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Best Car Christmas Lights: Your 4 Wheels Will Look Fab With These

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If you love the holidays to the point where you want to decorate even your car, or garage doors, then you have probably spent hours searching online for the most simple and unique way to show off your Christmas spirit while your driving or are parked, and the most obvious choice would probably have to be automotive Christmas lights.

After several hours, Garage Chief research crew found some of the best Christmas lights for car decoration and even a few other products that you can use, even if you are on a budget. We also have a few tips so that you can install them both inside and outside the car in just a few short minutes.

Best Christmas Car Lights – Our Picks This Year

Bebrant LED Rope Lights Battery Operated String...

Bebrant LED Rope Lights

If you do not like using your cigarette lighter to power lights, then you may want to take a look at these battery-powered lights.

The batteries are kept in a small, waterproof plastic case than can be tucked away in practically any corner of the car while the small remote is used to control the mode (there are 8), brightness, or the timer of the lights, which turns off after being on for about 6 hours.

One of the best parts is that the entire strand of lights is covered it a waterproof rubber/plastic, making them one of the better choices if you want to use them on the outside of the car, and they have one of the highest ratings/reviews when compared to other lights.

These lights are available in either a single or 2-pack for their multicolored strands, and they are also available in a single, warm light pack for those of you who enjoy the relaxing, traditional look.

LOENDE Christmas Lights, Battery Operated String...

LOENDE Outdoor String Lights

These are one of the best car Christmas lights if you want the more traditional look, and they are battery-powered.

The lights, available on Amazon right here, are a warm white with a dark green cord that can blend in well with cars that have an equally dark interior or exterior, and the battery case also matches in color.

One of the more unique features is that the functions of the lights are printed on the battery pack, right beside the controls, so you will never need to keep an instruction manual with you to know what setting you want them on. Like the last set, this one also comes with a 6-hour automatic shut-off timer, too.

They are a little more popular than the last light set but do not have as good of a rating, probably because they are known to die fairly quickly. Even so, they are one of the higher-rated choices.

The lights can come in a single or 2-pack and are available in warm white or multicolored.

ROLiGHTiC RGB Led Light Strip Kit,32.8ft (10M)...

ROLiGHTiC RGB Led Light Strip Kit

These lights have a newer design which has been becoming more popular, especially if you want exterior lights because they can be cut and placed in practically every area of the car without needing mounting strips since they are built into the lights.

However, you will need a soldering tool and some experience with soldering if you plan on cutting them.

Because they are LEDs, these are one of the brightest lights that are out right now, but they can be adjusted to be dimmer on the remote that they come with. It can also control the color, flash mode, and other settings as well. The remote has extra buttons that you can use to program your own presets as well.

You will need a 12V power adapter since this set relies on a regular power outlet, meaning you will probably have to either arrange the cables through a car door or only use the lights on the inside if you do not want them to get ruined.

See more details at Amazon

ELlight LED Strip Lights with APP, Dream Color...

ELlight Dream Color LED Strip Lights

These ELight Dream Color LED Strip lights are very similar to the last set because they can be cut to be positioned, have sticky mounting built into the lights, and they rely off of 12V power, which is not waterproof, that requires a power adapter.

The biggest difference between these and the last set is that these do not come with a controller. Instead, they are controlled through an app that you download which can turn the lights on or off, change the color, adjust the brighten, turn on/off the flash, and control the flash speed.

They can come in a single 16.4-foot reel or a double pack to reach up to 32.8 feet, and the app is available for Android and iPhone users alike which connects to the lights through Bluetooth.

It is not as popular as the last set of lights, most likely from the fact that they are Bluetooth controlled, but they do have an overall higher rating than most of the other lights. Definitely one of the best automotive christmas lights out there.

Get it at Amazon

Indoor/Outdoor String Lights with 8 Modes USB...

Indoor/Outdoor String Lights – Best Car Interior Christmas Lights

This is another light set that has a more traditional look, but they are also waterproof and are USB powered, but the connection part is not waterproof so you may have to either have the power connection on the inside of the car or not use the lights for the exterior.

Another reason they may be better used as car interior christmas lights is that there is no app or remote for the lights. There is only a mode button that is located right above the USB connection, meaning you will probably have to have this plugged into the car’s USB port if you want to be able to change the settings without reaching somewhere to pull a battery bank out.

These lights are also available in cool white, warm white, multicolored, and blue oddly enough.

Get them at Amazon here.

Bigtime Signs 4' 12 Pk Reflective Christmas Car...

Bigtime Signs – Reflective Christmas Car Decorations

While these may not be lights that you can use for your car – it’s a reflective magnetic set – you can use these on the hood or sides of your car if you want to show your festive side during the day.

Because some states have laws against interior and exterior lights (as they do e.g. on window tinting), you may not be able to use a traditional way of decorating your car, but there are few places if anywhere you cannot put magnets on your car, as long as they are not blocking your vision.

This set is shaped like the older, large-bulbed Christmas lights. They can come in three different packs: 6 or 12 regular-sized magnets or 12 extra large. As mentioned, they are reflective, giving them a slight glowing appearance.

Although not car christmas lights per se, they are definitely a cute, safe, and legal alternative for those who cannot use regular lights or you do not want to deal with the hassle of arranging, cutting, or mounting wires and cords.

Available at Amazon right here.

Car Christmas Lights – Key Things To Keep in Mind

car Xmas decorations lights

Power Types

There are three main types of power supplies that most car Christmas lights use: USB, batteries, and a 12V power source. Each has its own pros and cons depending on what you are looking for or need based on your car’s ability.

For example, older cars do not come with built-in USB ports while some newer car models may not have built-in cigarette lighters.

Lights that are powered by USB can be one of the easiest since you can have them plugged directly into the car or into a battery power bank, but you will have to remember to charge them if you use a power bank.

The connecting part is also not waterproof, meaning that they are probably not the best for exterior use unless you keep the main module inside the cabin (while the lights go outside). Also, if you have an older car, you will probably have to get a cigarette to USB adapter, like this one.

Battery-powered lights can be ideal for cars that do not have a USB port or a cigarette lighter, or simply if you prefer a simple solution. They can also be convenient for you if you use your USB ports or cigarette lighter for charging your phone or powering other devices.

The 12v Christmas lights for car usually come with power supply to be plugged into a cigarette lighter, meaning you will probably not be able to use these if you have a car without a lighter. Typically, you will also need to buy a power inverter for a car – we covered such inverters extensively in one of our posts.

The benefit is that with a power inverter, you will be able to use your regular LED lights – the same you have used previously to decorate your fence or a tree outside of your house.

Installing Exterior Car Xmas Lights

Best Christmas Lights for CarThe best car Christmas lights for being used outside of the car always is waterproof, at least if you want the lights to last for more than one time.

One of the biggest problems that you will probably face is keeping the lights and power source safe from the elements. One of the best ways you can do this is by using a battery-powered set and securely mounting the lights and battery pack on the underside of the car.

They will still be seen and are less likely to be damaged or get too wet, usually when the car is parked.

Alternatively, keep the battery unit inside the car e.g. in a door pocket. Cables will then need to go outside under the door (or above the door). Check this post where a user shares some mounting tips.

Installing Car Interior Christmas Lights

One of the best ways you can have your lights arranged is by making sure that there is no way they can get stepped on, closed in a door, crushed, or damaged in any other way. You can do this by keeping them as close as you can to either the corners, sides, or roof of the car. One of the best ways to do this is by using sticky or velcro strips to connect the lights directly to the interior.

You should measure out the length of the lights you have and how they will go with your arrangement so that you know if you have enough lights or not.

If you are using battery-powered lights, make sure you keep the battery box in a safe place where it cannot get stepped on or crushed.

TIP: If decorating car isn’t enough for you then check out our post on best Christmas garage door decorations

Best Christmas Lights for Car – Conclusion

Now that you have seen some of the simplest and most festive Christmas car lights and decorations, you can start getting ready to spread all of your holiday spirits with each trip. And if you follow the steps, you can also install the best Christmas lights for car so that they can last you all year round if you wanted.

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