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Best Transmission Additive For Slipping, Sticking Valves, Shudder & More

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Facing a problem with your gearbox is common and will greatly affect the performance of your car. Having problems like rough shifting can be solved when you use the best transmission additive. This will keep your vehicle well-lubricated and running the way it should be.

Transmission additives are important for the maintenance of your vehicle because they allow the gears to move while minimizing the friction that affects their performance.

In this article, we’ll review 10 of the best transmission treatments that you should consider and we’ll answer all the questions that might cross your mind if you’re looking for one.

Best Transmission Additive – Quick Recommendation

Looking for the most remarkable transmission additive can be daunting. We understand you might not want to go through the entire article (although we encourage you to dive in).

Therefore, for those in a hurry, we researched thoroughly and we chose the LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix as our top pick. It is designed to regulate and lower the temperature thus protecting the interior parts of your gearbox.

Transmission Stop Leak Reviews

The best transmission additives aren’t expensive to buy but they will save you a lot of money that you’re likely to spend on big repair jobs if your gearbox malfunctions. In this section, we’ll review 10 of our most favorite products on the market.

Lucas Oil 10009 Transmission Fix - 24 Ounce, White

LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix: Our Best Pick

This non-solvent formula contains a potent blend of petroleum-based friction modifiers that won’t harm your transmission with regular use. At the same time, it will lower the temperature and protect the sealants to guarantee the best performance for your gearbox. The formula works for automatic and manual transmissions.

The fluid will protect transmission by preventing slipping out of gear that causes hard shifts. This problem is caused by worn transmission parts or clutches that naturally wear with regular use. Using this additive will help lengthen their life a bit longer and will also guarantee better performance.

Special additives have been used in the formula to remove the sludge. With repeated use, the transmission seals harden but this formula will keep them soft to prevent leaks so it’s the best transmission treatment.

You can use this additive with your current transmission oil and filter. However, it’s recommended that you have them both changed for better performance. Make sure that you’re not exceeding the full mark by adding this additive to your current transmission fluid if you have any.

Once you have added the additive and driven for about 20 minutes, you’ll start noticing the effects immediately. It will instantly facilitate the transmission process allowing you to experience a smooth drive.

For most cars, you’ll need a bottle that you can get at Amazon here. However, if your transmission is in very bad condition, you might need two bottles.

NOTE: It’s not compatible with CVT systems.

Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid...

Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant: Best Value

This affordable transmission treatment will enhance the overall performance of your automatic transmission without breaking the bank (check the current price at Amazon).

It prevents overheating and reduces the temperature up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It also reduces the wear of the internal parts so they last for long.

The formula is designed to prevent foaming and oxidation which affect the performance of the transmission.

It’s anti-chatter and anti-shudder to prevent problems originating from the converter and clutch packs. At the same time, it increases the transmission fluid’s ability to transmit heat.

Using this additive will protect the older seals from deterioration and restores their condition to almost new.

The formula has the features of a natural lubricant that has a high viscosity index so it facilitates transmission, resists high temperatures, and prevents friction for smooth shifting no matter how old your gearbox is. It’s safe to say that this is the best transmission sealer.

Because it’s very viscous, it doesn’t react with oxygen or thins out so it can be used with your existing transmission fluid whether it’s mineral-based or synthetic. It modifies harsh shifts and makes them quicker for a seamless experience.

It’s suitable for commercial, fleet, and RV applications. However, it’s also not compatible with CVT systems. You should check the model and year of your vehicle to make sure that it works.

Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fix

Lubegard 19610 Instant Shudder Fixx

To eliminate shudder immediately, you should think about buying this transmission additive. Its concentrated formula fixes all the shudder problems in your transmission system to boost its performance and protect it in the long run.

When you use this additive, it will protect your transmission system 4 times better than using your regular automatic transmission fluid on its own. It works on all types of automatic transmission systems except Ford Type F, CVT, and dual-clutch transmissions. You should check whether it suits your vehicle or not before buying it or you’ll end up buying another product to fix the same problem.

Although you’re receiving only 2 ounces of fluid, this concentrated formula does the job of other 10-ounce additives. However, in some cases, you might need to buy another bottle to fix the shudder and eliminate the clutch issues.

This is a quick fix for shudder problems because it will immediately improve the performance of your transmission system. It’s powerful enough to reduce the wear as you combine it with all types of transmission fluids.

However, it’s considered a bit pricey given the amount you receive. Nevertheless, if it’s compatible with your car, you should give it a try as you’ll immediately feel how smoothly your transmission system is working once you add it.

Check price at Amazon

Hot Shot's Secret - HSSTSE32Z Shift Restore...

Hot Shot’s Secret HSSTSE32Z Transmission Restore Additive

Experience smoother shifts once you use this transmission treatment. It will reduce the operating temperature and the coefficient of friction for all the parts of your transmission system for better performance.

This fluid costs as much as other additives but you will get double the amount. It also has a shelf life of 5 years so it will last for a long time. It will dissolve additive residue that might affect the performance of your transmission system in the long run.

One of the benefits of using this fluid is that it improves fuel consumption, saving you money in the long run, especially if you’re driving a truck. It reduces wear and emissions by eliminating sludge from all gas and diesel automatic and CVT transmission.

NOTE: It doesn’t work with manual transmissions.

By minimizing metal to metal contact, this fluid will reduce the wear of transmission system parts and eliminate rust and corrosion. It protects the rubber seals and reduces oil leakage.

You can use it with your current transmission fluid but it works best after a fluid change. If your car is too old, this might not work as expected, especially if you’re looking for an additive that would reduce the noise.

Buy it at Amazon

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission...

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL15000 Transmission Treatment

This is another excellent transmission additive that can be used for both manual and automatic transmission systems.

The formula produces molecules that react with the metal in your gearbox to eliminate friction and reduce the heat. These eventually cause the wear of the internal thus affecting the performance of your transmission system.

As your transmission fluid circulates inside the transmission system, these molecules bond together to lower the temperature and eliminate the friction that damages several parts of your transmission system. By using this additive regularly you can guarantee better performance of your transmission system.

The anti-friction technology will protect the transmission system parts thus saving you the cost of replacing expensive spare parts.

The additive promotes smooth gear changes that protect your transmission system and allow you to enjoy driving. The formula creates a protective layer that lasts for long to reduce the natural wear and tear.

However, if you have a high mileage vehicle, this additive might not produce the desired effect. Using it with a standard funnel isn’t easy.

Get it at Amazon here

Sea Foam Trans Tune TT16, 16 oz , White

Sea Foam TT-16 Trans Tune – Best Transmission Additive for Sticking Valves

If you have a manual car, you won’t be able to use this product. However, if you have an automatic one, you can use it for various maintenance purposes as it’s the best transmission additive for sticking valves

Available at Amazon right here, this product doesn’t alter the viscosity of the transmission fluid and doesn’t swell the seals to maintain their function. However, it does an excellent job of removing dangerous moisture that affects shifting.

The formula is made of three types of oil blended to remove the deposit and residues found in hydraulic pumps and power steering systems for flawless driving. It works with all types of mineral-based and synthetic transmission fluids.

You can use this transmission additive to clean the sticky valves in your vehicle. As a result, you’ll experience fewer shifting problems that usually happen when residue builds up and affects the performance of the valves.

Because it’s petroleum-based, it doesn’t affect the quality of the O-rings, guaranteeing that they will work for a long time. It can also be used in agricultural, marine, and industrial hydraulic systems because it’s very potent at removing dry moisture and improving system operation.

It will work better if you change the automatic transmission fluid. If the fluid isn’t OK, you won’t sense the needed improvement.

If you have a newer car, you’ll need the help of a mechanic to change the fluid and add the additive from underneath.

Check reviews and price at Amazon

Bar's Leaks High Mileage Transmission Repair-It,...

Bar’s Leaks 1400 – Best Transmission Additive for Slipping

Using this transmission additive will both improve the performance and protect your gearbox internal parts from wear and tear.

The dual formula reduces the noise that you experience when there’s a problem with shifting so it will improve your driving experience to a great extent.

Both formulas work to stop slipping and prevent lazy shifts that affect your gearbox in the long run. It also prevents leaks. 

This additive (check it out it right here) takes care of the O-rings and seals in your automatic transmission system by conditioning and protecting them.

It reduces the friction which generates heat that damages your automatic transmission with repeated use. Using this formula guarantees that you won’t spend lots of cash on replacing the internal parts of your gearbox.

While reducing friction, this formula allows for some temperature to prevent the internal clutch that might cause slipping. This additive works perfectly for high mileage vehicles where you might experience shudder and chatter so it’s the best transmission additive for slipping.

It shouldn’t be used with CVT systems. It should be topped with your transmission fluid and allowed to circulate by taking the car for a short ride.

If you have a lot of residue and dirt affecting the performance of the valves, this might not solve the problem. However, it’s a good solution to protect your transmission system from further problems.

Buy it at Amazon

ZMAX 51-306 - Transmission Formula - for Automatic...

zMax 51-306 Transmission Formula

Most transmission additives work only for automatic transmission, but this potent formula works for both automatic and manual transmission systems. Once you use it, you’ll sense a noticeable improvement in the performance of your transmission system for a seamless driving experience.

When you add this additive, you’ll have to wait a little to see the improvement. It prevents clutching and reduces excessive friction that damages the internal parts of the transmission system.

Whether you have a low or high mileage vehicle, this formula will protect and condition the internal parts to prevent potential problems. It improves the quality of shifting in your transmission system and saves you the cost of expensive repairs.

It will reduce the noise that you are likely to experience due to friction so you can enjoy a smooth drive. It’s recommended that you add this transmission with every oil change so you can protect the internal parts of your gearbox.

The formula is quite expensive given the amount you receive. Moreover, it doesn’t show immediate improvement if you’re experiencing a lot of shuddering and chattering. However, giving it time will protect your transmission system and also protect it in the long run.

LIQUI MOLY ATF Additive | 250 ml | Oil additive |...

Liqui Moly 20040 ATF Additive

In addition to improving the function of your transmission system, this additive will also improve the power steering on your vehicle. It’s a versatile and potent formula that works for multiple purposes to guarantee seamless and enjoyable transmission and driving.

Liqui Moly’s product (direct link here) will clean the transmission system and reduce the noise that you might experience due to excessive friction. As a result, using this additive will protect the internal components of your transmission system.

Unlike other products, this transmission additive is in the form of a paste, not a liquid. It’s easier to use, doesn’t cause a mess, and you won’t have to go through any mixing issues while using it.

This formula damps down the shifting operation and protects the transmission parts from wear and tear. Using it will lengthen the service life and reduces the repair cost.

If you experience a hard or bump shifting, then this is the right transmission additive to use. It doesn’t work with all automatic transmission fluids, so you should check yours before adding it to your vehicle.

However, you should understand that this formula isn’t designed to work with manual transmission. It’s also quite expensive compared to other transmission additives, just check the price here at Amazon.

XADO Automatic Transmissions Revitalizant Maximum...

XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum for аutomatic transmissions

This concentrated formula is quite expensive. It’s available in two versions; one for manual transmissions and the other for automatic transmissions so you can choose the one that works for your vehicle.

If you have an old car, this formula will work perfectly as it restores the condition of the metal parts in your gearbox. At the same time, it protects and prevents further deterioration that you’re likely to experience after driving your car for long distances.

The formula fixes surface defects and increases performance reliability. Moreover, it prolongs the service life span of the mechanical parts in your transmission system.

While driving your car, you won’t be able to hear the usual noise that drivers usually experience when the metal parts start to hit each other.

It will eliminate vibrations that affect your driving experience as it forms a ceramic-metal coating that covers the bearings, gears, and distributors. This lubricating film strengthens the metal parts and provides an extra level of anti-wear protection.

The automatic formula works for all types of automatic transmissions including Steptronic, Tiptronic, CVT, and DSG systems. It comes in a syringe which is quite easy to use compared to other additives that come in bottles. However, for the high price tag, you’ll only receive 1 ounce of product.

Check reviews and price at Amazon

How to Choose the Best Transmission Additive

Transmission systems; manual or automatic, play a significant role in your vehicle. Without your transmission system, driving your car would be impossible.

This is why you should maintain your transmission system by checking the fluid level and adding an additive when needed. Here are the features that you need to look for before buying an automotive transmission additive.


Before adding a transmission additive to your vehicle, you should first make sure that it’s compatible with the type of transmission system. Some formulas are designed to work with both manual and transmission systems while others don’t.

automatic transmissionYou should also make sure that the formula works with the specific system you have whether you’re using the additive to improve the transmission on a car, truck, boat, or any other transmission system.

Some formulas don’t work on CVT systems, for example. Using the wrong additive will harm your transmission system and will probably cause the performance to deteriorate faster than you can expect.


Additives usually come in bottles but some formulas might be too concentrated and they come in a paste-like form. Some formulas only work to improve the friction of the internal parts of the transmission systems while others can do a lot more.

If you’re looking for a formula that cleans the valves and seals them, you can find several options. Some users might be more interested in a product that prevents slipping and stops the leaks of the transmission fluid.

Luckily there are several options on the market, so you can always find a product that suits your needs. Most of the additives on the market are multi-purpose so they will condition the parts of your gearbox while reducing the excessive friction to improve your driving experience.


Most additives are universal so they can work with any transmission fluid, mineral-based or synthetic. However, some additives are designed to work with a specific type of transmission fluid.

Before adding an additive to your vehicle, you should check the user’s manual to make sure that it will be compatible with the transmission fluid used. Otherwise, you might experience a few problems that affect the performance and the durability of the internal parts.


Most additives come in bottles that contain 10 or more ounces of fluid. In most cases, this amount is enough to maintain the condition of the transmission system.

However, if you have a high mileage car, you might need to add two bottles to restore the performance of your car. More concentrated formulas are usually more expensive.

Why Should You Use a Transmission Additive?

car manual TransmissionThe transmission fluid keeps the gearbox lubricated and reduces the friction that causes the wear and tear of the internal parts.

But sometimes the transmission fluid isn’t enough and you need a special treatment that improves the performance of the gearbox.

Here are a few reasons why you should add a transmission additive to your car.

  • This rather inexpensive additive saves you the cost of expensive repair jobs that happen when your transmission fails. It’s extremely beneficial, especially for vehicles that have high mileage, carry large loads or are usually driven in rough conditions.
  • Fluid leaks seem to be minor issues but several leaks can cause the level of the transmission fluid to drop drastically. As a result, your transmission might operate too hot or you might experience shifts and slips when the liquid level is too low. Leaks can also cause corrosion in some of the adjacent parts.
  • Even if you’re using the best transmission fluid, dirt and other contaminants will find its way to the fluid, mix with it, and affect its performance. Using a transmission treatment will remove the resulting sludge that sticks to the internal parts of your transmission system and affects its performance.
  • When the transmission fluid gets too thick, it stops doing its job at protecting the metal parts from wear that naturally happens due to friction. The additive will restore the viscosity of the transmission fluid, add a protective layer to the internal parts, and reduce the heat and excessive friction.
  • As the quality of the transmission fluid deteriorates, you’ll experience annoying noises. Some whining is usually acceptable and normal but when the noise increases it becomes too annoying so you need to add a treatment to protect the gearbox and all its internal parts from damage.
  • Finally, using a transmission additive means that you can extend the life of the transmission system as a whole. You can last longer between transmission fluid changes and will spend less on more expensive repair jobs. Remember that a transmission additive won’t fix a damaged transmission and if you wait too long before adding yours, you’ll end up spending a lot of money and time at the repair shop.


Will Transmission Additives Stop Whining?

It’s quite common for some transmission systems to have some whining. However, if the noise increases, then you should definitely consider adding a transmission additive.

The whining is caused by the excessive friction of metal parts against each other. If the level of the transmission fluid isn’t low, then you should add an additive to solve the problem.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Using Transmission Additives?

Just like all chemicals, you should be careful while dealing with a transmission additive. Some people have sensitive skin and they’re likely to experience some irritation while using an additive. If this is the case, make sure that you wash the irritated area with water.

If your eyes get teary when you add an additive, you should wear protective goggles. This will prevent the chemical fumes from affecting your eyes.

How Long Do Transmission Additives Last When Applied? How Often Should you Repeat the Procedure?

Most professional mechanics advise vehicle users to change the transmission fluid once a year. You should change it every 30,000 to 55,000 miles to make sure that the transmission system is working properly.

Automobile transmission Additive to protect repairEvery time you change the transmission fluid, you should check if there’s noise or excessive vibration that affects the performance of the engine.

If you hear bumping while shifting, this might be due to the low level of the transmission fluid. However, if the level is within the normal range then you should add a transmission additive as needed.

You should make sure that the level of the transmission fluid isn’t too high as this might prevent it from mixing with the additive.

Nevertheless, you should make sure not to wait too long before using a treatment. An additive can prevent damage to the internal parts of your transmission system but it will not fix an already damaged transmission.

Transmission Additives For Sale – Where To Buy?

Although there are lots of places where you can get your transmission treatment, we recommend that you check out Amazon for great selection of trusted products (here are all additives we’ve found)

Amazon is a trustworthy marketplace where you can find thousands of products that you can browse to find the most suitable one.

You can easily check out hundreds of reviews made by real people who actually bought and tried the product. Moreover, if you’re a Prime member, you can get free shipping and returns.

Best Transmission Additives – Bottom Line

Using the transmission treatment will protect your vehicle and save you the cost of expensive repair jobs. Additives prolong your transmission’s life and reduce the internal temperature that causes damage and wear.

As we’ve explained in this article, there are many benefits to using a special treatment that boosts the performance of the transmission fluid and reduces the noise and shudders that deteriorate the operation of the engine and your overall performance while driving.

There are several good options available, but we’ve chosen the LUCAS LUC10009 Transmission fix as our best transmission additive because it’s suitable for both manual and automatic transmissions. It does a great job of reducing internal friction and protects your transmission system from damage.

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