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5 Best Tires For Ram 1500 (2020 Update)

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Ram 1500 is a top-rated truck that can be used both on and off the road. What better way to get the best experience out of it all than using the right tires? You get to drive comfortably while executing full control over your vehicle, conquer harsh weather conditions, and maintain the same tires for a long time.

We are aware of how to choose the best tires that can be hectic. To simplify the process for you, we sampled the best rated, best selling, and best-reviewed tires out there and brought all the info to you right here. Read on.

Best Tires For Ram 1500 – Comparison Table

TireSeason TypeAverage Tread WearTread Life WarrantyMaximum Pressure
Goodyear Wrangler MT/RMud-TerrainNo treadwear warranty1yr80psi
Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza PlusTouring All-Season80,000 miles5yrs44psi
Cooper Discoverer HT3All-Season50,000 milesUnlimited time80psi
BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2All-Terrain50,000 miles6yrs80psi
General Grabber A/TXAll-Terrain60,000 miles6yrs80psi
Fig 1: A table of the Best 5 Ram 1500 Tires

Dodge Ram 1500 Tires Specification

There is definitely a tire out there for your Ram 1500, regardless of the model you own. Each tire has its own size, hence it is wise if you looking for one that fits your model.

The table below are tire sizes for ram 1500 for the following models:

dodge ram 1500 tires reviews
Ram 1500 Tires
  • Lone Star Edition
  • Outdoorsman
  • SLT
  • ST
  • SXT
  • Tradesman
  • L66
  • 777
  • Sport
  • Rebel
  • Laramie
  • Laramie Longhorn
  • Big Horn

Name it.

Tire SizeWidthSidewall Aspect RatioRim Size
Fig 2: A table of Ram 1500 Tire Sizes

Now, to the top 5 tires for Ram 1500 of all models, you can have any of these below. Remember to purchase one of your likings.

Consider the budget, weather conditions you experience, the type of terrains you cover, and how relaxed you want your ride to be.

dodge ram 1500 tires
Dodge Ram 1500 with 20-Inch x 9.0-Inch Polished Wheels and Tires

Reviews Of The 5 Best Ram 1500 Tires

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R – Best Mud-Terrain Tires

Goodyear Wrangler MT/R with Kevlar tire

Having used Dupont Kevlar, Goodyear’s Wrangler MT/R is five times tougher than tires that only use steel in their interior construction. This combined with the silica tread compound and the asymmetric tread design makes the tire extremely aggressive. It is puncture-resistant and responds to cornering forces appropriately.

This one is self-cleaning. It has an advanced mud-flow geometry in the tread design and stepped in and out shoulder blocks that act as mud contenders. As you travel, its wraps-around treads improve traction in sand, deep mud, gravel, name it.

Regardless of the weather condition, you have a good tire to conquer all types of terrains. It has an M+S symbol on the sidewall to prove that it can be used as a mud tire.


  • Has great cornering stability and responsive steering
  • Can be used on both wet and dry terrains
  • It is a product that will last ages before thinking of replacing it


  • It is a bit noisy.

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus – Most Comfy Touring All-Season Tires

BRIDGESTONE Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is equipped with UNI-T AQII technology to enable even wear and tear of the tire.

When it gets too hot, especially after you have covered long distances on the road, the dual-layer tread compound used hardens. This, together with UNI-T technology makes it durable and comfortable to use.

The symmetric treads give you the assurance that there shall be no noise produced as you drive.

The notched shoulder blocks and continuous center rib give your truck stability, as well as maximum responsiveness as you strive to stay in control. Your Ram 1500 will move smoothly on light snow, dry, and wet roads thanks to wide circumferential grooves, and notches.

Internally, the twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound nylon gives you a durable product. Your sidewall shall wear out evenly and last long as a result of the polyester cords the tire has.


  • Comfortable, durable tires thanks to UNI-T AQII and UNI-T construction technology.
  • Its internal and external design lets it wear out evenly.
  • Improves fuel economy.
  • It is responsive when steered.


  • Tasking to brake in ice

Cooper Discoverer HT3 – Best Highway All-Season Tires

COOPER Discoverer HT3

Time to speed upright. Cooper Discoverer HT3 is what you have been missing to have that quiet, controllable, smooth drive along the highway.

The tire is equipped with interlocking 3D micro-gauge siping for stability and responsiveness. It is easy moving in wintry, slippery, and wet roads thanks to the zigzag sipes it has.

With four wide circumferential grooves, there is no hydroplaning. The internal construction featuring two steel belts with single-ply nylon caps and polyester casting makes it comfortable and durable.

As of durability, it is equipped with asymmetric pattern with silica -tread compound. It tears and wears out evenly after extended usage. This even wear is because of continuous shoulder ribs.


  • Quiet, smooth, comfy ride thanks to its design
  • It has the best highway customization and still does well in wet terrains.
  • With these tires, there is no hydroplaning because of the four wide circumferential grooves.


  • It is not suitable for use off-road.

BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 – Best All-Terrain Tires For Rural Roads


Once more, BF Goodrich has unleashed a brandy product to be used when you visit upcountry and have to drive on untarmacked roads. It is a tough one with a sidewall rubber compound twice thick the previous models. The twin steel belts with nylon and Tri-Gard polyester cord sidewall ply make it last ages.

You will love how comfy and quiet the tires are while on the road. They have interlocked tread blocks with a computer-optimized molding compound for great traction on icy and wet roads. With the protruding rubber blocks on the sidewall, you will cruise on rocks and snow without difficulty.

The tear, chip, and cut resistant tires have an interlocking design meant to stabilize your ride. They have the snowflake symbol, proving that they are up to the task. The raised mud buster bars on the shoulder tread area dispel compacted mud to ease motion.


  • Stable, comfy, quiet ride thanks to the design and construction of the tires.
  • The compound used in construction makes it tough and long-lasting.
  • Has the snowflake symbol imprinted on it
  • Offers excellent all-terrain performance.


  • Using tires beyond their tread wear limit gives you an uncomfortable ride.

General Grabber A/TX – Strongest All-Terrain Tires

General Grabber A/TX

An on and off-road confident tire this is, ready to explore all terrains while maintaining its good shape. General Grabber A/TX can be used by Ram 1500s on light snow, highways, and dirt roads. It has the three-peak mountain symbol (3PMSF), so you can rest assured snow has nothing on you this time around.

It has an absorption layer under treads absorb shocks, hence giving you a relaxed ride. It is built using DuraGen Technology on the inside together with twin steel belts and two-ply polyester casting to make it very tough and comfortable. The tire is resistant to cuts, chips, and punctures.

When driving, dirt and mud shall not slow you down. The alternating shoulder blocks with stone bumpers within expel rocks and dirt. With the multi-angle tread blocks and the design of deep tread depths, you can move about on loose terrain while in full control of your Ram 1500.


  • The internal construction and sidewall protection bugs make it tough and resistant to punctures, cuts, and chips.
  • It is suitable for use on all terrain types.
  • Comfortable, durable, and responsive to speed.


  • It is not a dedicated wither tire, despite treading on light snow effortlessly.

Best Tires For Ram 1500 – Wrapping Up

Feels great to know what is best for your vehicle, doesn’t it?

Buying the best tires is a way of taking good care of your truck as well as yourself. You need to experience all the comfort you can and focus on other problems that are not tire-related. has got you covered. In case you want to know more or have questions about tires, reach out to us or go to your tire dealers in your locality.


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