Are Wheel Spacers Safe? Addressing Common Safety Concerns

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the safety of using wheel spacers in cars. Maybe you’ve heard about it and some questions are already forming in your head, the main one being of course: are wheel spacers safe to use?

One of the most talked about fears when using spacers are the sudden removal of the wheels when driving. There’s no doubt that this is a nightmare, most especially when you’re cruising down the highway.

But still, many drivers would love to have them installed for better handling, looks and performance. So, are wheel spacers safe?

Are Wheel Spaces Safe to Use in a Car?

The answer is a simple yes.

Wheel spacers are always at the top of the mind of drivers to widen the track of their vehicles. Hence, they are upgrades that need to be installed before you get to experience their many advantages.

Oftentimes, the installation process is not given much attention, thinking that the main consideration is the product’s brand. But here’s the real deal: the better fitted your wheel spacer is installed, the more you’re guaranteed safety. Here’s an excellent video on the process of properly installing your own wheel spacers:

As the driver, you have to consider the installation as crucial and significant because it will affect other car parts and your big toy’s overall performance. Take a look at your car first before considering wheel spacers.

It’s true that you need to do your own research on wheel spacers and search for the right model. But before all is said and done, you’ll need to check out these specs first.

wheel spacers

Wheel Spacer Considerations

Make, model, and type.

Cars vary when it comes down to the nitty-gritty details. And before you can give your vehicle the latest and the coolest upgrades, you should know first if your car allows or needs wheel spacers.

Plus, there’s nothing you’d want more than a perfect fit for your wheels and tires. It’s high time to grab your car manual and booklets to end up with the needed information at hand.


As mentioned earlier, you should know first whether or not there is enough space left for the wheels and tires before you go ahead with the upgrade. To do this, just grab a ruler and measure the length from the ground up to the topmost portion of the tire.

Wheel gap.

Since wheel spacers are placed between your car’s wheel and hub, you need to take note of its distance of the fender from the wheel. Make sure that the spacer is not too thick.

Otherwise, you’ll be placing your car and yourself in great danger when you run on bumps or rough terrain. If the tires move way past the fenders, also known as extreme offset, they might hit the fender.

And then cause the tire to burst open. You will definitely not want to let this happen to you.

Bolts and patterns.

Changing one part of a car can change many things. And getting a new wheel spacer simply means you need replacements for your bolts.

You’ll be needing longer bolts so they can reach the outside of your wheel.

wheel spacers safe

Wheel Spacer Installation 101

Installing wheel spacers isn’t rocket science, but it takes skill and patience to successfully put them in place. If you find the process hard to follow and execute, don’t be afraid to ask help from the pros.

Just remember that the spacers’ safety hugely depends on the installation.

Installation Steps:

1. Park vehicle on a flat surface then raise up your vehicle without removing the lug nuts.

2. Get your floor jack and place it under the lift point. Raise your car high enough to remove one of the tires.

3. Place a jack stand right under your car and adjust your vehicle to land on the stand.

4. Do not work under your car to avoid injury or death if the jack moves or slips.

5. Completely remove the lug nuts on the chosen tire and wipe off dirt or grease.

6. Take your wheel spacer and put it on the hub. Make sure the holes are aligned with your wheel’s studs.

7. Attach the wheel spacer to the hub with your new bolts.

8. Tighten the bolts and nuts to properly position the wheel spacer. Make sure it perfectly fits.

9. Install the original lug nuts into the spacer or adapter.

10. Raise your car with the automotive jack, then carefully remove the jack stand.

11. Slowly lower your car to make it stand on the newly upgraded wheel.

12. Repeat steps 5 to 11 for the remaining wheels.

How Will Wheel Spacers Improve My Ride?

Nowadays, people are doubting the functionality of wheel spacers because of safety issues. On the contrary, you’ll learn that they can lessen your safety woes and so much more.

1. Better handling and balance. Thanks to wheel spacers, the wheel will be more distant with the chassis, giving it a wider track. Once you’ve installed them on your car, you’ll notice the tighter grip it has most especially during cornering.

Plus, the wider base will positively change the balance of your car. It follows the same principle when you stand: the wider the base, the more stable your stance is. It’s simple physics.

2. Improved safety. When you install wheel spacers in your car, you’ll have more grip and control of your car during the bumpiest rides or in the sharpest curves.

This means, your car’s body won’t easily roll when you take a sharp turn at a short notice. And you can drive as fast as you want without losing your balance.

3. More manly aesthetics. Installing wheel spacers in your car gives it a boost in appearance. You’ll notice that your vehicle will be more distinct from the rows of cars because its wheels are projected outwards.

Since it looks wider, it will add to to the masculinity of your car. This is actually the reason we want these products: because most sports cars have wide tracks and we like to have the same stance on our rides.

It definitely gives an edgy look. However, a common mistake in installation is placing it too far from the bodywork. In this case, your car won’t look attractive; rather, it’ll look a bit awkward.

4. Rim problems solved. If ever you bought rims which are too narrow for your fender wells, these spacers got you covered.

Choose From The Best Brands To Get The Best Experience

What comes second to proper installation for safe driving is the the quality and the material of the wheel spacer. For assurance of safety and smooth ride, choose only from the best to experience the best.

High-quality wheel spacers are often made out of billet aluminum. Not only are they proven strong, but they’re also lightweight and rust-proof.

The most recommended brands excellent output are H&R, Elibach, FK, and Novus.

Are Wheel Spacers Safe – Conclusion

Wheel spacers are originally intended to widen the base of cars, promising safety and balance. These promises are only going to happen if and only if they are properly and tightly mounted on your vehicle.

But before you do that, you must look at all the factors that can affect its fitting. Know your car and its specs, and read on to the very last step of the installation process.

Once you’ve successfully put them in place, that’s the time you can reap the benefits of having wheel spacers. Additionally, you might want to buy from the top brands in the market for durability and quality.


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