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Michelin Latitude Tour Enhanced Safety Tire Review

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Michelin Latitude Tour















  • This is an all year round tire
  • Great response on the steering when driving
  • Excellent Stability on the road
  • Offers longest Treadlife
  • Guarantees quite and comfortable rides
  • Less Rolling resistance and thus less fuel consumption


  • Not the best tire to ride on heavy snow or extreme winter

I guess your checklist of an ideal car tire has excellent traction, improved safety, and fuel efficiency in that order. Well, we are together. 

michelin tires review

Featuring Michelin’s Green X Technology and more unique designs, you can be sure that Michelin Latitude Tour is the tire that is compliant with our checklist of fuel economy, excellent traction as well as safety for comfortable rides.

After our Michelin Latitude Tour review, you may realize that this is the tire you may need for your SUV or CUV. So I suggest you read till the end so that you get to know everything about this tire. 

Michelin Latitude Tour Features

Michelin Latitude Tour bears an acoustic asymmetrical tread design that makes the tire boast of excellent traction both on dry and wet roads. 

This design also ensures that your rides are free from the usual road noise generated by road vibrations. The tread design also offers impressive stability while cruising on any condition all year round. 

As highlighted before, the tire is built with the best of Michelin’s Green X Technology in combination with the Max Touch capabilities. The two work together for a wider contact patch, lower rolling resistance, and by extension, save on fuel consumption. 

Michelin Latitude Tour features rounded shoulder blocks with a continuous center rib for stability, responsive steering, and improve on the cornering experience. 

layers Latitude Tour tire
Michelin Latitude Tour Layers

The four circumferential grooves with deep siping ensure that water is channeled away to maintain tires grip on wet surfaces. 

The inner layers of the tire bear steel belts and nylon wrappers for enhanced strength and durability while the polyester body cover is for comfort. 

Michelin Group, the manufacturer of Michelin Latitude Tour, is a global brand that operates across the globe with its headquarters in Clermont-Ferrand, France. 

Quick Key Features Of Michelin Latitude Tour  

  • All-Season tire
  • Green X and Max Touch Technologies for contact patch, less rolling resistance, and fuel economy
  • Four circumferential grooves for hydroplaning
  • Acoustic asymmetrical tread design for traction and comfort

Green X and Max Touch Technologies from Michelin

What Are The Available Tire Sizes For Michelin Latitude Tour 

Michelin Latitude Tour comes in various tires sizes ranging between 16” and 19”. The cardinal rule in shopping for a tire is to make sure that you know your rim size.

Below is a list of the available tire sizes in each inch category. 

Michelin Latitude Tour Available Sizes

Michelin Latitude Tour  Review: Test Drive And Findings

We believe in testing it ourselves to get a field performance of the tire away from what the manufacturer promises, which sometimes may be misleading. For my test, my friends’ Audi Q5 was available for the job. 

The car had a different set of tires that had outlived their usefulness, and the owner of the Audi wanted them changed.

So, we fixed the car with a set of four Michelin Latitude Tour tire, and I was ready for the test, and below my experience.

tire dry conditions


Driving through the dry road was pleasant on four Michelin Latitude Tour tires. It is easy to give credit to the newness of the tires, but that would be inconsiderate of the whole technology behind this amazing tire. The grip was at the top of any tire on the same category. 

The braking was almost instant, and the cornering experience was epic. The Audi was very stable and safe to drive even at higher speeds. 

tire wet conditions


While driving back to the city after my dry road test, the clouds burst, letting torrential showers on the road. This was a perfect chance to kill two birds with one stone. The rains were heavy enough that the running water covered most parts of the way. 

Despite this, the Audi cruised with little resistance. It maintained its grip and stability at 80 Mph. Of course, I wasn’t mad to try to confirm if the vehicle maintained the grip at double the speed. I still need my whole self for more such reviews.  

tire snow conditions


By the time I let my friend test his car on Michelin Latitude Tour tires, I had not been lucky to test it on snow. On this, I had to rely on the dealer’s opinion. According to him, though the tires are not the best for the snow.

 However, if one day you wake to a light snow carpet on the highway, he says you can still make it to your destination, but you will struggle a lot if the snow is heavy. 

tire comfort


Driving is work by itself. It is a mental activity that deserves your road consciousness. They say when you are on the road, handle the car as if everyone else on the vehicles you meet is mad. 

A comfortable car will make sure you concentrate on this important task, and that takes a good tire. I found Michelin Latitude Tour tires very comfortable for my endorsement. 

tire noise


Besides the tires being comfortable to drive on, they were exceptionally quiet on the road. Save for the noise generated by other passing vehicles; I could hear none from the Audi. The vibrations and the road noise were subdued. 

tread wear

Tread Wear

As I had earlier on said, the tires were brand new. I only did 200 miles with the new tires to be able to rate them on this feature. However, by the time I was handing the keys of the Audi over, the tires still looked fresh and could be resold at packaging price without raising suspicion.

The dealer says the tires have a 65,000 miles Treadlife warranty which is incredible, isn’t it? He adds that it can be more depending on how you handle the tire. 

What Are The Alternatives Of Michelin Latitude Tour 

  • Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3: Better snow tire than Michelin Latitude Tour
  • Michelin Latitude Tour HP: Better traction and grip than Michelin Latitude Tour
  • Falken Wildpeak AT3W: Better off-road than Michelin Latitude Tour

Should You Buy Michelin Latitude Tour?

I believe the above Michelin Latitude Tour tire review is conclusive in endorsing the tire for any SUV or CUV owner who is serious about safety, comfort, and fuel efficiency.

The durability is also another good feature that excites anyone who thinks the pocket should remain healthy. 

Good as it maybe Michelin Latitude Tour tires may not be my best recommendation for those who leave in regions that experience extreme winter conditions.

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SUV/Crossover Latitude Tour MICHELIN
MICHELIN SUV/Crossover Latitude Tour Tire

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Michelin Latitude Tour
  • COMFORT - 85%
  • NOISE - 80%
  • TREADWEAR - 85%
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