Top 5 Picks for Best Car Speakers With Bass

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Cars speakers are the last thing in the manufacturers’ minds when they build and design automobiles. This is the main reason you should invest in the best car speakers with bass.

On the flip side, that is not the case for drivers when they weigh in their options in choosing the car to buy, most especially for audiophiles.

Other than gas efficiency, interior and exterior design, the overall riding experience is important for car owners, and sound is one of the most important aspects.

In most cases, cars do not have the premium sound systems installed, and it’s basically at your expense if you want an upgrade for top-notch sound.

One way of measuring good quality of sound is when you can clearly hear the highs and lows of the music. However, tighter bass clarity is not provided by factory speakers and replacement speakers will elevate your listening experience.

There are some speakers that enhance bass levels of cars that can be heard in both left and right ear. They are made with high quality materials and are capable for producing better sound quality than the ones installed in your car.

There’s no need to install subwoofers that take up so much space, because speakers are more compact and smaller than them.

Not only that, subwoofers cost a lot more especially when you consider the fact that they need a separate amplifier to drive them. But aside from these, there are many more reasons why you should look for good car speakers for bass.

Why Change your Stock Car Speakers?

Very affordable

There is a great number of accessories and tools sold in the market to give your car a facelift and to customize it according to your needs and preferences.

It is no different for vehicle sound systems. Adding aftermarket speakers is a cheap method of boosting your audio system’s output, without touching, adjusting, and removing the other parts.

The installation is also a piece of cake for technicians, so you won’t have to spend much on labor.

Increased durability​

The quality, brand, and type of materials used in car stereos are significant consideration points before purchasing a new speaker. Since manufacturers spend little attention on factory stereos, they will only use the minimal standard requirement for your sound systems.

On a positive note, car speakers bought separately will have superior materials and tighter fittings. As a result, your speakers will produce better sound quality and a longer lifespan. You’ll be confident knowing that your speakers can sustain maximum performance over time.

Improvement in overall sound

Let’s admit it: the main reason why you buy a new speaker system is because you aren’t satisfied with the default speakers in the cars.

The richness of music quality depends on the range capabilities of speakers, which are wider in branded audio systems. The wider and higher their range is, the better sound it will produce.

It will allow you to hear the whole sound spectrum without a hint of overlapping. Additionally, they have higher sensitivity, resulting to a louder and more powerful sound delivery, avoiding unexpected shrills or booms as the bass tones get lower.

Things to Consider when Looking for Good Speakers for Bass

Speaker design

There are countless automobile speaker types and brands from different companies. But, not all of them are compatible to all makes of car and conveniently accessible to all drivers. Knowledge on the speaker types is an advantage since you can choose what design is most appropriate for your needs.

There are component types, the umbrella term for subwoofers and tweeters; coaxial types, composed of tweeters and mid bass improvements; two-way and three-way components which are just two to three separate model for the tweeter, mid-bass, and the woofer; and mid-bass speakers, which are designed to highlight low frequency notes played in the audio system.

Speaker placement​

You can’t just install speakers anywhere as you please. There are ideal speaker placements for various functionalities. For example, adding one in the rear position, usually in the trunk or behind the back seat, will create a fuller sound at the latter half of the vehicle.

6×9-sized speakers are most appropriate to place here. If you want speakers at the front position, they are usually installed under the front seat or in the door panels.


To get the most bang for your buck, a 1 or 2-year warranty should be included in the speaker package you will acquire. Just in case a problem arises in the installation or during usage, a guarantee of assistance without help is a huge relief in the end.

If you want the best car speakers that will meet your standards and provide your needs for greater bass delivery, here are the top five choices you could purchase and install in your car.

Top 5 Speakers with Bass Enhancement​

1. Pioneer TSD6802R​

Pioneer TS | Best Speakers with Bass-5be9fc0c6c8a1

What We Like

  • Wide audio range
  • Ease of installation
  • Trusted brand

Pioneer is the leading brand for sound system excellence and performance. It continues to provide strength and durability for amazing sound and bass features with this 6″ x 8″ 2-way speaker.

It has a smooth transition of mid-bass and tweeter sounds, without compromising frequency. What you’ll find astounding with this speaker is that Pioneer is the first to use basalt fiber interwoven with aramid fiber as major components to enhance stability in the wide frequency range of sounds.

You’ll definitely hear crisp highs, clear mid-bass, and defined lows of a song you’re playing. Another key feature of the product is its smooth axis response, making the sound heard in wider proximity inside the car.

The speakers can be placed in the door mounts so that passengers in both right and left can experience the powerful, yet unmarred music.​


2. JBL GTO939

JBL | Best Speakers with Bass-5be9fc0dd0339

What We Like

  • Hi-fi speakers
  • Universal size
  • Forget about factory speakers

Audiophiles who are very meticulous and passionate in defined sounds will find JBL’s 6-inch by 9-inch 3-way speakers as a best replacement for the factory speakers.

It produces serious bass tones thanks to its Plus One woofer cone, which is 30% bigger than the typical cones to give better bass response and stable 300-watt power handling. It also boasts a 3-ohm speaker feature that will yield a booming and reverberating sound to enjoy and feel the music.

Its soft dome tweeters reduce distortion tendency for a smoother and clearer performance. Since it is several inches deep, this JBL speaker is best placed at the rear deck.

If you think this product is difficult to mount, you’ll be surprised that it’s really easy to install. For cars with factory-built 6×9-inch location, the speaker will fit perfectly, and you won’t need special tools to secure them in place.​


3. Polk Audio DB651

Polk Audio | Best Speakers with Bass-5be9fc0f47197

What We Like

  • Amazon Certified
  • Tough and durable
  • Great sound

Since 1972, Polk has been providing the industry with promising speakers for home theaters and automobiles. This product is a proof that its assurance of high quality surround sound is not wavered.

It has a 2-way coaxial speaker design with a high frequency response of 35-22,000 Hz. To highlight all musical details, they are composed of 4-inch silk and polymer dome tweeters that can be rotated so that you can feel that the singer is right beside you, wherever you sit in the car.

There are no problems with power handling given that its RMS is 120 watts per pair and its impedance is at 4 ohms. Another good point of this Polk speaker is that it can stand the test of time, even in the harshest environments.

Being marine certified, it is highly compatible with boats, ATVs, and all off-road vehicles.​


4. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1683

Rockford Fosgate | Best Speakers with Bass-5be9fc10a90d1

What We Like

  • Ease of installation
  • Versatility
  • Relatively inexpensive

Rockford Fosgate’s 3-way speakers are another example of innovative engineering. It’s made with butyl rubber surround and mineral-filled and polypropylene injection-molded cone for a stable powerful sound projection in a wider range.

For an average price of $80, you’ll be receiving a high-frequency response speaker of 65Hz to 24,000 Hz, a major feat compared to the ones mentioned above. Despite this good bass-enabling features, you won’t get that uncomfortable ground-pounding movement inside and outside your car.

Aside from sharp and powerful bass tones, it provides added convenience in installation because of its ICC Crossover feature which shortens the installation time.

Another asset of this product is its compatibility with many models and make thanks to its multi-OEM adapter plate, allowing you to adjust settings to fit certain openings.​


5. Kicker DS693

Kicker | Best Speakers with Bass-5be9fc121ed07

What We Like

  • High power
  • Quick and easy install
  • High clarity audio

With a power of 280 watts maximum per pair, this Kicker speaker model will give you a suave listening experience. The bass will be more powerful because of its Extended Voice Coil Technology, without suffering from distortions.

Apart from the power, it has a high frequency response of 30 to 20,000 Hz. Its polypropylene woofer cone is surrounded with polyester foam, to ensure a robust audio which is clear and crisp.

With its measurement is 6 x 9 inches, it has wide cone opening for outstanding sound definition at a wider range. You can easily mount them on your door or kick panels in less than 20 minutes.

Not only will you experience great performance that you deserve, but also a hassle-free procedure in installation.​



If you want to go above and beyond average sound performance, searching for high caliber speakers with great emphasis on bass levels is a practical, convenient, and easy way to upgrade your driving and riding experience.

There are probably more affordable choices available in the market, but the best choice you can make is to buy the speaker that fits your vehicle, suits your preferences, provides promising features, and falls within your budget.​


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