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Best Radiator Stop Leak – Reviewing The Top Sealants You Can Get

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The best radiator stop leak can be a life-savior as it can instantly fix holes in the cooling system. Using the right one regularly will save you several trips to the mechanic that cost a lot of cash.

The cooling system keeps your engine cool and safe to run. With the right stop leak, you won’t have to stop your car in the middle of the road because the engine is too hot to function.

However, the problem that most car drivers face is that they can’t find the right product to fix holes in the cooling system. In this article, we’ll suggest some of the best products on the market, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know about choosing and applying the right radiator stop leak.

A Summary of Our Top Pick

Vehicles and their cooling system differ, so finding the best sealant for your cooling system might not be an easy task. However, according to our research, we found out the Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak is an excellent choice because it can work on all types of holes and cracks, restoring the function of your cooling system and protecting the engine in the long run.

This product protects the cooling system from further damage as it seals the cracks and holes. It doesn’t react with the antifreeze and will show fast results, so you can drive your vehicle safely.

Best Radiator Stop Leak – Our TOP 10

Excessive heat is the primary reason why the engine of your vehicle will break down. Here are some of the top products that guarantee that there will be no leaks in your radiator.

Bar's Leaks 1186 Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak - 16.9...

Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminum Stop Leak

This affordable yet versatile aluminum stop leak is the right one to use to seal all the holes and cracks regardless of how challenging they are. It seals leaks in the radiator, freeze plug, gasket, and heater core. As a result, the engine will work effectively as the cooling system keeps the temperature down.

The potent formula combines liquid aluminum with Xtreme Cool. The liquid aluminum conditions the system while sealing all the cracks that affect the performance of the engine. The Xtreme Cool reduces the temperature and prevents overheating.

You don’t have to flush the existing antifreeze because this stop leak works with all types of coolants, including yellow, green, orange, red, blue, pink, silicate, and non-silicate based types. You can even use it with water, but in this case, you should add another bottle once the coolant is added.

In most cases, this formula will start working instantly, but it’s recommended that you drive your car for 15 to 20 minutes to see the best results. If the leak isn’t fixed, you can add another layer of this product to make sure that all the holes have been treated.

Using this formula will prevent rust, improve the performance of your engine, and seal all the leaks, saving your time and cash. You should follow the instructions carefully to make sure that it doesn’t damage the thermostat.

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Why We Like It

  • Affordable radiator stop leak that seals cracks and holes.
  • A dual formula that conditions the system and reduces heat.
  • Works with all types of coolants.
  • Instant results.
  • It can be applied several times without causing clogs.

Weak Points

  • It can damage the thermostat if not applied properly.

Here is how to use the Bar’s Leaks Liquid Aluminum Cooling System Stop Leak

K-Seal ST5501 Multi-Purpose One Step Permanent...

K-SEAL Coolant Leak Repair

Fix all the holes in your radiator using the best coolant stop leak as it acts instantly to weld the cooling system. The K-SEAL Coolant Leak Repair is designed to save time and money as it can even treat hard plastic, aluminum heads, and pipes in the cooling system.

It permanently seals all the cracks in the cooling system that would otherwise take much time and cash to fix. It even works on the freeze plug, engine and water pump, while improving the performance of your car.

All you have to do is to shake the bottle and pour the sealant, and it will immediately do its job. No draining or flushing is required as it mixes well with all types of antifreeze. As you run the engine, the radiator stop leak circulates, sealing all the holes up to 1/32 inch.

The fibers in the product combine with the air and gases from the combustion chamber to fix the holes, so you will see fast results. You can also apply several layers to get rid of the problem.

Once it heals the leaks, the repair can withstand high pressure. You won’t experience any blocking or clogging, guaranteeing that the engine will run smoothly.

It comes with detailed instructions that will help you use it properly to tackle several problems until the cooling system is working efficiently. When used on the heater core, it might cause some blocks, so you should use it with caution.

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Why We Like It

  • Easy to use.
  • Seals up holes up to 1/32 inch.
  • Works instantly to seal cracks in the engine or cooling system.
  • Mixes with all types of antifreeze.
  • It doesn’t clog or block the engine.

Weak Points

  • It doesn’t work on the heater core.

K-SEAL Coolant Leak Repair stops coolant leaking from engines in 3 steps. Find out how:

AlumAseal ASBPI12 Radiator Stop Leak Powder...

AlumAseal Radiator Stop Leak Powder Blister Card

If you’re looking for a quick solution to fix various leaks, then the AlumAseal’s radiator stop leak should be the one to consider. It comes in a powder form, and it’s super easy to apply, sealing all the holes and cracks to protect your engine.

Due to its compatibility with various coolants, this is the go-to solution that most car owners pick to treat their radiators. You don’t have to flush out the existing antifreeze to add this stop leak.

You need to pour it into your system and give it a few minutes to work. It instantly seals all the holes without clogging your system, thus protecting the engine and guaranteeing that various parts will work the way they should.

This stop leak is good value for money, in spite of its affordable price because it can be used with all the metal, rubber, and plastic parts in your vehicle. It’s an excellent choice for newbies because it takes no effort to apply, and the results will appear in no time.

However, if you have a big or multiple cracks, this one might not be for you. The resulting seal isn’t as durable as the ones you get from other products. This means that you might need to reapply this product frequently as it doesn’t offer a permanent fix.

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Why We Like It

  • Easy to apply powder form.
  • Works instantly to seal all the cracks and holes.
  • Compatible with all types of coolants.
  • Works on metal, rubber, and plastic parts.
  • Doesn’t clog the engine.

Weak Points

  • The results are not permanent.
  • Doesn’t work on bigger cracks.

ATP Automotive AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks, 8 Ounce...

ATP Re-Seal Stops Leaks

Whether you have leaks in the transmission system, engine, hydraulic system, power steering, or differential, this is the right sealant to pick.

By adding it to your vehicle, you can guarantee that corrosion and cracks will not affect the performance of the engine because it seals and closes all the holes.

This product isn’t only the best cooling system stop leak, but it also works on the rubber seals and gaskets. If you have a rubber seal that is becoming too dry, this sealant will restore its condition without damaging the cooling system or the engine.

Applying this product is pretty straightforward. You just pour it into the cooling system just like any other coolant and give it a few minutes to work.

It doesn’t react with the other fluids in the car, including the antifreeze, power steering fluid, or hydraulic oil. This means that you don’t have to flush out any fluid before adding it, which saves your time and money.

The formula blends with the oil and circulates in the engine to condition several parts, restoring their function. This stop leak is a plasticizer, a chemical that restores the condition of seals that became dry and brittle over time. Treating the seals with this sealant will rejuvenate them, and make them more flexible.

To guarantee better results, you should let it sit for at least 5 hours to make sure that it has sealed all the cracks. This product doesn’t break down, so it won’t cause any clogs in the system. If the gasket is severely damaged, or if you have multiple cracks in the system, you might need to apply it one more time.

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Why We Like It

  • Versatile stop leak product that works on several parts of your vehicle.
  • A plasticizer that restores the flexibility of rubber seals and gaskets.
  • Doesn’t react with the fluids in the car.
  • Doesn’t break down or cause clogs.

Weak Points

  • It takes several hours to show results.
  • It doesn’t work when there are lots of cracks and holes.

Temporary Radiator Stop Leak

Dike Temporary Radiator Stop Leak

Stopping the leaks in minutes, this product is considered by many vehicle owners to be the best radiator sealant. Moreover, using it in your car will also prevent potential leaks from happening in the long run.

A leak can damage your engine for good, so this sealant protects your engine from potential damage by conditioning all the internal parts, guaranteeing that they will work the way they should. It prevents the antifreeze from leaking into the engine, causing a sludge that leads to the poor performance of various parts.

It can be used in all types of engines and cooling systems, and one container will be enough to fix the problem. If the cooling system is bigger than 4 gallons, you should add 4 ounces of this product for each gallon of coolant.

All you have to do is to add this product and run the engine or keep it idle for 15 to 20 minutes. It will work fast, sealing all the cracks and holes that will jeopardize the performance of your engine.

Due to the potent formula, the sealant won’t block or clog any passages, protecting your engine from accidental overheating that can damage the internal parts. It doesn’t react with various types of antifreeze, so you don’t have to flush out the system before adding it. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the thermostat.

However, this product won’t fix your problem if you have a major leak in your system. It’s more suitable for minor problems and can be used to prevent further damage to the engine.

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Why We Like It

  • Fast-acting formula to seal cracks and holes.
  • Doesn’t react with the antifreeze.
  • Won’t affect the thermostat.
  • It can be used as a preventive treatment to prevent future leaks.

Weak Points

  • It doesn’t work for serious cracks and holes.

Bar's Leaks HDC Radiator Stop Leak Tablet - 60...

Bar’s Leaks HDC Stop Leak Tablet

If you’re looking for another option, other than liquid sealants, you should check this one out. The tablets seal all the leaks and condition several parts of the system to guarantee that they will function to protect your engine from overheating and overall damage.

Using these tablets regularly will prevent rust and corrosion that later lead to cracks in the cooling system. The condition and lubricate the water pump seals as they tend to become dry and brittle with time. They will also control electrolysis.

When used on an external leak, the tablets shrink up to 15%, and the particles travel to seal the leak wherever it is. Then they travel outside of the point of leakage and close it permanently.

To fix internal leaks, you should run the motor for a few minutes, because the heat will break the tablets. The burned parts will seal all the cracks and holes. They can also be used to seal the cracks in aluminum and cast iron to prevent seepage in your cooling system.

The tablets will be activated by hot water, so you should follow the instructions of the application of the best results. In some cases, a second application might be necessary. The tablets work better if you have a big leak because they might not fit if you have a small one, and might cause clogging.

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Why We Like It

  • Stop leak tablets that can be used to fix internal and external leaks.
  • Condition and lubricate the seals.
  • Prevent corrosion.
  • Fast-acting tablets.

Weak Points

  • Not easy to use.
  • It can cause clogging if you have a small leak.

Prestone AS145 Stop Leak Repair for Radiators,...

Prestone Radiator Sealer Stop Leak

Having cracks and holes in the water pump, radiator, or heater core will negatively affect the performance of the engine parts. But this Preston’s sealer will immediately close all the holes and cracks, restoring the condition of your engine and protecting it from damage.

The patented formula is designed to seal existing leaks as well as preventing the corrosion that can lead to future ones. You can use it as a preventive treatment to protect your engine from future damage.

With the combination of natural and synthetic components, this formula can seal cracks and holes up to 0.020 x 0.5 inches. It doesn’t clog the system as it doesn’t interfere with the flow through the radiator or heater core.

The fibrous particles are strong as they’re made of the same material used in bulletproof vests. This means that you can rest assured that your cooling system and the engine will always be in top condition.

It works on old and new cars and doesn’t react with the fluids in the cooling system. However, if the hole or crack is too big, this product might not work.

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Why We Like It

  • Patented fast-acting formula.
  • It seals the leaks and prevents corrosion.
  • Works to seal holes in several parts of the engine.
  • Doesn’t clog the system.

Weak Points

  • Won’t work on bigger leaks.

Bar's Leaks 1109 Block Seal Liquid Copper Intake...

Bar’s Leaks Block Seal Liquid Copper Stop Leak

The Bar’s Leaks Block formula will fix your leaking radiator, and can also be used to treat various cracks in the heater core. It stops freeze plug leaks and fixes blown head gaskets. Moreover, it prevents blocks, so it’s an overall solution to boost the performance of your engine.

If you have an older car, SUV, or van, this should be your number one choice because it perfectly seals the larger leaks that are likely to be found in an older system. This one-step sealant quickly seals and closes all the cracks in the system to protect the engine from damage.

Liquid copper is a permanent solution that repairs and protects. The formula contains an antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate component, so you don’t have to drain the cooling system before using this product.

Applying this sealant is straightforward as it treats your intake and radiator leaks. You can even use it with water, but in that case, another bottle should be used once you’ve added the antifreeze.

For smaller cooling systems, you might need to use half the bottle. But if you have a larger system, you should use one bottle for every 6 gallons of coolant. You will need to reapply this product often because the seal tends to wear off with time.

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Why We Like It

  • A good solution for old cars and systems with multiple leaks.
  • Works on larger leaks.
  • Liquid copper protects and conditions the system.
  • Antifreeze-compatible formula.

Weak Points

  • The seal wears off with time, so you will need to reapply the product.

Genuine GM (12378255) Fluid 3634621 Cooling System...

Genuine GM Cooling System Seal Tablet

If you’re on a tight budget, you should look no further because these tablets come in a pack of 5, designed to seal all the cracks and holes in your cooling system. This is a decent choice for old and new cars, as they do the job and prevent system leaks, protecting your engine from overheating and damage.

The organic formula is designed to seal the existing cracks and prevent the formation of new ones by conditioning several parts in the system and protecting them from corrosion. These five tablets are enough to seal small to medium-sized leaks that can jeopardize the performance of your vehicle.

You don’t have to worry about flushing the system because the tablets don’t react with the coolant in your car. As a matter of fact, they boost their performance, guaranteeing that your cooling system will work the way it should.

Unlike other products, the formula is non-toxic and represents no hazard to your health, so you can rest assured while using it to fix the problems in your radiator. Anyone can use these tablets, even if they have no prior knowledge of how the cooling system works. You just need to crush them and mix them with your coolant, then add it as you would normally do.

Once the leak is fixed, you should flush out the coolant to get rid of the residue, as the tablets might cause clogs. The tablets won’t work if you have a big leak.

Check it at Amazon here >>

Why We Like It

  • Non-toxic and affordable tablets.
  • Fast and easy application.
  • Prevent future leaks.
  • Don’t react with the coolant in the radiator.

Weak Points

  • The system needs to be flushed after fixing the leaks to prevent clogging.
  • The tablets don’t work on bigger leaks.

J-B Weld DS-114 PERM-O-Seal Radiator Stop Leak -...

J-B Weld Radiator Stop Leak

This product works as a sealant and a lubricant to treat your radiator. It’s a perfect choice for amateurs and DIYers because it’s easy to apply. Once applied, the product will seal all the holes and cracks in the cooling system, so the engine can work perfectly.

The powder formula is non-toxic and flows to mix with the fluids in the car, treating the holes and cracks. The particles flow in the cooling system and will close all the cracks when found.

Because it’s a concentrated powder, only a small amount is needed to fix all the cracks in the radiator. Moreover, the formula prevents rust and corrosion as it lubricates the internal parts of the cooling system. The powder doesn’t clog the pipes or harm the cooling system.

With permanent results, this is an affordable and practical solution for old and new leaks. It’s more suitable for small leaks, as it doesn’t work that well with the bigger ones.

Ger it at Amazon here >>

Why We Like It

  • Easy to use powder.
  • Non-toxic formula.
  • Seals the cracks while preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Fast-acting and affordable formula.

Weak Points

  • It doesn’t work on bigger leaks.

How to Choose the Best Radiator Stop Leak

best radiator sealantAs you browse several radiator stop leak reviews, you’re probably wondering about the right way to pick the best product. Here are a few things to take into consideration.


Radiator stop leak products can come in the form of liquid, powder, or tablets. You can choose either one depending on the nature of the leak and your personal preferences.

Liquid products are the easiest to apply. Powder and tablets are more affordable and can treat smaller holes and cracks effectively.

When you’re using a liquid product, you should check the size of the radiator, so you can decide whether you need to apply another can or bottle. Powder products can be quite messy.


You should make sure that the formula won’t cause any clogging in the radiator as this will increase the temperature of the engine. Make sure that the product you’re buying won’t create particles or residue that travel through the pipes as it will affect the performance of your cooling system negatively. In some cases, you might need to flush out the system after adding the sealant.

Antifreeze Compatibility

In some cases, the stop leak solution will affect the chemical composition of the antifreeze. You should make sure that the product you’re applying is compatible with the antifreeze you’re using. Otherwise, you will have to flush it out, add the stop leak, and then top it with the antifreeze.

Other Benefits

Although the main purpose of using a radiator sealant is to close the holes and cracks, you can also find products that act as preventive treatments.

The formula will have anti-rust and anti-corrosion components to prevent further leaks from forming. It should also lubricate various rubber and plastic parts in the system to keep them in excellent condition.

radiator stop leak reviews


What creates leaks in the cooling system?

There are several reasons why you might have leaks in the cooling system. The first one is having a hole.

Holes can occur in the cooling system due to the corrosion of the tubes or because of debris like stones and rocks that can penetrate them. The second reason is due to the aging of the rubber hose. Over time, the hose will become brittle and more prone to breaking, letting your coolant leak.

A blown head gasket might be the culprit, allowing the coolant to leak out of the engine. This can be extremely dangerous because your engine might overheat, a situation where you will have to pay some cash to fix the damage.

Regardless of the reason, preventing and addressing leaks is the best thing you can do. It will protect the performance of your engine for a long time.

Is a leaking radiator dangerous?

The coolant does an extremely important job because it cools the engine using the outside air. Moreover, coolants contain substances that prevent rust and remove buildup that eventually damages your hoses and pipes.

Having a leak means that the engine will overheat, and this will cause inevitable damage. You should check the coolant levels periodically to make sure that there’s no leak. If you notice that the temperature is rising, or if you feel that your radiator is leaking, you should stop the vehicle immediately.

Should I use a radiator stop leak?

Yes, you should. The right product will immediately get to work, treating your cooling system at once and taking care of any holes that can cause leaks.

Moreover, this product will protect your cooling system from future damage as it removes the rust and buildup that can cause your cooling system to fail. The radiator stop leak will lubricate the rubber parts in the hoses and pipes to keep them flexible.

When the rubber hoses become dry and brittle, they can break, causing the coolant to leak.

Are there any risks of using radiator stop leak products?

When you follow the right instructions while using the best radiator stop leak, there will be no damage. Make sure that you choose a good product and apply it as instructed.

How long does it take to stop the leak after applying the radiator sealant?

In most cases, the sealant will work instantly, sealing all the holes and cracks in the cooling system. In some cases, you need to activate the product by driving for a while.

You should drive the car for about 20 or 30 minutes and check the coolant level. If you see that the coolant is still leaking, you might need a second application.

The sealant has particles and components that instantly react to fill the holes and protect the cooling system. Using it regularly will fix all the holes and prevent potential damage.

How long does a sealant last in a car?

Generally speaking, the sealant will last for a distance between 10,000 and 50,000 miles. If you have more holes in the cooling system, you might need to reapply it sooner. The general rule is that you should keep an eye on your cooling system and add a radiator stop leak whenever you see the first sign of leakage.

Are radiator leaks expensive to fix?

If you ignore leaking problems, you might have to replace the whole radiator or spend a lot of cash to fix the engine. In this case, you should expect to pay an amount between $300 and $400, depending on the type of your car.

However, you can avoid paying this amount by treating leaks and holes before they become too prominent. Replacing a hose can cost as little as $35, and a radiator stop leak will treat other holes in the cooling system.

Where to Buy

Finding a trusted seller is just as important as choosing the best product to seal the cracks and holes in your radiator. Most people agree that Amazon is the best place to get your sealant for the following reasons.

  • You can find various products that can be directly shipped to your doorstep.
  • You will have the ability to check the reviews of real people who have bought and tried this product, so you can decide if it’s good for you.
  • You can also post questions and receive an answer from the seller or manufacturer regarding the sealant you’ve chosen.
  • Amazon Prime membership qualifies you for free delivery.
  • Returning the product is never an issue if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Best Radiator Stop Leak – The Bottom Line

If you’re worried about your car malfunctioning one day, then it’s time to use the best radiator stop leak. Leaks are usually hard to detect, especially when they’re too small. However, using a potent sealant will seal the existing cracks and prevent future ones from forming.

The radiator is a sensitive part, and ignoring problems can cause the engine to fail completely. Having a radiator sealant will offer a quick yet necessary fix that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

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