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The Best Tires for the Mazda 6: Our Guide and Reviews

Best Tires for the Mazda 6

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There’s no denying that the Mazda 6 is a truly exceptional family car. It garnered awards left and right when it was launched in 2013, and it’s still among the top choices in its class. For an even more perfect car, you’ll want the best tires for your Mazda 6.

Quick Look: Our Top Picks

  Tire NameQualityPriceRating
Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial TireA-$
Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Radial TireA$
Kumho Solus TA71 All-Season Radial TireA++$
BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S All-Season Radial TireA++$$
Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Performance Radial TireA$$

Top 10 tips on buying Mazda 6 tires

If you’re in the market for new tires for your Mazda 6, here are some tips you should keep in mind:

  1. Buy tires when you need them – Regularly check on the state of your tires. Have them replaced if you find something wrong, like bulging spots, discolored areas, cracked sidewalls, and excessive tread wear. Also, buy a new set of tires after you’ve used the old ones for 10 years; even if they still look good, the rubber will have deteriorated by then.
  2. Check that your car is in good working order – You’re just wasting your money if you buy new tires when you have bad shocks or misalignment problems. Those new tires won’t last long at all. If you see uneven tread wear, this may be a sign that you have a problem with your suspension or alignment. That’s why you should have your car inspected first before you get new tires so that these problems can first be fixed.
  3. Look for the tire recommendations in the manual – This will give you the right size and tell you which tires to get. You can get the right manual online on the official Mazda website.
  4. Trust your mechanic to understand the tire code – Of course, you can decipher this combination of number and letters yourself. But if you have a knowledgeable mechanic and you’re not that obsessive, you can just trust your mechanic.
  5. See if you need new rims – This is still one of the most common ways to customize a car these days. However, you’ll want to make sure that you don’t sacrifice handling for the sake of appearance.
  6. If you’re buying a tire, you may as well buy a full set—It may seem wasteful to buy a set of tires when you only have a problem with a single tire. However, modern suspensions are designed specifically for matching sets of tires. With all new tires, you get predictable handling and you can find signs of early suspension troubles before they become more serious.
  7. Look over your spare tire too – When it’s time to buy new tires, it’s also a great time to inspect your spare tire more closely. You can then replace it if you have to. You don’t really need to buy a brand new tire for a spare, though; you can use the best-preserved of the old tires as your spare tire.
  8. Try to buy your new tires online – It’s cheaper this way, and it can save you a lot of money compared to getting the same tires from a local tire shop.
  9. Don’t forget to break in your new tires – This is actually a common thing to do because of the modern tire manufacturing process. When a tire is brand new, it still has that residue on the tread that will wear off in time after you drive it on the road. While you break the tires in, you will have less of a grip from the rubber, so you’ll have to be very careful, especially on wet roads. Break-ins tend to last for about 500 miles or so.
  10. Take care of your new tires – It’s not really all that hard to do. You just need to keep it properly inflated at all times, so you should regularly check the tire pressure. You should also rotate your tires every time you change the oil. It doesn’t matter if your tires seem new and you don’t see signs of wear.

Our Mazda 6 Tire Reviews

  Tire NameQualityPriceRating
Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial TireA-$
Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Radial TireA$
Kumho Solus TA71 All-Season Radial TireA++$
BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S All-Season Radial TireA++$$
Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Performance Radial TireA$$

Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial Tire – 225/55R17 101V

Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial Tire-5be9fb3c745c1

The eNTYRE name refers to just how the tire incorporates so many high-tech features into a single package. It’s an all-season tire, so it’s good for dry or wet conditions. With the various safety and environmental benefits these tires offer, it’s a great choice.


  • This uses the Silent Groove Design that’s meant to reduce the annoying howls that other tires tend to produce; this makes for a much quieter ride. The reduced air resistance even helps with the wear resistance so the tires can last longer.
  • Another lifespan-extending feature is the use of the mud stopper, which keeps mud and small rocks from getting between the rim and the tire. Those pieces of debris can lead to damage to both the tire and the rim.
  • It has polished main grooves, and they’re there not just because they look good. They’re designed to prevent aquaplaning, which feels like the car is on water skis. There’s even a groove depth indicator that shows the increased risk for aquaplaning.
  • This also has the 3D lock, which reduces generated heat, so the tires can handle poor road conditions while the robust design enhances the handling.
  • This doesn’t have any carcinogenic or toxic chemicals, so it’s friendly for the environment. In the tire production, it only uses purified oils.


  • Though they may do in a pinch during the winter, these are not dedicated snow tires.BUY THIS ONE

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Radial Tire – 225/45R19 96W

Achilles ATR Sport 2 Performance Radial Tire-5be9fb3df29ff

Now let’s be clear—these are summer tires. Of course, they do have features that make them good for wet conditions too, but the grip on dry road is much better. With that limitation in mind, here are some good reasons to consider them.


  • It comes with a directional tread design that offers good traction for both wet and dry conditions.
  • There are four wide circumferential grooves for enhanced wet traction and reduced aquaplaning.
  • The solid center rib allows for better straight-line stability that lets you have more control over the car.
  • On the sides of the center rib, you have an interlocking tread block that also helps with stability as well as cornering.
  • It’s also been enhanced with technology that helps with water channeling and cornering. It even helps keep the tire clean.
  • There’s also silent technology that keeps the ruckus down so the ride is more enjoyable.


  • We’ve mentioned it before, but let’s emphasize that this is for summer use.
  • The tread wear performance isn’t really topnotch.


Kumho Solus TA71 All-Season Radial Tire – 225/55R17XL 101V

Kumho Solus TA71 All-Season Radial Tire-5be9fb403941a

This is another all-season tire that’s not quite racking up the sales yet, but it ought to be a bestseller. The main problem is that they’re not widely available, though if you can find a brand new set, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


  • The noise reduction features work very well, so you don’t have to endure such a noisy ride inside your Mazda 6.
  • It also offers a very comfy ride—Whether you’re stuck in city traffic or riding on the highway, that’s always a good thing for a family car.
  • While the dry road traction is good, the wet road traction is excellent. It has small gripping edges that are specifically designed for slick cold roads. The 4 wide grooves also evacuate the water fast.
  • With the huge contact area and the advanced asymmetrical tread, the handling is very reliable.


  • It’s not really popular, so it’s hard to gauge how well it really works for most people.
  • For snowy conditions, its performance is barely above merely acceptable.BUY THIS ONE

BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S All-Season Radial Tire – 225/55ZR17

Even non-car guys know about the BFGoodrich tire brand, and its reputation for high-quality tires is well-deserved. They do offer several good tires for the Mazda 6, but this is one option that you may want if you’re going for high performance. It offers a long list of high-tech features, such as UltiGrip technology, an equal tension containment system, and a dynamic suspension system.


  • The grip of the car is quite sticky so that when you step on the brakes your Mazda doesn’t take too long a distance to stop. According to their tests, on dry roads, this tire will stop 5 feet shorter than other tires in its class. For wet conditions, its superiority is even more marked as it stops 15 feet sooner. Obviously, that’s a great safety feature to have for a family car.
  • This is an all-season car that can actually do well during cold seasons and snowy surfaces. A high lateral void, beveled biting edges, and wide lateral grooves help with snow retention and grip.
  • It doesn’t just offer a firm grip, but also offers excellent turning and cornering performance. The handling is quite superb.
  • It offers great ride comfort too because of the dynamic suspension system.
  • It’s been designed for durability, so it should last for a long while.


  • It’s not quite as fuel-efficient as a few of the top tires in this class. While its performance here is good, some are better.BUY THIS ONE

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Performance Radial Tire – 225/55R17 97W

Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2 Performance Radial Tire-5be9fb427010c

For most people who drive a Mazda 6, driving styles tend to lean more towards comfort rather than sporty performance. This particular tire is actually designed for sports cars, so it offers a high performance for all seasons, yet it also provides the cushy comfort that any Mazda 6 passenger would like.


  • It uses an innovative aqua hydro-block design that’s been proven to offer efficient braking in wet conditions.
  • There’s a straight rib block added to the outside of the tire that keeps the road noise down, and it also improves the grip when cornering.
  • The noise element is also reduced by the five rows of pitch variation.
  • The handling is excellent due to the wide steel belt, high-hardness bead filler, and highly stable 3D kerf.
  • The sidewalls are stiff for minimal tire deformation.
  • The comfort level is truly terrific.
  • It’s a true all-season tire, as its performance on snow is similar to its wet road capabilities.


  • Because this tire is good for various types of road conditions, other tires (especially dedicated summer tires) may work better on dry roads.



We chose these tires for their overall performance capabilities, and you can’t go wrong with any one of them. However, we especially recommend the Hankook Ventus S1 Noble2.

It offers sporty performance with comfort and for a family car, it offers just about everything you need. It handles well and it’s very grippy for all types of road conditions, and these give you enhanced safety that any family driver will surely appreciate. It lasts long and the fuel economy is good, so it’s really worth your money. You don’t even have to worry about snow all that much, so you can stay with these tires year round for a decade without breaking a sweat.