountain symbol

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Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season Plus – Best Snow Traction Tires

Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II...

This is what every environmentally conscious owner of a Honda Pilot should go for. It has environmentally conscious manufacturing integrated into it, emitting less carbon dioxide than other tires. It is lightweight and it improves fuel economy by covering more mikes per gallon.

The silica-enhanced compound in its asymmetric tread design makes its traction on snowy and wet roads perfect. Its four circumferential grooves ensure no water gets under the tire’s footprints and thus enhanced wet traction and no hydroplaning.

It is awesome that your tire will wear off after a long time and will do so evenly. This is thanks to the specially optimized rubber-to-void ratio and uniform contact patch. The touring all-season tire also has reduced rolling resistance, hence a smooth, comfortable ride.


  • It has environmentally-conscious manufacturing integrated
  • The tire is lightweight and fuel-saving
  • Optimized rubber-to-void ratio and the uniform contact parch enables uniform tread wear and tear
  • It is the best for snowy conditions


  • The tires slide when used for too long

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General Grabber HTS60 – Best Highway Tires

General Grabber HTS60 235/60R18 103H BSW

Are you a speed freak? General Grabber HTS60 is totally for you. It is an all-season tire that has an internal cushion absorption layer of rubber for comfort. It also has a wide, flat footprint supported by ultra-high-strength steel belts for excellent braking, stability on tough surfaces, and penetration resistance.

The DuraGen technology makes it durable, with an even tread-wear that is 25% more improved than its predecessors. It is resistant to chips and cuts. The continuous center rib and independent intermediate blocks give it great wet road traction and commendable winter grip.

When cruising the highway, feeling good about your choices, or stressed about your issues, these tire will give you the peace you deserve. It has sound barrier ribs, thus, no noise.


  • Improved tread life thanks to the DuraGen technology
  • Has an internal cushioned absorption rubber layer for enhanced comfort
  • Its internal structure enables responsive braking, penetration resistance, and stability on tough terrains


  • It is not dedicated to snowy areas

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Best Tires For Honda Pilot – Final Remarks

The most difficult thing about a car is not buying it or driving it. It is maintenance. Your Honda Pilot is among the best there in the market, so need to take good care of it.

Know the best tires to buy for it, and be conversant with when to replace them. It does not look good on you if the tires look rugged.

They (I don’t know who) say that the secret to a good first impression lies in the shoes as well.

How about you keep your SUV in the trend with some nice kicks? The tires matter as they determine your fuel consumption, steering control, and comfort of your ride.

Pick the best, and only that.

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