Best Christmas Car Accessories and Decorations

The 10 Best Christmas Car Decorations You Can Get This Season!

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Christmas decorations are an indoor mainstay, but if you want to take that holiday cheer to your car, you can select from a variety of Christmas car decorations. In our previous post this week, we’ve discussed Christmas garage door decorations. Today let’s talk about the best holiday car decor picks you can get this year.

Holiday car decors are fun, brightly colored, and easily applied to just about any vehicle. The best thing about any of these x-mas car decorations is that they actually help to spread good cheer to other drivers, making the holiday season a little less hectic.

Below are the best Christmas car accessories you can find to add some smile to your daily commute.

Best Christmas Car Decorations & Accessories – Our Picks

Best Product

OxGord Car Antlers and Nose - Christmas...

Best Value

Ankuka Car Reindeer Antlers & Nose Decorations,...

Rudolph Reindeer Car Kit

The first style is the OxGord Car Reindeer Antlers and Nose decoration kit that allows you to fit the antlers to the tops of your windows.

Once in place, the antlers will remain upright and offer a fun, bouncy holiday reminder to everyone that passes your car. The red nose fits appropriately to your grill.

The second style is the Ankuka Car Reindeer Antlers and Nose kit. It offers the same type of antler setup for your windows. Similarly, the nose fits to your grill.

However, for anyone feeling a little bit playful, this kit allows you to attach a reindeer tail to the trunk of your vehicle, finalizing the transformation of your car into a holiday fun mobile.

Finally, the Ankuka kit also comes with little bells, so everyone knows when your Christmas ride zooms by.


  • fun
  • durable material
  • attaches easily to windows, grill, and trunk


  • requires a firm push to snap to the window

NEWVAVA The Car Top Christmas Tree - The Only...

Car Top Christmas Tree

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your car, you should consider this car topper. This stylish Christmas tree bursts with all of the colors of the season atop your car to bring joy to all.

Expertly decorated with a whopping 70 LED lights, it is easily viewed from a variety of distances. Additionally, this Christmas tree comes with everything necessary to securely affix it to the top of your vehicle.

  • suction cups
  • lightweight roof rack
  • rubber tipped hooks
  • spring clips
  • extra-strong straps

The patent-pending, exclusive design ensures the tree will not slide or move out of place. Additionally, it will not scratch your vehicle’s paint.

In terms of storage, it folds flat, making it easy to store when parking in a garage. In terms of set up, you can begin enjoying the Christmas spirit within minutes. 

Once you have the tree securely fixed to the top of your vehicle, you can simply insert the power cord into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and your Christmas tree will shine bright with Christmas cheer.

One smart idea would be to use this Christmas tree together with car Christmas lights wrapped around your car. Just imagine how cool and bright would your car look with all these lights flashing when it’s dark outside. 


  • weatherproof
  • easy to mount on vehicle
  • 30-day return policy


  • highway use can bend the branches

Tenna Tops Christmas Winter Car Antenna...
Tenna Tops Ice Pop The Penguin Car Antenna...
Tenna Tops Frosty Snowman Black Hat Car Antenna...

Tenna Tops Christmas Holiday Car Antenna Toppers

These Christmas-style ornaments can be used to top your car antenna or dangle from your rear-view mirror. The pack comes in a total of five styles that include the following:

  • penguin with stocking cap
  • gingerbread man
  • Santa
  • Christmas tree
  • snowman with top hat

For topping your antenna, they each come with a standardized hole to fit all vehicles. Additionally, each comes with its own dangler, a small cord you can use to wrap around your mirror.


  • standard hole
  • fun styles
  • dangler cord included for people without an antenna


  • might not fit thick antenna

Bigtime Signs 4' 12 Pk Reflective Christmas Car...

Bigtime Signs – Reflective Christmas Car Decorations – Holiday Lights Magnet Set

If you are interested in spreading a bit of good cheer, these decorative magnets do just that. They come in six different colors and can stick right on the back panel of your SUV, truck, or car.

Each pack comes with 12 magnets, so you have plenty to line the back, side, or front of your car. Additionally, they are water resistant, so you do not have to worry about them peeling as a result of snow or rain. Finally, the magnets are strong, so they will not slide.

Finally, each light is reflective and visible against street lights and headlights.


  • multi-colored
  • large size
  • water resistant


  • does not come with a tree or other shapes

Bigtime Signs Jumbo Reflective Magnetic Santa's...

Bigtime Signs Fun Jumbo Reflective Magnetic Peek-A-Boo Reindeer Christmas Car Decoration Kit

Designed to accent the contours of your car, this reindeer can be situated to peek over car doors, back bumper, or any indentation on your vehicle. It is brightly colored and will not ruin in rain or snow.

Additionally, it spans over 8 inches in height and 6.5 inches in width. As such, other drivers can enjoy your festive spirit from a distance.

The surface is coated in diamond-grade material that sparkles as it reflects. This material is shiny and will reflect headlights and streetlights, making it perfect for night driving as well as day driving.


  • funny style
  • diamond-grade reflection
  • large


  • pack does not contain additional magnetic decals for additional cars

Christmas Car Auto Costume Decoration Santa Claus...

Christmas Car Auto Costume Decoration Santa Claus Legs Sticking Out of Trunk

If you are feeling a bit whimsical or mischievous, this fun Santa Claus Legs Sticking Out of Trunk decoration is one of the best Christmas car accessories.

It snaps easily inside your trunk, and once it is in place, you can drive around town with Santa crammed in the trunk of your car, leaving his red-stocking legs dangling in the wind.

This decoration is over 12 inches in length, making it perfect for anyone wanting to spread a little non-sentimental cheer.


  • funny
  • large size can be seen from a distance


  • might upset small, impressionable children

Note: if your children become upset, you can just give one of the legs a hearty tug and explain that Santa will not be delivering presents this year.

Merry Christmas Illuminated License Plate Frame by...

LumiSign Olens The Customizable Color License Plate Frame

The battery-powered frame from LumiSign brings you smart-lite technology that automatically illuminates your license plate as you brake. As soon as you brake, the lights wish everyone a Merry Christmas in the traditional green-and-red holiday colors.

Additionally, the patented design utilizes batteries, eliminating the need for messy wires.

In terms of installation, this Christmas frame can be installed as quickly and easily as any frame for your license plate. In fact, all you need is a screwdriver and four AA batteries, and you are ready to spread good cheer in no time at all.

Additional features include the revolutionary design that allows you to slide the frame up or down when installing. This design feature ensures that your state’s registration sticker is easily visible.

To save batteries, the plate’s lights will automatically shut off, ensuring your plate has enough power through the entire holiday season.

This festive frame also incorporates three LED lights that illuminate your license number. Additionally, it features three brightness modes. For an extra bout of cheer, you can install an additional Christmas frame on the front of your car.


  • universal design appropriate for most states
  • automatically lights as you brake
  • weatherproof
  • hundreds of additional inserts available for purchase


  • batteries not included

Coogam 135 PCS Christmas Decorations Snowflake...

Coogam 135 PCS Christmas Decorations Snowflake Window Sticker Set

This Christmas decoration by Coogam is both tasteful and elegant, allowing you to organize snowflakes into whatever pattern suits your taste. One possible design is a classic Christmas tree comprised of snowflakes.

The snowflakes could make up the body of the tree as well as the falling snow around the border of the decoration. In total, you have easy access to 135 snowflakes of different sizes to arrange on any car window.

To apply, you should first wash the glass and allow it to completely dry. Once the glass is dry, you can then stick the snowflakes to the car.

For best results, you should apply them edge first. As you press the decal against the glass, you can smooth any air bubbles that might form. In no time at all, your car will be a holiday art fest.


  • classic design
  • snowflakes in a variety of sizes


  • stencil not included to help organize the flakes into actual shapes

KODORIA 2pcs Solar Powered Toy Christmas Snowman &...

KODORIA 2pcs Solar Powered Toy Christmas Snowman & Santa Claus Swinging Bobble Toy Gift

These bobble toys are a fun way to add a bit of cheer to the interior of your car during the Christmas holidays.

You can simply attach them to your car’s dashboard, and watch Santa and the snowman dance away as they fill your car with the merriment of the season.

Because they are solar powered, there is no need to purchase batteries or deal with annoying wires to get these guys dancing. Additionally, because they are made of durable plastic, they will last from season to season.


  • easy to install
  • solar powered
  • fun to watch
  • durable


  • does not include Rudolph

Car Christmas Decorations, Mini-Factory Auto...

MINI-FACTORY Car Christmas Decorations

For a bunch of glittery fun, you can apply these MINI-FACTORY decorations onto your air vents where they clasp in place and provide a cheery feel to your car.

Made of durable plastic, they stay firmly in place and are large enough to easily enjoy from all the way across the car. To insert into the vent, all you have to do is push.


  • can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • bright colors
  • festive


  • scented versions not available

Best Christmas Car Decorations – Conclusion

If you want to convey your Christmas spirit via your vehicle, these Christmas car decorations enable you to do just that. Better yet, they can add even more fun to any corporate car, making work-related trips an instant holiday classic.

In terms of applying them and removing them, they will not scratch your paint or slide as you drive.

Moreover, it is a way to make the roads just a little happier during this upcoming holiday season.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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