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Toyo Extensa HP Review With Rating

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Toyo Extensa HP















  • A tire designed with straight line stability for improved traction
  • It’s cornering grip is impressive
  • Promises comfortable and quiet rides
  • Your budget all-season high-performance pick


  • Braking performance on wet surfaces not impressive
  • Trails true high AA rated tires in traction and temperature

Toyo Extensa is an all-purpose tire that is designed to give you the experience of a high-performance all-season tire. It offers you an extraordinary versatility on the road.

While it is not anywhere near an ultra-high performance tire in versatility, it sets the pace for the other regular high-performance tires. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride offered by its superiors for less. 

Toyo Extensa HP review offered by this article is informative, deep, and wide. Tires are our business. We have tested almost every tire in the stores and on the road. Take our word.

Toyo Extensa HP Features

Toyo Extensa HP is a value for money tire, given its balanced features that guarantee quality and at a pocket-friendly price. It is a good pick for both the coupes, sedans and several passenger automobiles. Its stylistic design cannot escape your eye.

The tread design is has been done with a professional touch used in other better performing tires. The sipes are multi-waved to ensure that tread wear is regular besides guaranteeing a quiet ride and increased traction.

Treads bear a notch engineering form improved handling and grip, especially on the wet roads. The notches have been done with unique angles for that purpose.

extensa hp ii toyo tires
Toyo EXTENSA HP II All- Season Radial Tire

The inner tread blocks are optimized through a 3-pitch construction for reduced road harmonics. Toyo Extensa HP’s inner blocks have an alternating design to give you an optimized experience on the road. 

The rubber is compounded with silica to make the tire pliable in colder temperatures and still perform well in high temperatures. Rolling resistance is checked through advanced compounds meaning the tire is built to help you minimize fuel consumption.

The two circumferential grooves are wide enough to evacuate water and maintain traction making the tires responsive even in wet roads. The center rib guarantees straight-line stability while the V-shaped uni-directional design of treads combines with the grooves for hydroplaning resistance. 

Like other Toyo tires, Toyo Toyo Extensa HP is manufactured by a conglomerate of subsidiary companies to Toyo Tires and Rubber Company whose headquarters is in Japan. 


  • A tire designed with straight-line stability for improved traction 
  • It’s cornering grip is impressive 
  • Promises comfortable and quiet rides 
  • Your budget all-season high-performance pick  


  • Braking performance on wet surfaces not impressive 
  • Trails true high AA rated tires in traction and temperature

Other Features

  • Tread Design
    Uni-directional Tread Design pattern & Uniform Treadwear
  • Splash
    Wide Grooves for water evacuation
  • All Weather
    A tire made to face challenges on all seasons

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What Are The Available Tire Sizes For Toyo Extensa HP 

Toyo Extensa comes in 43 different sizes from which you can choose. The sizes range from between 15” and 22”. As a cautionary, always be sure to match the tire with your rim size.

Below are some of the sizes.

205/55R16 255/35R18
Toyo Extensa HP Available Sizes

Toyo Extensa HP Review: Test Drive And Findings

I tried the 245/40R18 size tire on a friend’s Rav4 to get the first-hand experience of the tires and in the end, below is what I have to say for each of the conditions. 

tire dry conditions


The grip on the dry road was excellent. The traction was great offering a responsive tire-steering experience. The braking was almost instant. The cornering experience was epic, safe, and exciting even at relatively high speeds.

The handling was better compared to other tires in the same category. The tapered rib edge of the tire is meant to enhance the contact between the tire and the road and comes in handy when you are negotiating a corner, accelerating or braking.  

tire wet conditions


Toyo’s wet performance is impressive. The traction on the wet surface was magnificent. The cornering and braking experience was okay with me, and I could feel that the car could be stable even at higher speeds than 80 mph. 

Rolling resistance was almost unfelt in my rides, yet the downpour was heavy enough to drag back the auto. My dealer, however, warns that no mistake should be made with worn out treads on wet surfaces.

tire snow conditions


I was limited in testing these tires on snow surfaces. For that, I had to rely on my friend’s own experience given that he lives in Idaho where it snows without notice. According to him, the performance of the tire is above average on snow. 

tire comfort


RAV4 is generally a comfortable auto. However, the tires gave the car that super comfort you would only feel with a Range Rover Sport. The irregular road design was not a bother to me because the tires could perfectly absorb the stress. Save for the wet surfaces that gave me a scare on higher speeds.

Toyo Extensa tires guarantee you comfortable rides.

tire noise


The ride was exceptionally quiet. I even tried on speed past 100 mph, and it was still cool inside. The secret is the sidewall technology used with Toyo Extensa HP tires.

I could listen to my blue’s tracks with no road noise disruption.

tread wear

Tread Wear

We fixed brand new Extensa HP tires from the dealer the same day of the test on my friend’s Toyota RAV4. I did 70 miles. When I handed over the keys of the car, the tires showed no exhaustion, no chips, no signs of stress.

The dealer has an explanation for that. He says you should trust any Toyo brand for longer tread life. 

Should You Buy Toyo Extensa HP?

​From the above Toyo Extensa HP review, I would add that you need not break a bank to upgrade to a better high-performance tire built for all year round.

At under $80, this tire is recommended for the budget community would want a test of high performance on the road. 

However, I would it may not be a good pick if you are looking for a tire that will offer you ultimate high performance. 

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What Are The Alternatives Of Toyo Extensa HP

In case you need alternatives to this tires, here is a list that can be beneficial for you:

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Toyo Extensa HP
  • COMFORT - 90%
  • NOISE - 90%
  • TREADWEAR - 85%
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