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Best 2000 Watt Inverter: Our 2019 Guide and Reviews

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A power inverter is a unit of electronic equipment that converts direct current to alternating current. The power rating is expressed in watts and kilowatts. Choosing the best 2,000-watt inverter means getting a reliable and safe performance.

Best 2000 Watt Inverter: Our Top Picks

Who needs a power inverter?

A power inverter is important, as it can transform direct current to alternating current. This means it changes direct current, where the electric charge only flows in a single direction, to alternating current, which regularly has its electric charge change.

Most electronic devices you use will use direct current, but most homes are wired up for alternating current, which means that inverters are necessary for many electronics to work.

Anything that runs from a battery, plugs into the wall using AC adapter or uses a USB cable to charge, relies on direct current. This includes cell phones, electric vehicles, and televisions.

How does a power inverter work?

As we have established, a power inverter takes DC power and turns it into AC. To achieve this, a power inverter needs to create pulses of current that switch on and off between 50 and 60 times a second. The pulses also need to change direction every time.

Traditional power inverters are ultimately a switching unit that has been connected to an electricity transformer. The transformer is an electronic device that turns AC from a low-voltage form to a high-voltage form (or vice versa). This is done using two coils of wire that are wrapped around an iron core. A mechanical inverter will use an electric motor to flip the direct current back and forth; it does this by physically reversing the contacts, which create an alternating current.

This, however, is a much simpler version of many power inverters on the market. There are many varieties of inverters available on the market.

Kinds of inverters

There are three primary kinds of inverters available including sine wave, modified sine wave, and square wave.

  • “Sine wave” refers to the kind of inverter usually provided by utility companies. This equipment uses rotating AC machinery, which creates sine waves as a result. The main benefit of a sine wave inverter is that equipment will work to their full specifications. There are many electronic devices, including some breadmakers and even light dimmers, which can only perform to their fullest potential using sine wave power.
  • “Square wave” inverters are typically the cheapest kind of inverter available. These inverters run small equipment, like tools, using universal motors. They are not widely used.
  • A “modified sine wave” inverter will work well with most equipment. Some equipment may see a loss in power, though motors used on refrigerators and pumps will be able to use more power from a modified sine wave inverter.

How to choose the right power inverter

To choose the right power inverter, it’s essential to understand how wattage works. There are four main categories of general wattage to consider, with each category powering different kinds and sizes of electronic equipment.

300 watts

A 300-watt power inverter can typically be used for desktop computers and monitors, TV screens up to 27”, and other general office equipment.

600 watts

A 600-watt power inverter can power larger screen televisions and bread machines and can have three or more grounded outlets connected to it.

1,750-2,000 watts

A power inverter between 1,750 and 2,000 can power large household appliance, microwaves, hair dryers, and toasters. These larger units are designed to provide a direct connection to the battery network, and will be able to provide at least 1,500 watts of power on a continual basis.

3,000 watts

A much larger 3,000-watt power inverter will offer around 2,500 watts on a continuous load. This means the inverter can power large appliances and office equipment, though because of its ability to manage large loads, it could require specific battery banks and wiring.

In order to power a specific piece of equipment, it’s necessary to know the estimated wattage that each appliance requires. As long as your power inverter can meet that requirement, it should be able to power your appliance.

Some precautions when using a power inverter

When using a power inverter, there are many safety precautions you should take. These simple precautions will keep you safe and ensure that your inverter continues to work properly for as long as possible.

  • Remember to place the inverter on a flat surface, either vertically or horizontally.
  • Be sure that it is kept in a dry place. Exposure to rain or moisture can make using the device extremely dangerous.
  • It’s also important to keep your inverter away from heating vents or radiators, and you should attempt to keep it in a space where the temperature stays between 50° and 80°F.

2000 Watt Inverter Reviews

BESTEK 2,000W Power Inverter

BESTEK 2000W Power Inverter 3 AC Outlets DC 12V to...

The BESTEK 2,000W power inverter offers 2,000W of power with three AC outlets, ideal for motors in household AC units, as well as pool pumps, freezers, lights and other appliances. Each outlet is 110V, and the unit offers continuous DC to AC power that peaks at 4,600W.

The 6 external 50A fuses that have been added keep you safe, and your connected equipment can be protected with the audible overload alarm and LED lights. There is also a high-speed cooling fan, as well as surge protection and an input/output isolated system.

A battery clamp and cigarette lighter also come as standard, and the 18-month warranty gives you extended coverage in case anything ever goes wrong.


  • 6 external 50A fuses added
  • Battery clamps included
  • High performance for multiple loads


  • Some connectors provided are low quality
  • Outlets are close together making it hard to plug in multiple items

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Power Bright PW2300

PowerBright PW2300-12 12-Volt Modified Sine Wave...

The Power Bright PW2300 offers 4,600W of peak power, and around 2,300W of continuous power. The compact unit is made of anodized aluminum that makes it durable and convenient for traveling, and it also offers a built-in cooling fan to keep it running as efficiently as possible.

This is not a 2,000W inverter—it is a 2,300W inverter, and it can be used with a multitude of appliances, making it suitable for using it on the move. It is a 12-volt power inverter that converts DC power to AC power; it features a LED display which shows input and output wattage, and there are two AC outlets that can be used at the same time.


  • Wireless remote and base included
  • 2,300W of continuous power that peaks at 4,600W
  • Anodized aluminum case for durability and safety


  • Only two AC plugs
  • All cords sold separately

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MicroSolar 12V 1,000W Inverter

MicroSolar 12V 1000W (Peak 2000W) Pure Sine Wave...

The MicroSolar 12V 1,000W pure sine wave inverter is capable of providing a peak of 2,000W. This means it is less powerful than the larger alternatives but can be more easily carried around. The pure sine wave inverter comes with a 15’ remote wire controller, as well as an AWG battery cable.

It provides 12V input and 120V AC Output, with a 90% efficiency. Being a less powerful inverter, it weighs only 5.3 pounds. The size does mean, however, that it might not be able to power appliances like a microwave oven. Heat-generating appliances connected to the inverter will have high peak surges, and induction motors will have a startup surge that is 3 to 7 times the continuous rating.


  • Small and weighs only 5.3 pounds
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Conversion efficiency of 90%


  • Small size means 2,000W is only possible during peak performance
  • Heat-generating appliances will have high peak surges

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Xantrex PROWatt 2,000W Inverter

Xantrex Prowatt SW2000 2000W True Sinewave...

Heavy duty and compactly designed, the Xantrex PROWatt 2,000W inverter offers a built-in digital display that shows the DC volts and output power. As well as two AC plugs, there is also a USB port built in.

This is a heavy-duty machine with a crafted design which makes it easy to move and transport. It features heavy-duty ports and terminals, as well as dual GFCI AC receptacles designed to make using it safer and easier. An off/on remote switch, which also controls ignition lockout, is also available for this inverter.


  • Digital display to easily see voltage and power
  • Built-in convenience ports, including USB
  • Heavy duty terminals


  • Some users report that the GFI on the front panel easily trips
  • Maximum rated inverter output will be lower for inductive motor loads
  • 11.9 pounds in weight may be too heavy for some users

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PowerDrive RPPD2000

PowerDrive RPPD2000 2000-Watt DC to AC Power...

The PowerDrive RPPD2000 is a 2,000W DC to AC power inverter that includes three AC outlets, as well as a USB port for convenience. The unit can offer a continuous output of 2,000 watts, and a maximum AC power output of 4,000 watts, making it extremely high duty and ideal for large appliances.

The unit will convert the 12V DC power taken from a vehicle, and turn it into 110V AC power. The USB port offers a 5V DC output, designed for charging smaller appliances and equipment.

Using a heavy-duty installation cable, which attaches to a vehicle’s battery, this inverter can safely transform power from a battery when no power outlets are available. It also provides high and low voltage protection and safeguards against overloads and high temperature.


  • Heavy-duty performance
  • Three AC plugs and a convenient USB port
  • Power output of up to 4,000 watts


Some users have suggested that the wires provided are too short.

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Which one powers the best?

The PowerDrive RPPD2000 is a fine piece of equipment, providing users with all the features they might need in a 2,000-watt inverter. One of the best 2000-watt inverters on the market, the RPPD 2000 provides three AC outlets, a convenient USB port for charging small equipment and safeguarding for overloads and temperature spikes.

For large appliances, the unit can also provide up to 4,000 watts of power output. Transforming 12V DC power from vehicle batteries, you can expect to power large appliances with ease, and the built-in fans ensure that the unit runs safely for long periods of time.

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