Mastercraft Courser MXT Review

Mastercraft Courser MXT All-Season Tire Review

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Mastercraft Courser MXT















  • It is an excellent tire on muddy Terrains
  • Excellent traction on the highways and off-road
  • Uniform treadwear
  • Budget Tire on its category


  • The tire’s aggressive tread design will cause a hum while cruising on the highway

One of the afternoons my family and I had gone out for a ride to the upcountry. Sad that it rained heavily that we got stuck in the mud with our Jeep. I had to engage 4WD with expert turns to get out of the mud. 

mastercraft tires review

In my struggles, a mum driving a Ford 150 zoomed past with little effort and guess what! She was in 2WD.

I was keen to check the secret power behind the truck, and yes it was running on Mastercraft Courser MXT tires that fit all terrains across the seasons. That was the genesis for my love affair with these fantastic tires. 

Designed with aggressive sidewalls and traction edges that enhance seamless transition through diverse terrains, the tires are a good fit for punishing courses and the highways.

 Its equipped with wide and deep shoulder grooves fully packed with scallops to easily screw down muddy, wet and snowy surfaces.

With these and other quality features discussed in our Mastercraft Courser MXT review, your patience and attention are all you need to get things into perspective. Maybe this is the tire you are looking for.

Mastercraft Courser MXT Features

Mastercraft Courser MXT is packed with great features.  With its ability to see you through highways and off-road, the tire is adorable. The tire is built for both the winter and the summer and in between.

Mastercraft Courser MXT is designed with wide and deep shoulder grooves which are useful in wiping off snow, mud, and water for a smooth ride and a maintained grip on surfaces you are driving through.  It bears aggressive sidewalls that translate to excellent traction and grip. 

The bite on dry and wet courses is impressive and gives you the confidence you desire on your rides. The tire’s manufacturer was keen to add an extra effort in making the tire durable and resistant to cuts and easy punctures. 

The scalloped edges are a genius construction that makes the tire outstanding in cutting through the mud when the rest of the tires are struggling. The traction offered by the edges is on another level, and perhaps we can say it is the secret behind the tires success in mud performance.

The full depth variable sipes enhance highway and off-road grip. Even with a tire that is halfway in Treadlife will give you optimum results. 

The tire is manufactured, designed, and distributed by Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, worldwide.

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Quick Key Features

  • Wider Shoulder Grooves
  • Aggressive Upper Sidewall
  • Full Depth Siping
  • Deep Tread Design with large scallops
  • M/T Rated

What Are The Available Tire Sizes For Mastercraft Courser MXT Tire?

Tire SizeService DescriptionLoad RangeApproved Rim WidthDual Max LoadSingle Max LoadOverall DiameterSection WidthTread Depth (1/32″)Revolutions
31X10.50R15LT109 QC7 – 90227030.6310.919677
32X11.50R15LT113 QC8 – 100253531.6111.419656
33X12.50R15LT108 QC8.5 – 110220532.8312.120631
35X12.50R15LT113 QC8.5 – 110253534.7212.220597
LT235/85R16120 QE6 – 7.52778304231.779.718653
LT245/75R16120 QE6.5 – 82778304230.599.418678
LT265/75R16123 QE7 – 83085341531.7310.118.5653
LT285/75R16126 QE7.5 – 93415375032.8311.318.5631
LT315/75R16127 QE8 – 113525386034.6511.919.5598
LT305/70R16124 QE8 – 9.53195352532.951219629
LT235/80R17120 QE6 – 82835308531.819.418.5652
LT245/75R17121 QE6.5 – 82910319531.699.618.5654
LT255/75R17111 QC6.5 – 8.52205240531.7710.218.5653
LT265/70R17121 QE7 – 8.52910319531.7310.818.5653
LT285/70R17121 QE7.5 – 92910319532.9111.518.5630
LT295/70R17121 QE7.5 – 102910319533.4611.819.5620
LT315/70R17121 QD8 – 112910319534.4912.819.5601
LT305/65R17121 QE8.5 – 112910319532.7612.319.5633
35X12.50R17LT121 QE8.5 – 110319534.7612.720596
37X12.50R17LT124 PD8.5 – 110352536.6913.121565
LT275/70R18125 QE7 – 8.53305364033.311119622
LT295/70R18129 QE7.5 – 103750408034.251219.5605
LT305/70R18126 QE8.5 – 103415375034.9612.519.5593
LT275/65R18123 QE7.5 – 93085341532.21119644
LT285/65R18125 QE8 – 103305364032.8711.518.5631
LT305/60R18121 QE8.5 – 112910319532.6412.119.5635
LT275/65R20126 QE7.5 – 9.53415375034.331118.5604
LT295/55R20123 PE8 – 103085341532.9912.219.5628
LT305/55R20121 QE8.5 – 112910319533.3112.519.5622
35X12.50R20LT121 QE8.5 – 110319534.6912.520598
37X12.50R20LT126 PE8.5 – 110375036.7712.521564
37X13.50R20LT127 QE8.5 – 11386036.8113.621563
Courser MXT Available Sizes (via Mastercraft)
Mastercraft courser tires
Mastercraft Courser MXT Tires

Mastercraft Courser MXT Review: Test Drive And Findings

I own a Jeep as part of my car automobile collections, and I was happy to try it out with the Mastercraft Courser MXT tires that I secured from the dealer. Below is my experience with the tires. 

tire dry conditions


I loved the bite on the dry road. The highway bite was impressive, offering much-needed stability at high speeds. When I left for the rough road, it hammered anything at its disposal, stones, wooden twigs, grass while retaining its excellent traction, with no evidence of slogging.

 It fully utilized its super features wholeheartedly for my comfort reason am kind with the tire. The cornering was super, the breaking short and the grip on another level. 

tire wet conditions


Out on my road taste, far off to the rough roads, the clouds opened. You see, I hate driving in the rain. But I can tell you, Mastercraft Courser MXT completely changed my views of rain driving. I now enjoy rainy rides.

The tires went on hitting through the wet and muddy roads with no toil. The drive in the wet possed no difference as that of the highway. The traction and cornering were impressive. 

tire snow conditions


With snow grounds, the bite was still real, and I could feel the response on the steering, as the wheels cruised with little resistance.  

I encountered a small challenge when I drove through thick snow, but guess what, he Mastercraft Courser MXT tires were too smart to adapt and fully unleash its power to see me through. 

tire comfort


Marley Jeep is a comfortable vehicle; however, it takes excellent tires to deliver pleasurable cruising at optimal levels. 

Mastercraft Courser MXT did exactly that making my rides smooth, cozy, and pleasant. The traction and responsive handling as the Jeep bombards across different terrains guarantees the balance that is key in delivering comfort.

tire noise


With the tire’s design best suiting the off-roads, its aggressive treads fully mingle with the roughened surfaces to produce a quiet environment for rides.

 All I could hear off-road was the engine roar and a little of vibrations caused by the rocky surfaces I drove on. However, the humming on the highway was noticeable. 

tread wear

Tread Wear

Mastercraft Crouser MXT tires remained brand new as that of day one after a ten-day test drive despite the rocky, potholed and punishing rides I took them through. This is enough testament to its durability. 

It boosted my trust in the dealers account of 50,000 miles warranty, uniform aging, and the tires ability to offer optimal drive even with half tread wear.

What Are The Alternatives

Should You BuyMastercraft Courser MXT?

Apparently yes. Its outstanding features make the tire suitable for all year round rides, off-road, and highway experience.

Besides, its super performance on the mud and snow surfaces gives it an edge over the rest tires in the same class. Excellent grip, uniform aging, and the ability to perform satisfactorily should be enough reasons for you to choose this tire.

The above conclusive Mastercraft Courser MXT review gives you a headstart in shopping for the tire. Hit the order button and roll with no limits.

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mastercraft mxt
Mastercraft Courser MXT
Mastercraft Courser MXT
  • COMFORT - 90%
  • NOISE - 80%
  • TREADWEAR - 80%
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