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Toyo Open Country M/T Great Traction Tire Review

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Toyo Open Country M/T















  • Offers maximum traction
  • Promises Legendary Durability
  • Self-cleaning treads
  • Good cornering experience


  • Makes noise on the highway at high speeds

A driving license and experience are not enough to get you and your auto out rough and muddy terrain. In such a situation, having your truck fixed with 4×4 mud terrain tires with treads still in good condition will sort you out. 

toyo tires review

There are several tires constructed for the mud and other soft terrains and Toyo Open Country M/T is one among equals. It is a product of Toyo Tires and rubber company.

Besides its specialty, it comes with so many other benefits as reviewed in this article. An F150 on a savannah runs on them!

Toyo Open Country M/T Features

Toyo Open Country M/T is an all-season mud terrain tire best suited for lightweight trucks like F150. The tire’s design offers excellent traction off and on the road. To take care of the grip and traction on wet and dry surfaces, the scalloped tread design has been used.

Snowy seasons have also been taken care of by the over shoulder tread design. The engineering approach cools your worries in summer, winter, and in between.

The tire is also designed with a hydroplaning resistance, which means you do not have to concern yourself with the work on the roads while driving.

toyo tires OPEN COUNTRY M/T
Toyo Tires Open Country M/T

The aggressive tread patterns not only offer excellent traction but also help you drive through rugged terrain as well as loose surfaces. The wide grooves combine with the open shoulder design of treads to block and eject rocks, mud, and snow, ensuring that the tire makes contact with the ground for stability at all times.

So next time you are stuck in the mud and a friend is making headway, stop to confirm the tire brand they are running on. You may find out that they are Toyo Open Country M/T.

The tire offers impressive responsiveness and good cornering experience even on rough terrains thanks to the excellent traction. The inside of the tire is built with three-ply polyester with a high turn up for impact resistance and consequently to improve the tire’s durability.

Built by Toyo Tires and rubber company Australia but headquartered in Japan, Toyo Open Country M/T is not a highway product but can still take you to your city destination.


  • Offers maximum traction 
  • Promises Legendary Durability
  • Self-cleaning treads  
  • Good cornering experience 


  • Makes noise on the highway at high speeds

Other Features

  • Tread Design
    Self-cleaning and aggressive Tread Design
  • Usability
    A mud terrain all season heavy duty tire
  • Durability
    Improved Durability & long-lasting benefits

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What Are The Available Tire Sizes For Toyo Open Country M/T?

When making an order from the tire dealer stores for Toyo Open Country M/T tires, make sure they will fit on your truck’s rims. The sizes range from between 15” and 24”. The table below shows some of the available sizes for the product.

LT275/65R18 40X15.50R24LT 
Toyo Open Country M/T Available Tire Sizes

Toyo Open M/T Review: Test Drive And Findings

Jurists and Barristers put their relies on evidence; consumers put their trust in experience and reviews. I chose my friend’s Ford brand, an F250 diesel 2010 to be precise for the test.

The reason for my pick is the fact that the car is built for rigor and hard work environments.

tire dry conditions


I was able to do 100 mph without feeling any loss on traction. The control and steering response was excellent.

The cornering experience was epic with the truck. I am a bit mean with my rating because while the tire off-road attracted 100%, on the highway, it is no near brands like Yokohama Tornante but an excellent tire on its specialty.

tire wet conditions


With its perception branding as mud-terrain tires, I was eager to drive through a surface that would match a muddy terrain.

The wet pavements were the consolation, and I can forge for the tires on such surfaces. Their traction is on another level. I did 80 mph and still could negotiate corners comfortably.

tire snow conditions


I did not get a chance to drive through a snow surface to get a first-hand experience of the tires.

However, the owner of the truck who lives in one of the most snow hit hoods revealed to me that he settled for Toyo Open country tires on his F250 because of its ability to cruise through the snow. I also talked to the dealers, and they did confirm the tires’ ability on snow.

tire comfort


Well, F250 is a stylish truck that exudes comfort and quietness on the road. The Toyo Open Country M/T did not compromise that comfort but enhanced it.

The rides were cool, and I enjoyed it despite the few bumps. The tire design is made to neutralize the vibrations beneath. So, for a mud-terrain tire, this was impressive.

tire noise


Looking at the treads, one would expect an amplified noise while driving but hell no. The noise was contained to a manageable level, almost silent to be noticed.

With high speeds on the highway; however, the noise grows a little louder.  

tread wear

Tread Wear

The tires had done like three months on the time of my test drive, and they seemed intact. Much expected of a tire with aggressive tread design.

The dealers say Toyo open country is a tire built to outlive a brutal driver.

What Are The Alternatives Of Toyo Open Country M/T?

In case you need alternatives to this tires, here is a list that can be beneficial for you:

Toyo Open Country M/T Review Conclusion

The above Toyo Open Country M/T review should give you a headstart. The tire is for anyone who loves going anywhere at any time of the season.

On the highway, it will take you to the city, off the road it will take you to the grassy savannahs, on the mud it helps you cruise with ease, and on the snow, you are still good to go. 

If you hate limitations, then the tire is meant for you. Kick the worries off the cliff and ride your family anywhere, anytime with the tire.

However, if you are always on the highways and driving on top speed, the noise from the tire may disappoint you.

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