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Best Windshield Wiper Blades: These Are Truly The Top Ones Right Now..

best windshield wipers

Looking for one of the easiest things that you can do for your car that may actually make it much safer to drive? Look into changing your wiper blades. Stop and think for a moment as to when the last time you changed them was, most Americans leave this until their blades are just about falling apart. Then they simply head to whatever store is close and pick up a set that might fit their car. But have you seen the wiper blade selection at some stores? There is an awful lot of choice, so what are the best windshield wipers on the market today?

That is what Garage Chief will be looking into today, we’ll go over not only what makes the best wiper blades The Best but also highlight six choices that came across that you can order today. We’ll give you some pointers as to the best way to swap out wiper blades and even cover some ideas as the best place to track down your next pair. So, without more delay, let’s go in search of the best windshield wiper blades.

Best Windshield Wiper Blades – Our Top Picks Compared

editors-choiceBest Product Best Value   
editors-choiceBest ProductBest Value
bosch icon wiper blades reviewbest windshield wiper bladesrain x latitude reviewbest winter wiper bladeswiper blade reviewsbest wiper blades
item-titleBosch ICON Wiper BladeAERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper BladesRain-X Latitude Wiper BladeTRICO Ice 35-240 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper BladeMichelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart TechnologyANCO 31-Series Wiper Blade
• Easy installation with original equipment-quality hook adapter
• Exclusive tension spring arcing technology
• Exclusive fx dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration and proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades
• AERO wiper blades are direct OEM replacement, quality and fitment are guaranteed
• Specially blended rubber delivers the ultimate smooth, clean, chatter-free wipe
• Prevents snow and ice buildup
• Prevents ice and snow build-up through the elimination of exposed metal components
• asy to install with pre-installed small j-hook adapter and contains multi-adapter
• Smooth, chatter-free wipe as a result of the specially blended graphite coated rubber blade
• Ruggedly constructed armor shields blade from severe weather
• Teflon infused wiper element for a smooth, quiet wipe
• One-piece, flexible design snugly conforms to the windshield
• Smart Hinge joints allow the wiper to grip windshield securely across entire blade
• Patented Smart Hinge cover protects blade from getting clogged with snow, ice and debris
• EZ-Lok connector system for quick replacement
• Affordable conventional blade replacement
• DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound provides a consistent streak-free wipe
• Vented bridge and high performance polymer ensure OE fit and function
1.5 pounds
12 ounces
4.8 ounces
8.8 ounces
10.4 ounces
1 pound
28.7 x 2.6 x 1.2 inches
26 x 4 x 4 inches
28.8 x 0.9 x 4.3 inches
25.8 x 2.6 x 1 inches
30.8 x 3 x 1 inches
26.1 x 2.1 x 0.9 inches
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Top Rated Wiper Blade Reviews – Our Recommendations

We will start off the discussion with our wiper blade reviews. Here we will be highlighting a number of the top options that we’ve come across on Amazon today. We are looking to shine a light on why we feel these stand out so you can make an informed choice.

Later in the article we’ll discuss a little more on some of the things to look for in a quality wiper blade. You can easily see that we have highlighted both our Best Product to quickly show off the option we felt was the best and also the Best Value, an option that is a great choice and easy on the wallet.

bosch icon wiper blades review

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Best Product

Bosch ICON Wiper Blade

Price: Approx. $20
Type: Premium Beam Wiper Blade
Size: 13 to 28 inches
Number of Blades Included: 1

We are going to start off with our Bosch Icon wiper blades review and as a bit of a spoiler, we felt that it was the top of the pack. As a note, we have highlighted the 26-inch option but they have a range of sizes stretching from 13 to 28-inch models.

This means that no matter what size you are looking for you can find a Bosch Icon Wiper Blade to fit. You may note that the set that we have lighted is an A model. For these blades A models can be used for either the driver or passenger side of your windshield. If you are looking at a B model it is crafted for only the passenger side.

These blades sport a dual rubber for better performance. And that rubber is both heat and ozone resistant which results in a long blade life for you, up to 40% longer than some of the other blades on the market according to Bosch. These come with an OEM quality hook attachment which makes putting them on a snap.

This blade has been designed to curve securely against your windshield and have the right distribution to keep full contact even with your wipers on their highest speed setting. With all of this it is no wonder that these blades from Bosch top our list of the best wiper blades.

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rain x latitude review

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Best Value

Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade

Price: Approx. $19
Type: Premium Beam Wiper Blade
Size: 16 to 28 inches
Number of Blades Included: 1

Allow us to start off our Rain-X Latitude review by pointing out that these wiper blades are extremely tough against harsh weather and have been developed to be the one set of blades you can leave on your car all year long, regardless of where you live.

They come with an installed J-hook adapter but also sport connecters for PTB, bayonet, side arm and a number of others, so there should be no worry that you can’t get the right adapter set up for these blades.

The Rain-X Latitude Wiper Blade features a specially formulated coated on the actual blade consisting of graphite. This has been designed to eliminate any chattering from the wiper blade. If you have a number of vehicles that all use the same size wiper blades or you just like to stock up, they offer you the option of either doing a single blade or 5 of the same size blades.

Also, coming from the company known for their water beading windshield covering, these blades will actually apply a thin layer of the Rain-X product while you use them. They have additionally been designed to help that treatment last longer.

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best windshield wiper blades

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AERO Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blade

Price: Approx. $18
Type: Premium Beam Wiper Blade
Size: 13 to 28 inches
Number of Blades Included: 2

If you are looking for a simple solution, look no further than the Aero Premium All-Season Frameless Windshield Wiper Blades. This set comes in a two pack with a very healthy list of options letting you pick any combination of two sizes, either both the same or different.

This lets you make one purchase and be able to get both blades and not have to worry about one side wearing down differently than the other.

The company strives to ensure that all of their blades meet OEM quality and fit, so you won’t have any issues swapping these out. They also use a special blend of rubber in their blades in order to provide your car with smooth and chatter free wipers.

And fear not if you live in a colder climate as these blades have been developed to prevent ice and snow build up. Since we live in a world of space age materials these have been designed to be aerodynamic which helps to reduce wind lift of your wiper blades while traveling at high speeds. They also sport a 6 month warranty.

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best winter wiper blades

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TRICO Ice 35-240 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade

Price: Approx. $14
Type: Premium Beam Wiper Blade
Size: 13 to 24 inches
Number of Blades Included: 1

The TRICO Ice 35-240 Extreme Weather Winter Wiper Blade are perhaps the best winter wiper blades on the market today. One of the first things that you will notice is how rugged this blade is. That helps to shield the blade from the worst weather conditions.

This one also sports a wiper element that has been infused with Teflon for an amazingly high level of performance. It is also designed to snuggly hug the windshield to give you the best rain and snow removal.

One down side of selecting this wiper blade is actually the ordering. While many companies have a single page for any given style of blade and then sport a drop down to select the exact size that you want, these have a different product page for each given size.

This truly only amounts to a minor inconvenience though and once you get these blades on your car for winter you’ll be happy you did it. You’ll love how they glide across your windshield leaving a streak free and crystal clear view of the road ahead.

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wiper blade reviews

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Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology

Price: Approx. $15
Type: Premium Beam Wiper Blade
Size: 16 to 28 inches
Number of Blades Included: 1

The Michelin Stealth Ultra Windshield Wiper Blade with Smart Technology is a great choice to keep your windshield clean and clear. They sport Michelin’s EZ-Lok connector system, this system has been designed to make it easy to swap out wiper blades while also being sure that they are securely in place.

These wiper blades have been developed with a smart hinge cover, its job is to make sure that ice and snow don’t get built up in the blade and leave streaks and smears all over the windshield while you are driving.

To let you know how much work went into these blades, the ends have their own independent suspension. This results in blades that hug tight onto your windshield even all the way to the ends, ensuring full coverage.

And as for long life, the company claims that even after 300,000 cycles these blades will continue to outperform the competition.

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best wiper blades

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ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blade

Price: Approx. $5
Type: Conventional Frame Wiper Blade
Size: 10 to 28 inches
Number of Blades Included: 1

Sometimes you will find that everyone wants the new hotness and when it comes to wiper blades it is the premium beam style. However, for decades upon decades the traditional frame style has held up to what nature dishes out. With that in mind don’t count out the ANCO 31-Series Wiper Blade.

After looking at the rest of this list you might think from the price tag that this is a bargain basement option, but it is a stand out performer. It just happens that after technology has been around long enough companies find ways to make it good and inexpensive.

It comes with a quick connect system that makes it easy to swap out your old blades and put a new set in to ensure that you have a solid wiper blade. One of the other nice points is that this blade comes in sizes all the way down to 10 inches. While everyone is making the larger sizes at times it can be hard to track down some of the smaller options.

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Finding the Best Wiper Blades – A Practical Buyer’s Guide:

Windshield Wipers Blades – Basics

wipersLuckily windshield wiper blades are a fairly basic to understand, especially when it comes to a car. Some parts are hidden somewhere in the vehicle with odd sounding names that will do something, at some point. The windshield wiper is much less shrouded in mystery.

It sits on the outside of your car and helps to clear the windshield so that you can get a better view of the road. While they are normally used to remove rain, snow and sometimes debris, when teamed with windshield washing fluid they can assist in cleaning your windshield off.

Now, just because this isn’t the most mysterious part of your car doesn’t mean there are no options. Often times the windshield wiper will be forgotten until it fails and then the easiest to get replacement will be put in its place.

Design Features and Technology

There are three major designs of wiper blades on the market today.

Conventional Frame Wiper Blades

The first is the conventional style. Often this is known as the frame style due to the metal frame that stretches out like a bridge. This frame both connects the system to the car’s wiper arm but also supports and holds the blade in position. The upside to this kind of windshield wiper is that they tend to be inexpensive and easily found. Some of the downsides include that if the frame isn’t just right it can leave spots on your windshield that don’t get wiped.

Winter Wiper Blades

The next type is the winter blade. Winter wipes tend to be big and beefy as they are designed for pushing larger amounts of snow and ice. Can a traditional blade do the job? Perhaps, it depends on how much snow or ice you get, some people swear that a winter wiper blade is the best answer for them.

Beam Wipers Advantage

The beam wiper blade tends to conform more to the car’s windshield offering better performance.

Premium Beam Wiper Blades

Finally, in recent years companies have put out a beam style wiper. This wiper does away with the frame claiming that it is more aerodynamic. It does mean that the wiper blade tends to conform more to the car’s windshield offering better performance.

Since these are often the company’s premium options they can be found with double rubber blades at times. The downside is that since they are viewed as premium they are also priced that way.


When it comes down to it looking at a wiper blade’s material comes down to the rubber that is contacting your car’s windshield. And just what they are made of matters quite a bit, as most any blade when first put on the car will give you good performance.

GarageChief TIP

Price can help guide you, but a higher price doesn’t always mean a better wiper.

The question is how long will that piece of rubber last. Cheaper ones will end up breaking down quicker meaning less useful life and more replacing. Better options will not break down so quickly but cost more for each replacement.

The problem is since most all companies use rubber there isn’t a quick and easy way to know if it is just the cheapest rubber they can track down or if they are using a halogen hardened rubber. Price can help guide you somewhat, but remember that a higher price doesn’t always mean a better wiper.

Why Change Your Blades?

It would be great if a company made a set of wiper blades that lasted for the life of your car. Sadly, that is not the world that we live in. The day that you put in a new set of wiper blades they will work great! But then the blades will start to break down. It isn’t so much that you don’t care for them, it is just that rubber doesn’t last overly long in little pieces like that.

windshield wiperOften times the frame, if you have one will stand up fairly well. Sort of it breaking outright or getting hit with something and bending out of shape the frame will last much longer than the actual blade.

Also, since many companies are offering blades with no frame attached you might not need to worry about the frame.

It is the blade, that little bit of rubber that will break down and cause the wiper to not work as well, a little bit at a time.

The rubber breaks down due to any number of conditions. For example if you live in a very cold area the low temperatures will cause the rubber to become brittle and can break down. However, even if you don’t have to worry about low temperatures just long exposure to sunlight can break down the rubber of your wiper blade.

How Often Should You Change?

As we mentioned wipers work well when you first put them in. Over time the blade breaks down more and more. However, since you drive your car and see the break down little by little you might just get used to the lower and lower quality until something big happens.

There are some things to look for though. If you find that your blades are leaving streaks, squeaking while they wipe, sticking or jumping you might want to look at putting on a new pair.

GarageChief TIP

In various testing wiper blades have been found to last between nine months and a year.

In various testing wiper blades have been found to last between nine months and a year. There are a number of variables to consider in that time period though. The first is the quality of the blade to begin with. Another major one is how much exposure to the elements the blade has had. Even just being in the hot sun can work to break down the rubber.

If you think it is time to swap out your blades you can always try cleaning them first. With a little washer fluid and a paper towel you can wipe down the surface of the blade that comes in contact with your windshield.

If the blade still feel like it is in good condition and you remove some gunk you may not need to replace. Of course, you might notice just how bad of shape the blade is in and it will confirm that it is time to swap them out.

Don’t Forget to Fit it to Your Car!

You might think before your first trip to pick up some new wiper blades that you just go in and pick up a set. But since cars come in all shapes and sizes, windshield wipers do to. And in many cases you can’t just go with a single size based on your make and model.

Various companies now have a different size wiper for both the driver and the passenger side of the car. And in a growing number of situations there is another size for the wiper on your back window.

Now you can head to your local auto parts store and flip through their book that lists off just about ever car possible to be driving and their various offerings. When you finally find your car you’ll have to work your way across their table to find all the sizes you need.

Luckily there is a better way. With many car parts there are any number of online devices to help with your search for the right sized piece. Amazon has just such a tool in their My Garage utility. You can enter the type of car that you have and when you pull up windshield wipers their widget will let you know if the size you have will fit your car and can even help you find the right size to make sure you get the right fit.

GarageChief TIP

Amazon My Garage utility will let you know if the wiper size you are picking up would fit your car and can even help you find the right size.

Should I Replace the Full Windshield Wiper Blades or Only the Rubber Refill?

Since the rubber blade of your windshield wipers is what breaks down, wouldn’t it make sense to just replace that part and save yourself some money? Well, in theory it might. There are a number of things to consider if going down this path.

The first is if it is possible to just change out the rubber. For many years nearly all wiper blades had this as an option, working in some way to slide out the old and stick in the new. Newer wiper blades might allow you and others might not.

The next consideration is if you are able to find a rubber refill. Given enough time on the internet you can probably track down a solution, but you have to wonder how much will you be paying and how much time will you spend looking. At a certain point, it because an easier answer to merely change out the whole blade.

Additionally, you have to look at how you go about putting in the new rubber and then making sure it stays in place. If done poorly the blade can come loose and the last thing that you want is to be out on the highway in the middle of a rain storm to find that your blade is halfway out of the wiper.

In the end, it is possible in some cases to refill just the rubber. In other cases, you won’t have a choice. If you do have the choice, you will have to decide if the cost saving is worth it.

How Do You Change Windshield Wipers?

Even the best windshield wipers on the market won’t do you any good if you don’t get them on your car. And you need to make sure that they are secured there. A quick internet search will show you a number of cases where a wiper wasn’t installed correctly only to fly off when it was needed most. The good news is that this isn’t a hard task to complete.

how to change wipersThe first thing to look at when you are swapping out your old wipers for new ones is how the blade connects to the wiper arm.

The most common options are the J hook, bayonet and side post. One of the great things about these is that they are designed to be swapped out easily without the use of tools.

Now that isn’t to say that it wouldn’t be a good idea to have a set of needle nose pliers close by to use.

There are some less popular mounting options that require the use of some other tools. Normally if a tool is required it is some kind of screwdriver.

Most wiper blades will come with all the mounting needed for these most common types on the market and have a section of their instructions devoted to each style.

In general, you will want to first pull the wiper arm so it is up and clear of the windshield. Then based on the style of connection you have disengage the old wiper blade and remove it and place it to the side. After that you do the process in reverse with the new wiper blade.

After you’ve changed the one wiper blade you can lay the wiper arm back so the new blade is in contact with the windshield. Now you simply repeat the process with the other wiper.


You will want to take caution when the old blade is removed and you have your wiper arm in the up position. A gentle tap will cause it to rather quickly return to its normal position against the windshield and the resulting metal on glass contact could end up leaving a crack.

Sometimes you may find that you are not able to slide the new wiper into place firmly. You can gently tap it in with a hammer, though you will want to take caution that you are only tapping the wiper and don’t end up tapping the windshield itself.

Before you purchase your next set of blades you can look either in your car’s owner’s manual or track down online the style of connection that you need and then be sure that your next set comes with that option.

Best Windshield Blade Brands

If you are just starting to look at wiper blades more than what is the cheapest one that will fit on my car you will start noticing some brand names pop up over and over again. Now you should keep in mind just seeing a brand a lot doesn’t mean it is one of the top ones. With that in mind we have highlighted some of the companies that make a superior wiper blades. You should feel comfortable with most of the offerings from these companies.


Bosch Wipers

Bosch is a major company that makes quite the range of different products, but as you may know from some of our other articles they have an auto parts division that makes a range of top quality items for use all over your car. From spark plugs to windshield wipers they apply famed German engineering to what they put out, while still being able to get it to the market without breaking the bank. Enough to mention about their world best sellers ICON or Aerotwin wiper blades.

>> Check Out Bosch on Amazon

rain x

Rain-X Wipers

A few years ago, you may have seen a product that claimed to help make it easier to see in the rain while driving. Rain-X put out a bottle that you applied to your windshield to help water bead up and roll off your windshield and while that helped it doesn’t mean you don’t need windshield wipers. Well the company still makes that product, but they have branched out to help your car glass in other ways, such as windshield washer fluid and a range of wiper blades as well.

>> Check Out Rain-X on Amazon


Michelin Wipers

Yes, you probably know them as a tire company, but the thing is that they make more than just tires. The company has come out will a line of products to work with your car. And it does make sense that if you are going to have tires that perform well in the rain, you’d want to give a drive the best chance to see in the rain as well, right?

>> Check Out Michelin on Amazon

Aero Wipers

Aero is a company that is making wiper blades and is focusing on bring quality and value to their customers. As such they strive for the best wiper blade that they can make and stand behind them an industry leading 6-month guarantee. Haven’t heard of the company? They make it a point not to advertise, both to save the money and because in their view a good product speaks for itself.

>> Check Out Aero on Amazon


Trico Wipers

While the windshield wiper may have been invented back in 1903 by 1917 it wasn’t the standard feature of vehicles that we know it as today. This causes an accident between a vehicle and a bike rider one rainy night that year. While the rider was not killed the driver realized that something else was needed. He began the Tri-Continental Corporation which would become Trico and now nearly one hundred years later they are still putting out quality wiper blades.

>> Check Out Trico on Amazon

Best Wipers on the Market

Wiper blades really do have a bit of a range in price. You can get a single blade for $5 in some stores. Other blades can cost you $40 or even more. Some companies will then confuse the issue more by offering a two pack for yet another price. That can be tempting, but you will need to be sure that you need two of the same size blade.

And remember, when it comes to price you may need to double it (or triple it if you are replacing that rear wiper too). This doesn’t mean that you should just go for the bottom of the barrel just to afford it. Just go into your search knowing that you need to put down some money to get a high-quality piece of safety equipment.

Then you also need to look at where to make your purchase. There are a number of auto parts stores and they might not be bad if you have to make an immediate replacement. The problem comes that they only stock so many different brands and so many of each size. The means that if you have an odd size they might not have any and if you have a popular size they may be sold out of the particular blade that you want.

A remedy to this is ordering from an online site like Amazon. They have the ability to stock many more brands and hold more sizes ready so you can get the wiper blade that you want and not just the wiper blade that was in stock that day.

Windshield wipers really are part of your car’s safety equipment. While we have put a lot of effort in keeping other safety items functioning well and warning you of when they are not at 100% we somewhat ignore our wipers.

It is not uncommon to see a driver whose blades are merely smearing gunk all over the windshield and obscuring their vision more. Remember, that is someone else on the road, wouldn’t you like to be sure they could see you if you suddenly stop?

You really need to think of your windshield wipers like you think of a smoke detector. Pick an event, either the start and end of daylight savings time or the start of spring and fall. Every time one of these events rolls around actually take a good look at your wipers. Are they in good shape? Will they last you another six months until your next check comes? If not, perhaps it is time to swap them out before they die on you at the worst time.

Best Windshield Wipers – The Bottom Line

After all that you aren’t going to ignore your wiper blades again. You know that while they can last a fairly long time they do need to be inspected and swapped out every now and then. We have highlighted six great contenders for the best windshield wipers out there today. Each of them had high points to recommend them, but at the end it was the Bosch Icon wipers that stood out to us as the best product.

Of course you can easily just pick one of the ones that we have highlighted and order, but we also gave you a buyer’s guide. We feel that it is important to not only know about some of the top products out there but to also know what makes those products the tops. That way in the future you are able to compare new products to old favorites and see where each stacks up.

Browse the whole windshield wiper section on Amazon

Lastly, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have any experiences with our selections? If so let us know about them in the comments section below.

Bosch ICON Wiper Blades with ClearMax 365


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