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How Much Does It Cost To Respray A Car?

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Cars are prized possessions, most especially for enthusiasts like us. You probably started picturing or choosing your dream car at a very young age.

Now that you already have the key in your hand, keeping it at tip-top shape is a big responsibility. Other than maintaining the engines’ efficiency, the looks of your car is also a big factor.

For some, they’d go to great lengths to maintain the gloss of the car. While others would spend thousands to add accessories for a customized ride. But what would you do if you see your car with minor scratches or with fading paint?

The answer is simple. Give your car a quick fix by respraying. Respraying is a common solution for such problems. However, it’s so easy to say no because of the absurd prices of respraying services.

But in the end, they’re worth every penny because they can make your car look showroom-perfect right after.

How Much Does It Cost To Respray A Car?

The answer here depends on what kind of respray services your car needs. If you need to cover up a few dents, scratches, and bumps in your car, then it will cost you hundreds only.

For minor paint jobs, the lowest price you can shell out is around $100. But if your car needs a total paint makeover, then it can cost you as much as $7500.

The list of prices vary depending on where you’ll bring your car, the quality of materials used, and the labor fees added. If you want that showroom-quality and brand new gloss, an auto paint job won’t cost you less than $2500.

So before heading to the auto shops, make sure you were able to save up because it can drain your account’s savings.

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Leave It To The Pros

Nowadays, car enthusiasts and drivers are interested in D.I.Y. for one reason – it’s cheaper. In the end, you’d be able to spend just a few hundred dollars, saving you from the thousands of expenses from painters.

You just need to buy the needed materials and equipment, then read the manual, and you’re good to go. Though repainting your car seems like a great weekend project, there are many drawbacks in doing so.

Since you’ll do everything from preparation to finishing, it will be time-consuming. Car respraying also requires skill. Rather than doing a poor man’s paint job, it’s best to leave this task to the experts and let them do wonders on your car.

Tip On Getting Discounts

Spending thousands on respray or paint services is no joke. This is why people nowadays are becoming smarter on where and how to spend their money for fiercer and newer looking ride.

One way is to drop off your car in paint shops during winter or summer when shops may be slower. The idea behind this hack is to let the mechanics work on your car when more time is available in their hands. However, if you really need the paint done quickly, this idea might not work for you to wait until slow season.

Another hack to save on labor fees is to do the preparation and stripping on your own. Though DIY is not encouraged, cleaning and sanding your car is actually a no-brainer. When you’re through with this, then you can bring your car in for respraying.

Why Should I Spend On Car Respray?

If you were turned off by the expensive prices of respraying services, that’s a normal reaction. Initially, the rates may seem overpriced but you’re actually just paying for the excellent services you and your car deserve.

Here are some reasons why you should consider the respray job.

1. Uniform and flawless coating.

More often than not, the main reason you’d want to get a new coating is to bring color and shine back to your car.

Wouldn’t it be irritating if you’d see scattered spots without paint? Or areas with lighter shades? Getting your car sprayed by the pros will give you a major swerve from all those issues.

And since they have the best equipment, it’s easier for them to cover all areas. And it’s guaranteed that there’s consistency in the mixture of color all throughout your car.

2. Right paint materials.

With zero knowledge on car painting and spraying, it’s definitely a hard task on deciding what brand of paint or spray to buy for your car. But the bigger issue if you plan to work solo is the inconsistency of color and shade on the color.

By letting the experts do the job for you, your car will be receiving the right type of paint that will suit its model and make.

3. Custom paint jobs.

Want to stand out from the rest? Tired of the single-color streak on your car? You can customize your car’s exterior paint and design if you opt for respray services.

By choosing professionals to work on your car, it’s easy for you to share what you have in mind so that your vehicle would uniquely show your personality. Plus, you won’t have to buy the cheap sticker designs that look fake and peels off easily.

4. Faster service.

Thanks to innovative technology and equipment in paint shops, working time will be cut in half or more compared to working by hand. Just imagine if you were to do the prepping, stripping, priming, and painting.
You’d take weeks or maybe months to finish the task blemish and spot-free! Plus, if you really need to get the paint done, the professionals are trained in painting cars efficiently.

When Should I Use Respray Services?

There’s really no schedule nor deadline to give your car an aesthetic upgrade. But once you spot dents, scratches, or chips on your car’s finish, then why prolong painting them? Having your car resprayed as soon as possible will reduce chances of bigger spots and discoloration.

Get The Respray Job Done

An experienced auto painter is what you need to make your car look as good as new! But before you place it under the respray booth, GarageChief suggests you do a little research to prepare for the process.

At first glance, the respraying rates might seem expensive, but their benefits will definitely outweigh the costs.


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