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Best Car Ramps: Our 2018 Guide and Reviews

best car ramps

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Car ramps, also known as trailer amps, auto ramps, and floor ramps, are designed to allow a driver to drive their vehicle onto an elevated platform. We’ll find out which are the best car ramps available today. But first, let’s learn more about car ramps.

Car ramps may be used to drive a vehicle onto the back of a track, or onto a higher ground level that doesn’t already have a ramp. You may also use car ramps to raise your vehicle just enough to gain access to the underside of your car to perform mechanical work.

Car ramps tend to be made of a high-strength plastic, though there are plenty of metallic ramps available on the market. The prices will vary, depending on the strength of the ramp as well as the material.

It is advised that people use car ramps as opposed to creating their own makeshift ramps. These ramps are designed by experts and tested thoroughly to ensure that they can withstand the weight of large vehicles – Using a makeshift ramp can result in serious accidents. Every single ramp that sells must come with a verified load capacity, as well as a specific number of loading cycles, giving the user important information regarding safety.

Best Car Ramps: Quick Look

Car Ramp NameQualityPriceRating
RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRampsA+$
Race Ramps RR-40A++$$
Rage Powersports 6009-V2A$
Ironton Non-Folding Steel RampsA++$
Aluminum Trailer RampsA++$$$

How to Use Car Ramps

You will want to find a ramp that suits your needs by learning the ramps’ weight capacity, tread, and size. After that, it’s important to locate quality rubber chocks. These wheel chocks are designed to stabilize a car once it has been placed onto the ramps. They are essentially wedges that are placed underneath the car’s wheels to ensure that, in the case of the brakes failing, the car does not roll one way or another.

To begin, slide the ramps up against the front tires. Ensure that the ramp is centered with the tire, to be sure that the car will not derail when driving forwards up the ramp. Make sure that the wheels are facing forwards before you begin, and ensure that you are working on as flat a surface as possible.

Once the ramps are secured and in place, get into your vehicle and drive forwards. Be sure that the steering wheel neither moves left nor right. It’s best to have a friend or someone with you at the time, making sure that you are not accidentally driving at an angle, or that the ramps have not moved.

You will know when you have reached the end of the ramp, given that most of them feature a bump at the end. You will feel a ‘thud’ as you drive into the bump at the end of the ramp. If you do not have any such bump, have your friend let you know when to stop driving.

In the event that the ramps begin to slide forward as you drive, you will need to drive faster. Reverse your vehicle and reposition the ramps, before trying again at a slightly increased speed. You should remain cautious and careful. If you are still experiencing problems, explore ways of keeping the ramps in place. This might include fastening them to the floor, or using a board between the ramp and the wall, to ensure they cannot move.
Video instruction about how to use car ramps safely.

Once you have successfully driven your vehicle onto the ramp, you need to engage your parking brake. You should do this only once you are certain that the car is centered. The brake ensures that the car won’t roll backwards down the ramp. Once you’ve engaged the brake, stand at the side of your car and rock it gently to make sure that it is completely stable.

Once you have done this, take your wheel chocks and place them around the back of your back wheels. You won’t need to place chocks on the front wheels, as your car will be unable to roll forwards even if the brake becomes disengaged. You should place a wheel chock at the front of the back wheel and one behind it – just in case. If you want to be even more safe, you can put your car on a jack stand, too. This ensures that you are taking every measure possible to stay safe when examining the underside of your vehicle.

How to Choose the Best Car Ramps

Making your decision about the car ramp you purchase should take into consideration the kind of vehicle you own, and what you need the ramp for. Some ramps will be designed primarily to move a car up to a higher platform, whereas others may be designed solely to lift the car enough to give you access to its underside.

Most ramps will work with most cars, but some vehicles that are low to the ground will require higher ramps. If you own a specialty vehicle, or a vehicle that is particularly heavy, you may have to look for very particular ramps.

The Best Car Ramps Available

Car Ramp NameQualityPriceRating
RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRampsA+$
Race Ramps RR-40A++$$
Rage Powersports 6009-V2A$
Ironton Non-Folding Steel RampsA++$
Aluminum Trailer RampsA++$$$

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps-5be9f6a056ba7

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps are a pair of portable car ramps that have a structural, rugged, and durable design. The ramps are specifically designed for commercial and professional users, with longevity and robustness in mind. The ramp provides easy access to the underside of your vehicle, while remaining compact enough to be easily stored away in a garage or shed.

The CoreTRAC non-skid base means it has reduced slippage, offering the best safety possible when using the ramps. It also has a 17-degree incline measure that’s ideal for low clearance vehicles. Its overall weight capacity is 12,000 pounds, and it’s designed for use with tires that are 9” in width.


  • 12,000 pound weight capacity
  • Structural design for safety and storability
  • Affordable


  • Users report that it’s hard to know when the vehicle has reached the end of the ramp.

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Race Ramps RR-40

Race Ramps RR-40-5be9f6a1b487c

The Race Ramps RR-40” ramps are designed to be super easy to travel with. They are extremely lightweight, and their special construction means that they won’t mark or scratch your floors.

Specifically, the Race Ramps are designed for use with sports cars, including Jaguars, vintage Corvettes, BMWs and more. The Race Ramps are also ideal for cars with short noses, but their higher-than-average price may put some users off, who may instead be looking for more conventional ramps.

With a solid core, users can rest assured that vehicles are held firmly in place. The ramps have also been designed to provide solid footing on the ground, even in the presence of ice.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Stay firm, even on ice


  • Less affordable than other offerings
  • Designed primarily for short nose carsBUY THIS ONE

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Rage Powersports 6009-V2

Rage Powersports 6009-V2-5be9f6a371a5b

The Rage Powersports 6009-V2 model offers durability and a honeycomb plastic design. The structure of this set of ramps means users can expect durability and an extremely light weight. There are tire stops at the end of the ramps to make it easy to notice when the car has reached the top of the ramp.

With a low-profile design, these ramps can hold up to 4,400 pounds in weight. It loads vehicles at a 9.05-degree angle, and goes up to 2.75 inches in height.

The ramp is ideal for general vehicle maintenance, and the honeycomb structure prevents moisture build-up.


  • Super lightweight design
  • Tire stops on ramps
  • Honeycomb structure prevents long-term moisture build-up.


  • Only reaches 2.75” in height with a shallow 9.07-degree angle

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Ironton Non-Folding Steel Ramps

Ironton Non-Folding Steel Ramps-5be9f6a5165f9

Ironton Non-Folding Steel Ramps are designed for loading a vehicle onto platforms and the backs of trucks. The metal ramps can load everything from ATVs and lawn tractors, and the nonslip surface design makes them safe to use on a variety of surfaces.

Safety straps come included with the ramps, to ensure that they are firmly attached to your van or truck before you begin loading your vehicle on the back. The heavy-duty, 14-ga galvanized steel structure is designed to be reliable and durable for many years, and it can even resist rust.


  • Specialist steel resists rust for long-term durability
  • Great for use on multiple surfaces
  • Safety straps included


  • Not useful for those looking to simply access the underside of their vehicle

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Aluminum Trailer Ramps

Aluminum Trailer Ramps-5be9f6a675f51

At 14” wide and 2.75” thick, these Aluminum Trailer Ramps for ATVs can hold 6,000 pounds of weight. Thick, durable, and heavy duty, the ramps are constructed by certified AWS welders for total safety and reliability.

Each ramp has a maximum 3,000-pound capacity, and the aluminum ramps are designed for low-clearance, single vehicle trailers. The ramps are held in place using a hybrid hook, and the wide plate and serrated surface ensures for the most traction possible, regardless of weather conditions.


  • 6,000-pound weight capacity
  • Wide design with serrated surface for maximum traction
  • Heavy duty


  • Not ideal for those looking to access the underside of their vehicle.

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Our Recommendation

Here is GarageChief verdict: RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps win this round. With an extremely affordable price, a massive 12,000-pound gross vehicle weight capacity, and durable construction means these are a perfect all-rounder. The ramp offers a 17-degree incline that makes it perfect for easily accessing the underside of a vehicle, and the structural design means they are easy to store away when they’re not in use.

There are also stops at the end of the ramp to indicate when the vehicle has reached the top. With such a large weight capacity, these ramps can be used with a huge variety of vehicles.

TIP : Here you will learn everything about lifting your car up. Be sure to check.

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