Scholarships for Outstanding Business Innovation in Automotive Industry

UPDATED: This edition scholarship has ended. Stay tuned for new announcements.

At Garage Chief, we have more than ten years of experience in the world of auto tools and care, and we take pride in offering top quality information on car accessories that are affordable for all.

We published some of the top-rated guides on how to choose the best parts and accessories, such as the highly-rated OBD 2 scanner tools guide, an all-inclusive windshield wiper blades guide, tips for choosing the best car wax possible, and more.

Our in-depth buyer guides helped thousands of people in making educated purchase decisions, while our helpful how-to articles help users solve their everyday automotive problems.

The latter include DIY guides, for example, what to do when car is running rich, what does it mean when the car jerks when accelerating, how to diagnose the symptoms of a bad fuel pump and more. One of our most popular posts was about window tinting percentage laws in the USA.

We are always working to grow our brand, and we support people who have innovative ideas so that they can build up the most trusted name in the area. We value both experience, and the ingenuity and dedication of youth, and put our faith in young people.

At Garage Chief, we like to support young people and help them grow. We hire web developers and customer service trainees via ITEC, and we offer a fantastic scholarship too, which shows our faith in the endeavor of young people.

Our Scholarship for Outstanding Business Innovation

This scholarship will reward a special young person who is able to demonstrate their outstanding business innovation applied to automotive industry.

Garage Chief is one business that has always been at the forefront of the industry – we supply customers with info on the highest end car tools and parts featuring modern design and technology, and we believe that the keys to success are hard work and innovation. We wish to reward a young person who can demonstrate both of those qualities.

Garage Chief Scholarship Terms and Conditions

The program is intended to give students a scholarship if they can show that they are great thinkers who can demonstrate ingenuity in the automotive business. To demonstrate your ingenuity and commitment, you will be required to create a 3 – 5 minute video of a time that you showed business ingenuity.

The video should demonstrate your potential, and offer some clear insight into how you achieved your business goal. A real-life example will give a higher score.

The winner of the scholarship will receive a prize of $1000 in cash, which can be used to fund your higher education.

Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarship is open to US or international students that are currently enrolled in a high school, trade school, university or college.

Entry Guidelines

We are looking for young people that are creative, and that can use video to convince people of their case. The video must be geared towards the person’s believe, and we encourage people to be innovative during their presentation.

The videos will be judged on their creativity, the informative information that they provide, and their persuasiveness.

To Apply

Create a video that is 3-5 minutes long, and upload it to YouTube, with the title Garage Chief Scholarship Program. Link to this page in the description of your video, and email the YouTube link to [email protected]

Once your video is live, please send the YouTube link to [email protected], along with your name, a contact number and your postal address address.

Please also provide the full details of the educational institution that you are attending, the subject you are studying, and proof that you are enrolled upon, or have been accepted to, the course.

Upon submitting an application, you are consenting to the use of the video for Garage Chief’s own marketing and promotional purposes.

The deadline to enter the competition is the 1st January 2019. Winners will be selected on the 31st January 2019, and winners must claim their prize within two weeks of being contacted.